Translated Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Move Lists for Vewlix

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Are you getting Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition today? Do you have an arcade cabinet?

Check out my translated/localized (English) move lists:

On my website, you can download the PDFs as well as the Adobe Illustrator files I created to do the translation. But don't stop there, feel free to let me know if you find a typo or I botched a translation and I'll update the files. Either comment here on my website and I'll try to release an update based on the community's feedback in a week or two.

But, if you're not hip to my shameless self promotion of my website, here are the links to just the PDFs:
  • Marquee
  • Evil Ryu (placed beside marquee)
  • Oni (placed beside marquee)
  • Top & bottom (placed between top speakers & placed between bottom speakers)
  • Vewlix (placed in the Vewlix control panel move list compartment)


  • TRiXWoNTRiXWoN Solder Soldier in the 6 Button Army Joined: Posts: 1,058 ✭✭✭
    WOW thanks for this... and nobody had to ask/bargain/beg for it
    ::Mod till your heart's content::
  • Bluesman461Bluesman461 Joined: Posts: 161
    Man, I have looked for something like this since getting my Kray Vewlix clone in January. Thank you so much for putting these together and putting them up. And thanks for inspiring builders to put these Vewlix clones together as well..
  • x24x24 Eiffel Tower! Joined: Posts: 260
    Yay! hooray for no stretched graphics! Thanks a lot for this. My cab is almost ready to be finished (after a year of being held back) and this is the proverbial cherry on top.
  • SUPARNOVAXSUPARNOVAX 必殺技 Joined: Posts: 5,297 ✭✭
    Thank you Donovan.
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  • phaedrusphaedrus Joined: Posts: 804 ✭✭
    thanks, good show!!
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  • d3vd3v Slide Grab Gyakunitaku Kick Joined: Posts: 27,746 mod
  • KingchimpKingchimp Space Lord Joined: Posts: 24
    These are great! Many thanks.
  • Latin00032Latin00032 Joined: Posts: 107
    I'll try checking over the translations. So far they look great.
  • footmeetsskullfootmeetsskull River Killer Joined: Posts: 3,256
    YES!!!!! I have a Kray custom Vewlix cab. Is there any way you could get all 39 characters onto one move list? That way I can just print it up and put it behind the plexi on my control panel. I have a MVC3 move list in there now and it has all the characters.
  • Eben01Eben01 The Cat in the Wooden Hat Joined: Posts: 326
    These are quite amazing. I've not got an A3 printer, but heck - they'll look fly on the wall; I upgraded to Adobe Reader X specifically tile print these ;-)
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  • KyleKyle PS-14-Gangsta Joined: Posts: 4,723 mod
    Begging time. Can I have the original marquee as a layered Photoshop PSD? I'd like to remove the bottom portion to see if I could do a Naomi marquee similar to this.
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  • Latin00032Latin00032 Joined: Posts: 107
    In the second movelist set where it refers to the focus attack, the japanese call it a saving attack. Would it be possible to change the big red "saving attack" text to "focus attack" text?
  • sorhpsorhp Joined: Posts: 18
    if you have a kraylix, here ya go... thanks Donovan!
  • Eben01Eben01 The Cat in the Wooden Hat Joined: Posts: 326
    The finished article!


    Thanks again.
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