What are the EVO monitors?

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I've been entering tournaments and like to record the matches in case of disputes. The problem is the HDTV I use uses HDMI, but my capture card doesn't. Everytime I enter a tournament, I have to bring an older, standard definition tv with composite inputs from the other end of the house to the room where I play tournaments. I was thinking I would like to buy a monitor like they have at EVO since it would be portable. Does anyone know what brand the EVO monitors are? And, if they have a composite input that would work well with a capture card, or if using composite inputs on the EVO monitor would introduce input lag since I'm not even sure the EVO monitors are HD or have composite inputs to begin with?

If this wouldn't work, could someone please recommend a different solution like perhaps a flat screen standard def tv that only uses composite so there wouldn't be a lag, or a different capture card that uses HDMI and is not ridiculously expensive.

Thank you


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