Translated Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Move Lists for Vewlix

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Are you getting Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition today? Do you have an arcade cabinet?

Check out my translated/localized (English) move lists:

On my website, you can download the PDFs as well as the Adobe Illustrator files I created to do the translation. But don't stop there, feel free to let me know if you find a typo or I botched a translation and I'll update the files. Either comment here on my website and I'll try to release an update based on the community's feedback in a week or two.

But, if you're not hip to my shameless self promotion of my website, here are the links to just the PDFs:
  • Marquee
  • Evil Ryu (placed beside marquee)
  • Oni (placed beside marquee)
  • Top & bottom (placed between top speakers & placed between bottom speakers)
  • Vewlix (placed in the Vewlix control panel move list compartment)


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