Best thing ever!!!

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This was just too awesome
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3:
Anarchy Reigns: Sasha, Bayonetta


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    SSF4: AE v.2012 Dudley Video Tutorial
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    That is a truly awesome video. I have seen it before. In my opinion it is one of the best fighting game TASes. Not only does it show the limits the game can be pushed too but it shows it off in a flashy, showmanship way. One problem I have TASes is the showmanship. A lot of the CPU vs Human TASes are boring because the other opponents stand no chance they hardly land a hit or do anything. YAWN, another 3 one 1 were the 3 get wrecked no problem.
    Never understood the purpose of these things
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    Project M?
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    This is vanilla brawl in TAS

    you can tell as Falcon trips
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    that was pretty sick!
    I'm making a fighting game!
    SRK thread - Discord server.
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