"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread

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With this thread, it should be easier to find matchups easier. If you see any videos that I don't have up here. Post it in this thread and I'll stick it in the topic. This is a work in progress right now until I can find all the videos possible for the characters. I'm hoping to turn this into a library of videos where we can access videos for a certain matchup a lot easier.

Also let me know if I have any links repeated or any of the links are broken or video has been removed ect.

Credits go to YogaFlame24, FinestFighters, SMAOI, Gameacho, ShinAkuma, OverheadGreg and various other channels

3rd SSF4 AE Singles lorellai vs Infiltration.
a-cho SSF4AE第16回関西ランバト(2011.5.13)
SoL T [Sakura] vs TTC ToXY [Akuma]
2011 02-05 SSF4 AE アミパラ岡山 SSF4AE 2on2 tournament Part3
2011 02-05 SSF4 AE アミパラ岡山 SSF4AE 2on2 tournament Part6 LAST
ll Hornett II (Sakura) vs DMG Hyena (Akuma)
[SSF4AE] Sakura(Fianlly)_VS_Gouki(GTX295 SLI)
umezu1986 [Akuma] vs. boropin [Sakura]
hurinto [Sakura] vs. BlackCats28 [Akuma]
Tokido (Akuma) vs Uryo (Sakura) - Godsgarden4
kof2002UM (Sakura) vs Tokido (Akuma)
NGamer3k Self Commentated SSF4 AE Sakura Matches
umezu1986 [Akuma] vs. dunhiller [Sakura]
PJS DBJoseph (Sakura) Vs. Justin1130 (Akuma)
PJS DBJoseph (Sakura) vs wongkey3 (Akuma)
SSF4 AE -6 (AK) Vs Juso (SA)
short618 [Sakura] vs. galtu333333 [Gouki]
SDL MBR (Akuma) vs RobinRamirez (Sakura)
Perfect Legend vs Uryo (Casual Matches)
SSFIVAE: uruseii (SAK) vs Id JaycetheAce (AK)
SSF4AE: FlusherMAO 2018 (SAK) vs qal03 (AK)
SSF4 AE: X-Gamblerz (Sakura) vs MoochDaPush (Akuma)
Eirtakon 11 SSF4AE - Fergus (Sakura) vs JunDP (Akuma)
Eirtakon 11 SSF4AE Winners Final- Fergus (Sakura) vs Doyler (Dudley/Akuma)
kof2002UM (Sakura) vs Tokido77 (Akuma)
Daigo Umehara (Akuma) vs Juso (Sakura) - NSB X MadCatz
AE 2012 onwards
ROBIN R RAMIREZ [Sakura] vs SDL MBR [Akuma]
120205 SSF4AE 春獄節!~格闘ひな祭り~ エリア決勝大会終了後 野試合 No.2
SSF4AE2012: 5vs5 Pre-Japan Nationals Tournament Block Matches
KOICHINKO (Sakura) #6 Sakura vs Tokido
Danhiru (Sakura) vs berserk hk (Akuma)

SSFIV:AE Tournament- Everybody's Russian (Sakura, Abel) vs ??? (Makoto, Viper)
Tougeki 11 SSF4 AE AREA Final Part2 (2011-05-29)
SSF4 AE Uryo(Sakura) VS dath(C.Viper)
SSF4 AE Koji-KOG(HW) VS Uryo(Sakura) Sabo-hani(C.Viper )
2011-07-14 SSF4 AE を華やかに実況 Upnushing せんとす(Sentosu San) 第18話
SSF4 AE : Sakura vs C.Viper
SSF4:AE - Latif (C.Viper) vs. Sabre (Sakura) FT10
2011-07-21 SSF4 AE Kayo Police (佐藤かよ)NICO LIVE Part2 LAST
BASED Wanton [Sakura] vs Player from France [Viper] @ EVO2k11
Not Latif ( Viper ) Vs ThelegendOfMaxX ( Sakura ) Arcade Edition 1080p HD◄◄
kottan2501 [C. Viper] vs. underthebluesky7 [Sakura] | SSF4 Arcade Edition
SSF4 AE: PJS DBJoseph (Sakura) VS Not Latif (Viper)
junaikawa [C. Viper] vs. tkz1444 [Sakura] | SSF4 Arcade Edition
kottan2501 [C. Viper] vs. underthebluesky7 [Sakura] | SSF4 Arcade Edition
angah08 (C.Viper) Vs honjovi (Sakura) SSF4 AE Ranked Matches - PSN
SSF4AE: Sakura (kof2002UM) vs. C.Viper (hanashima1016) SD
Guard Crush SSF4 AE: Team HHS (C.Viper) vs. Team Adnan (Sakura)
SSF4 AE: PJS DBJoseph (Sakura) VS Not Latif (C. Viper)
Maelstr0mm714 (C.Viper) Vs honjovi (Sakura) SSF4 AE Ranked Matches - PSN
SSF4 AE [Viper] Broken Latif vs outroot [Sakura]
kof2002UM (Sakura) vs akuoviper (Viper)
shinji840 (Viper) vs SurgeSFlV (Sakura)
SSF4 AE Xbox 360 - SurgeSFIV [Sakura] Vs Shinji840 [C.Viper]
Juso (Sakura) vs Tonpy (Viper)
Latif (C.Viper) Vs. OD Krypton (Sakura) SuperStreetFighter4 AE (720p)
PJS StatQuo(Viper) vs iWutangforever(Sakura)
SSFIV AE: TFA | Hornett vs ChopSuiSRK
SFIV - Poison/Rose/Sakura | SF5 - Karin
TTT2 - Asuka + Julia/Jun/Miharu T7 - Asuka



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