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    Would be better to remove them à la Oni... Tanden Renki! => Makoto nude! :D

    Thanks for the new links on your blog hunterk!
    I haven't even found my own tutorials on this boards yet... :D
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    So, I was messing with Makoto's obj.emm, I replaced her body material by her kimono's and vice-versa...
    on the left Makoto in a normal state, on the right Makoto after doing her Tanden Renki move:

    For intros/outros/ultras I'm afraid that the best you'll be able to get.
    You're messing with the animations there and we have no tools to extract/inject them right and it's a huge file to work on in hex.
    It should be interesting to fix it. I'm glad how far and fast you guys doing good job.
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    How to hex edit the obj.emm file:

    I used MKT_01_01.obj.emm for the example

    Here's the index with references to every objects (8 digits per objects):

    For the 1st object: 68 00 00 00 is read 00 00 00 68 (we're dealing with endianess here) you then add 10 (10 is the relative starting point for references in the obj.emm file) so it really starts at offset 78:
    @78, you find the P from "Pants"

    For the 2nd object: 84 05 00 00 is read 00 00 05 84 you add 10 so it starts at offset 594:
    @594, you find O from "Obi_weist"

    and that's the same process for every object.

    So if you change the size of the material properties applied to one object (for transparency, metal, etc...), you'll move the offsets of every objects that come after the one you edited.
    So you'll have to rewrite all the references at the start of the obj.emm file for those.
    Just remember the 2 important things about the obj.emm file:
    - the reference is the offset of the 1st letter of the object minus 10
    - the reference, composed of 8 digits is written backwards 2 digits at a time

    Here's a list of materials you may want to try:
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    Nice little tutorial, there sensibeat. It doesn't look too tough. :)
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    Not too tough! I changed Makoto's pants properties... I had to rewrite the whole index... :D

    If it had only been the pants, I could have calculated easily what to add to every ref, but as I changed many things and didn't kept count of the differences in length, I had to rewrite it all... ;)
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    ugh, now *that* sounds like a pain in the ass!
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    Reflections materials for SSF4 & AE (not working on Vanilla):

    ReflectCoeff CD CC CC 3E
    ReflectFresnelBias 33 33 33 3F
    ReflectFresnelCoeff 00 00 00 3F

    ReflectCoeff 00 00 80 3F
    ReflectFresnelBias CD CC CC 3D
    ReflectFresnelCoeff 00 00 80 40

    ReflectCoeff CD CC 4C 3D
    ReflectFresnelBias 0A D7 23 3C
    ReflectFresnelCoeff CD CC CC 3D

    + ReflectCoeff, ReflectFresnelBias & ReflectFresnelCoeff of your choice (crystal/silver/gold/other)

    How to add that?

    Chose the object you want to add the new property to .
    (I'm editing the properties of "Wear" = her kimono top)

    Replace the datas outlined in blue here:

    with "SpcBrushEnv_W" (don't forget to add "00's" if the former name was longer):

    Then go at the end of the object properties here:

    And add the properties of the material you edited:
    (I used crystal -datas in red=reflection values-)

    It was the last object so no index rewriting.


    Now let's change the sleaves (they are just before the vest)
    They are named "Wear_sode"
    Same as before we replace the material outlined in blue here:

    with "SpcBrushEnv_W":

    Now we go at the end of the materials values (just before the next object: "Wear"):

    and we add the refection values:

    As you can see "Wear" changed offset:
    it now starts at offset 00 00 81 58

    You make a little calculation/conversion:
    00 00 81 58 - 10 = 00 00 81 48
    written backwards: 48 81 00 00

    You go back to the top of the file and you change the index reference of "Wear" (the last object) here:

    with the number you calculated (48 81):


    Now let's change the Pants (the first object)
    Change the datas outlined (as before):

    with "SpcBrushEnv_W":

    At the end here before next object (Obi_weist):

    add the reflection values:

    Now go back to the top, you'll have to edit every references after the Pants one here:

    It's more simple than it looks, you changed every offsets by the same value.

    Obi_weist moved from offset 594 to offset 60C
    Just do the maths (in hexadecimal): 60C-594=78

    You have to add 78 (calculating in hexadecimal) to every references in the index:
    Just remember 01 23 45 67 would be written: 67 45 23 01 (backwards 2 digit at a time)

    Every references is composed of 8 digits (I should have outlined the 4 "00 00" after C0 81, as they are part of the value)

    And here's Makoto with a full reflective Gi:
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    well done sensibeat
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    So... we rewrite everything highlighted, or change what's there to what is highlighted?
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    I don't really understood your question but I added some informations to the tutorial.
    I used the same file for both tutorials so you could follow with yours (MKT_01_01.obj.emm)
    Ask away if it's still not clear.
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    You replace what was in the first screen with what's different in second, then find the end of the object and add that last bit?
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    Yes and if the object isn't the last one you'll have to rewrite the index because you'll have moved the offsets of the next objects.

    I do the same with transparency, I add the properties at the end of the objects and rewrite the index.
    You can go the easy way as shown in other tutorials and replace the "BrushD" (less rewriting required), but not every objects use that, so there may be one day when you'll need that method even just for transparency. ;)
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    here's a link to the generalized material swap tutorial, and here's a list of materials and their potential attributes. Nothing really different from what sensibeat just posted, but in case you don't grok 1 tutorial, now you have another one to read over. :P
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    Might I ask what that program is Sensi? Frhead's confusing me... I wound up messin' it up by editing the wrong stuff. I'm taking it that some of the pieces marked here with things like "fff?" have the "fff?" as the "modifier"... is that correct? lol ^_^; I keep getting more and more confused...

    Also, how exactly is an index rewritten... I take it that's a pain in the ass... but how is it done?
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    I'm trying to change the color of Evil Ryu's Aura.

    Is there any tutorials that help with that? I don't even know which file has the data.

    I want to change his Surging Energy from Red to /Blue-ish Purple.

    Also I'm modding his Alternate #1, so I'm not sure if the Aura is different.

    Here is a preview. If someone wants to contribute with me, I'd be a happy camper.

    P.S. Since Microsoft didn't release the DLC Saturday, I got fed up and decided to do it myself. But I am not releasing this until I purchase the DLC. This is for me personally (for right now)
    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is the best game of our next generation.
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    I believe his aura is derived from the vfx files. I haven't tried doing anything with them, though, so I don't know how difficult they are to mod.
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    RYX.vfx.ptex.emz to (DXT5 with an alpha channel) to (DXT1 no alpha)

    Tho results are kinda weird, I edited them all in dark blue and I get this light faded greenish thing:
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    Is there a way to movesvap shin (akuma,oni,gouken,evil ryu) the secret bosses who throw one fireball with two hits with regular ones?
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    If any hex experts can help me out here...
    So I'm trying to edit the in-game text names for Akuma/vega/bison/balrog back to jp versions. (I found and edited the .dds texture versions already)
    It's scattered throughout various folders as .m4s files. For example:
    \Capcom\Super Street Fighter IV\resource\ui\common\simple_chara_select\localize\ENG\default.m4s

    Changing 'Akuma' to 'Gouki is no prob, same number of characters.

    Now I'm trying to edit [Vega > Balrog] [Bison > Vega] and [Balrog > M. Bison] for proper japanese names. I tried to brute force 'paste insert' knowing it would fail:

    So I restored to a backup file to start over. But I noticed that if I put a space in the filename "default__.m4s" instead of "default.m4s" I get this:

    Interesting. back to hex, opened two copies of the .m4s file. Search/copy/paste.

    ok so for the original Jp names:
    "ID_CHA_0009" (Vega text) over "ID_CHA_0011" (M. Bison text)
    "ID_CHA_0008" (Balrog text) over original "ID_CHA_0009" (Vega text)
    "ID_CHA_0011" (M. Bison text) over "ID_CHA_0008" (Balrog text)

    Gives me this, success?

    This is just for the character select screen, to change the text in other places (move lists/trial/ranked data) I have to repeat the process in different folders.. My question is this, does anyone know if this is online safe? Will other people see my text changes? I have no idea if the data I'm changing is sent to whomever I'm playing against and I have no way of testing at the moment. Anyone have experience changing these types of files?

    This is my first week of modding so I really don't know what I'm doing besides reading tutorials and trial and error. I don't want other people to see this online, just a local change, maybe for myself and for others who want to rename or create original characters. Sorry for the huge post.
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    That should be online safe as it's only a cosmetic change on your side, tho I haven't messed with m4s files yet, so that's to test.

    I put that here it's more relevant than in custom skin thread:

    Barrel Buster Bonus Stage = Beat Arcade mode under any difficulty
    Car Crusher Bonus Stage = Beat Arcade mode under any difficulty
    Invidual Japanese Voices = Beat Arcade mode under any difficulty
    Character Tracks for Vs. Player Mode = Set a Title and Icon for your status

    Fight Extra Bosses in Arcade Mode

    When you meet all the requirements, you will face an extra boss after defeating Seth. Like Seth, these will be powered up versions of the normal playable character. All number requirements must be met before fighting Seth. All numbers assume the normal 3 round setting.

    Akuma/Gouki: Never lose a round, and get 1 Perfect victory

    Evil Ryu: Never lose a round, get 1 Perfect victory, and defeat Seth with a Super or Ultra combo

    Gouken: Never lose a round, get 1 Perfect victory, get 10 First Attacks, and have 5 Super or Ultra combo finishes

    Oni: Never lose a round, get 1 Perfect victory, get 10 First Attacks, have 5 Super or Ultra combo finishes, and defeat Seth with a Super or Ultra combo

    How to Fight Second Rival

    Only for Ryu, Cammy, Chun-li, Seth, C.Viper, and Guile: Hold the all kick button as soon as you see "Now! Fight your Rival!" to fight against the character's second rival.
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    Is there much demand for a material editor (easy value changes and auto-output of offset table)? I'll happily write one... even just for my own benefit.
  • sensibeatsensibeat otaku Joined: Posts: 343
    Sure, the auto output would be nice. Don't hesitate to ask if you need more details.
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    I would like to swap ken alt3 hairs (the long one) to all alt1 and alt2, i read the tutorial but it seems complicated for me, could i make a request?
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    I already did that on sf4 but the result ain't very good:
    You can port it to AE with sf4explorer, it works.
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    That sounds awesome! I'll be looking forward to it.
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    This is the result of me removing the "ReflectCoeff" string in all instances. An interesting development... I'm still no good with the Hex stuff ^_^; I can't even manage to get the reflectiveness down.

    By the way, thinking of how the parts require specific changes and everything... A talented programmer could probably write a program to turn on and off these effects for the individual parts with a toggle just by loading the file...
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    Thanks. how would I edit just that Synth_s_bgm_43f_loop?

    Back up your .CSB first thing.
    **43f and 43r play at the same time, f is front or stereo, r is surround, if you have it. There's 2 clips in each, intro, and main loop.
    **Make you replacement music loud as possible for best results. Normalizing/Hard Limiting/Compression etc. You can convert the original music to .wav and compare volume to whatever you want to replace with.

    1. Have your replacement .wav or .wavs prepped, (make sure they're 16 bit or you'll get static). Drag them to adxencd.exe to encode them into .adx files. If you're getting errors, use short filenames and drag the wavs to the adxencd directory.
    2. SFIV Audio Manager: Tools > Combine multiple adx to Aax. Select your adx files from step 1. Normally you would have 1 'intro' file and 1 'looping' file. But if using 1 clip you can just make 2 copies of it. Save to a new folder. Name it whatever for now.
    3. with the .csb loaded in the audio manager: manage > unpack to another folder. Find the file you want to replace in the csb you just unpacked (synth 43f loop and 43r loop). Rename your Aax file from step 2 exactly to the synth 43f loop in that folder you unpacked. make a copy and repeat for 43r loop. Names will be longish, be exact to avoid problems.
    4. move your edited .aax files to the folder you unpacked the .csb in step 3, overwrite the old ones.
    5. Back in SFIV audio manager, with the .csb still loaded, click manage > replace content with. Navigate to the folder from step 3 and select all the aax files. Save the *new* .csb and rename it to the one you want to replace (BTL_CMN.csb) and move it to the original folder. Start up the game.
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    **Make you replacement music loud as possible for best results. Normalizing/Hard Limiting/Compression etc. You can convert the original music to .wav and compare volume to whatever you want to replace with.
    Volume is a pain, I don't know how csb files are setting it.
    I assume one tool isn't correctly transfering that. Just extract a bgm, inject it back without editing it, it will sound lighter in game.
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    RYX.vfx.ptex.emz to (DXT5 with an alpha channel) to (DXT1 no alpha)

    Tho results are kinda weird, I edited them all in dark blue and I get this light faded greenish thing:

    You might have colored the image incorrectly.

    Here are my results.

    Also one of those FLARE files, is actually part of Evil Ryu's Fireball......but I haven't changed Aura yet so we'll see

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is the best game of our next generation.
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    So what have you edited on your pic? Only the FLARE ones?
    And I thought you wanted blue? ;)

    You think I incorrectly edited 10 images? I have to investigate that, it would be a first. :D
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    Alright guys I fixed the animation of ultra-combo. So now my Chun Li uses Evil Ryu moves and combo without any glitch.
    I don't find out how to replace hurrican kick by the cyclon kick yet.


    Kiori, how do you remove those face animation from it? I am trying to do it for sakura(putting juri moveset to sakura)

    I have been using hex editor but don't know where to start. Could you help?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is even possible, but does anyone know if there's something you can edit that will have Random Select choose a random color? I have most of my modded outfits set to the secondary colors, and whenever I go random, I'm always a little disappointed that I don't see them.
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    Enter Player vs Player Mode, have second player set all the characters colors on #2 then chose one character (on the 2nd color too).
    Start the match (Player 1 chose whoever), exit to Main Menu: it will save the settings for player 2 colors choices.
    In Versus and Training Modes, Player 2 will wear his 2nd color as default so it will work on random.

    It's the trick I use, I don't know how to edit the random thing in the files.
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    I edited the textures. I don't edit the models I just like messing with the colors and a patterns...and yes I did want blue so I'm going back to the lab now ;)

    But seriously you can't tell what I changed??????
    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is the best game of our next generation.
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    hey sensibeat whats up with ibukis bandages is it possible to remove them ?
    On this picture, Ibuki in game (note the volumes of her bandages):

    On this picture Ibuki's model in sf4explorer (note we don't see any volume on her feet):

    Here's Ibuki's texture dds from IBK_01_01.col.emb:

    Here's Ibuki's normal map dds from IBK_01.nml.emb (resized it is actually 2048x2048):

    The volumes of the bandages are created by the normal map, so you will have to edit the normal map AND the texture to make them look like the rest of the feet if you want to "erase" the bandages.
    But seriously you can't tell what I changed??????
    Yes it's yellow :P

    I looked into my Evil Ryu's edit, nothing wrong, I even get a blue aura on UC1:

    Rest of the time it's greenish with a lil bit of blue here and there:
    There's something I don't get.
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    What's the best way to go about editing those normal files? Kinda hard as they have a high transparency....
  • sensibeatsensibeat otaku Joined: Posts: 343
    NVIDIA plugin

    or CrazyBump

    You already have those links on 1st page of the thread: put that one in your favorites:

    Here's some work Kraga Phan did on Sakura, you can look what he did on the screenshots he provided:
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    Hey, guys. I feel like it's list time right now:

    1st: I'd like to share a small update on the SFIVAM tool with added support for CPK files in the dlc folder.
    Download-able from here:

    2nd: Just found that on they suggest using CRI ADX SDK for audio encoding - least but maybe still suffers from the same low volume issues we're having here.

    3rd: After trying out the aforementioned kit I will say it did pretty well. It came to a good use in bringing the Third Strike Announcer in Arcade Edition: Check it out: (didn't have the option to make a video right now, so you might want to see how it worked in vanilla:
    Street Fighter IV Audio Manager (11.07.09)
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    Downloaded! I'm a great fan of your tool, so easy to use.

    The CRI ADX SDK pack contains many exe, do I have to use another one than adxencd.exe?
    Ok got my answer in your link, sorry.
    I'm not sure it'll fix the volume but I'll give it a try.

    I'm gonna test some stage bgm editing with your new tool.
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    Yeah I'm confused too many check this out..I've edited the files you suggest and I still come up with these results.

    I'm fine with the Aura..except it still shows red..and I have no clue what file it is...I've looked for 2 hours straight nothing.....and his Hadou is still purple...IM CONFUSED

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is the best game of our next generation.
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