Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Everything you find here, will be related to DoA : Dimensions ONLY. None of that hater/spammer/trolling shit. If you're not a fan of the series, then don't bother posting on this thread.

Anywho, this is my first DoA game ever experienced, and I've been playing it non-stop since it came out, and I see a lot of potential in this game. I want to start studying the game more in-depth, and come up with a tier list, combos, etc. I know I'm not the only one playing it, so if any others out there playing this game want to contribute, I would really appreciate it!

Things like online rankings, survival mode scores, opinions, counter picks, etc, would be great! As I try to juggle the life of an athlete (boxer), working person, and student (as well as anime geek and gamer), I don't always have the time I would want to have, so I'll slowly but surely post discoverings here.

Thanks in advance to those who contribute!
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