PC: SSF4 AE Players Thread



  • ShankatsuForteShankatsuForte Joined: Posts: 41
    GFWL: ShankatsuForte
    Steam: ShankatsuForte
    Region: Midwest (Iowa)
    Days you usually play: I try to get in at least 3-5 hours of practice a night, excluding days the fiancee comes over, which is random.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 5pm-7am CST
    Character you main: Sakura
    Own skilllevel: I suck more then most, but less then some. :D
    Languages you speak: English

    Comments : I"m actually working on developing a blog and series of youtube vids from a n00bish perspective, showing milestones from being a complete scrub, to hopefully competing in majors whilst standing a chance. (Great ambition I know!) So it'd be cool to have a few people who'd like to participate with commentary and such from their POV, and maybe add some blog entries once I get the blog going.
  • RobilRobil Joined: Posts: 8
    edited March 2013
    GFWL: CheerfulEeel1
    Region: UK
    Days you usually play: Every evening at the moment
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Usually around 8-10pm UK time
    Character you main: Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Beginner with a capital B
    Languages you speak: English

    Comments: Very new to the game, playing more to learn than to win at the moment. Up for whatever. Currently maining Ryu, but only by default - probably going to move on to another character once I've got the fundamentals down. Feel free to add me!

    EDIT: Oh, and my Steam ID is Valentinocheat - any chance of an invite to the Steam group?
  • FalsumVeriFalsumVeri Joined: Posts: 27
    GFWL - FalsumVeri
    Steam - Tacitus
    Region - Southwest (Las Vegas)
    Time - Allday (PST though)
    Days - Errday
    Main - Inbetween Oni and Ibuki
    Skill - Meh. On a scale of 1-10, about a 4 or 5 maybe.
    Language - English

    I'm rather new to fighters. I mean, I've played them in the past, but just button mashing and laming people with one or two OP characters. I've only recently started taking the game serious and learning about frames, combos, setups, etc.
  • ROBIN R RAMIREZROBIN R RAMIREZ i'm not regret Joined: Posts: 81
    edited April 2013
    Steam - Ramirezzzz
    Region - The Netherlands(EU West)
    Time - Varying
    Days - Varying
    Main - Sakura
    Skill - GRAND SURPREME MASTER, only with Sakura though, If I can't j.HP/Air Tatsu my way to victory I have a hard time.
    Language - Dutch, English

    Join the Fighting Street Steamgroup! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fightingstreet .
    Just starting it up and trying to organize some AE and GGPO tournaments, but we desperately need active players! Join our groupchat, post some stuff in discussion and let's try to be active!
  • GrimeGrime Haters gonna hate Joined: Posts: 5
    GFWL: shiosVIP
    Region: Southeast (FL)
    Days you usually play: Every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Depends when I work. I'm on afternoons on some days, but almost every day I'll be on in the evening (Eastern)
    Character you main: Balrog
    Own skilllevel: Very new
    Languages you speak: English

    Comments: Looking for new players to practice with or anyone willing to give advice and tips. Like I said, I'm very new to the game.
  • ShinsightShinsight Joined: Posts: 10

    GFWL: KasbeDRC
    Steam: No fighting games there
    Region: Madrid, Spain (EU West)
    Days you usually play: Mostly Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I try to find time to play during the week too.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Midday and late afternoon.
    Character you main: Ibuki
    Own skilllevel: D+ for now
    Languages you speak: Spanish, English, also a bit of French and Japanese.

    I only used to smash on 3s until they removed it from ggpo a few years ago , so I'm pretty new to fighting games in general. I'm always willing to make new buddies.
  • MandokunMandokun Joined: Posts: 3
    GFWL: Mandokun
    Region: US
    Days you usually play: Everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Anytime
    Character you main: Zangief
    Own skilllevel:
    Languages you speak: English, Spanish
  • eM PyroeM Pyro Joined: Posts: 7
    GFWL: II eM Pyro II
    Steam: madkafor
    Region: Ontario (Canada)
    Days you usually play: Any day of the week
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 8pm-2am EDT
    Character you main: Sakura - Ryu - Balrog
    Own skilllevel: 7/10, still got lots to practice
    Languages you speak: English/French

    Comments : Friendly player, I can play every one (various skill level). I still need to focus a lot of execution, and I'm only know the basics of OS & footsies. Any help is very appreciated :)
    Also looking for tournaments in the region of Toronto / Ontario :D
    ~~Burn, burn some more and keep burning once you're down~~
  • AwpteamooseAwpteamoose Joined: Posts: 2
    GFWL: Awpteamooose
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/awpteamoose
    Region: EU east - Ukraine
    Days you usually play: Random
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Random times except evenings, CEST+1
    Character you main: Don't know specials on anyone but Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Noob
    Languages you speak: English, Russian

    Comments: Would love to get a partner of around my skill level to play with. I lose almost all my games online and have no idea how the game actually works. I watched the so-called tutorial videos, but to no avail.
  • Leahcim-1v1sLeahcim-1v1s Keep Calm and Headbutt Joined: Posts: 67
    GFWL: EnergeticSpoon8
    Steam: SlapahoWarrior
    Region:US East
    Days you usually play: Varies
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Varies
    Character you main: Mostly Charge Characters
    Own skill level: I'll leave that for others to decide
    Languages you speak: English, Can understand some french and spanish

    Comments: Decent in the game. Would like to find more people to play with and learn from.
    PSN: Leahcim-1v1s
    XBL: Leahcim 1v1s
    STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leahcim_1v1s
  • nodicaLnodicaL Joined: Posts: 5
    GFWL: nodicaL
    Region: NA - EAST
    Days you usually play: Monday - Sunday
    Time you usually play: 6pm - 1am EST
    Character you main: Ryu / Akuma
    Own skill-level: Beginner
    Languages you speak: English

    I never complain about someone being cheap.
    I want to become better by trying my best every time I play!

    If you're going to add me, please indicate from SRK forums.

    Thank you!
  • SupahRreemSupahRreem Joined: Posts: 510
    GFWL: whiponem1
    Region: NA - EAST
    Days you usually play: Monday - Sunday
    Time you usually play: 6pm - 2am EST
    Character you main: Guy / makoto
    Own skill-level: fairly decent
    Languages you speak: English
    Also I don't own a mic and feel free to add me if your up for some matches.
    You smoking jub rocks, you gotta just stop and do the hop-ATCQ
    Steam tag:KrimzonX
  • AyasumiAyasumi Joined: Posts: 1
    GFWL: Ayasumi39
    SteamID : Ayasumi
    Region: EU - France
    Days you usually play: Every evening at the moment
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Varies
    Character you main: Cammy
    Own skilllevel: Beginner / Working on combos / Footsizes atm ^^'
    Languages you speak: French, English

    My mic is dead, but don't hesitate adding me for matches or training !

  • Hado-kenHado-ken Joined: Posts: 60
    GFWL: ST6 Sage
    Steam: Don't use it.
    Region: USA
    Days you usually play: Most days.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Mountain time
    Character you main: Viper and recently cammy
    Own skilllevel: I would say I'm intermediate. aka decent
    Languages you speak: English
    "When C.Viper plays SSFIV, she picks Latif..." -Me
    AE:(M) c.viper, (S) Cammy
  • dizzygunnerdizzygunner Joined: Posts: 19
    GFWL: actedwheel4415 (random name didn't bother to change it)
    Steam: dizzygunner
    Region: UK
    Days you usually play (+timezone): when ever i feel like :P
    Character you main: ryu as i am learning but i am messing around with cammy ATM
    Own skill level~: beginner
    Languages you speak: English
  • WeebsWeebs Joined: Posts: 12
    GFWL: WeebsQL
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WeebsQL/
    Region: The Netherlands (EU West)
    Days you usually play (+timezone): Pretty much every day, preferably in the evenings from 19 CET
    Character you main: Trying Ryu, Ken and Guy mostly
    Own skill level~: Beginner
    Languages you speak: Dutch, English

    I've been playing on and off for a while now, got a stick not long ago because I wanted to get more serious. I know most (theoretic) basics, I just need someone to play with on a regular basis to improve!
    CFN: Weebsz
  • videogamedeathcampvideogamedeathcamp Joined: Posts: 9
    edited November 2013
    GFWL: Clamz n' Hamz
    Region: Northeastern US
    Days you usually play (+timezone): Every other day on average, sometime between 4:30-10:30pm, Eastern (UTC-05:00)
    Character you main: Cammy (kind of), currently experimenting.
    Own skill level~: Probably shit, but really have no objective idea.
    Languages you speak: English

    Really just looking to play casual matches & practice with people. Trying to learn when your only opponent options are cpu and ranked is slow and demoralizing, which I'm sure many can relate to.
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  • VegetableVegetable see me in 3D Joined: Posts: 18
    GFWL: Kkumar628
    Region: Canada (I know it says USA on my profile, but I'm actually in Canada)
    Days you usually play: Every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 4:00 pm PST till whenever, really
    Character you main: Adon
    Own skilllevel: Beginner (the amount of times I've won can be counted on one hand)
    Languages you speak: English

    I really would like if someone was willing to be just like a training partner. I had one for Guilty Gear, which I played before this, and I noticed how much faster I grew as a player compared to when I was just playing online or alone. And Street Figher is so different in pace and everything that I feel like a real newbie again.
    Steam/PSN: kkumar628
    Tekken: Mishimas
    KOF14: Beni/Robert/Zarina
    XrdR: Johnny
    VF5FS: Lion
    BBCPE: Valk
    SCV: Pyrrha
    UNiEL: Seth
  • FSSimonFSSimon Joined: Posts: 6
    edited June 2014
    Steam: FSSimon
    Region: Quebec, Canada
    Days you usually play: Mostly weekdays when my daughters are at school.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 8am-11am / 1pm-4pm EST
    Characters you main: Hakan, Rose, Dhalsim
    Own skilllevel: 500pp , Played a lot of SNES SF2 back in the days. Got into SSF4:AE because of a summer Steam sale and also recently got a fighstick
    Languages you speak: French, English

    Looking for some fun, social game sessions with ot without the headset to discuss strategies and improve. Some diversion from Ryu and other shoto characters is welcome as well.
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  • Cold_G_StormCold_G_Storm Joined: Posts: 3
    edited January 2014
    GFWL: Cold G Storm
    Steam: Cold_G-Storm
    Region: South US
    Days you usually play: Almost everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Anytime after 2-3 pm CST.
    Characters you main: Guile/Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Super Noob
    Languages you speak: English

    Looking for help so I can improve.
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  • derukunderukun filthy fucking casual Joined: Posts: 455
    GFWL: derukun
    Steam: 27seoul
    Region: Ontario, Canada
    Days you usually play: Usually weekends, or daily if I'm on break from school.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Evening to night (EST)
    Character you main: Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Low. I just started playing SSF4 AE a few weeks ago, and got a stick too. Still learning basics/fundamentals
    Languages you speak: English, Korean
    SFV Fighter ID - blackolives
  • Chukz15Chukz15 Low Tier Option select is the future. Joined: Posts: 492
    GFWL: Darkerfire706
    Region: California (Socal)
    Days you usually play: Monday, Friday, Weekends.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Any
    Character you main: Dan
    Own skilllevel: Ass
    Languages you speak: English.
    GFWL: Darkerfire706
    Skill level: D tier
    Injustice: Superman, Batman
    Mahvel:Nova/Vergil/Hawkeye alt Wolverine/Doom/Vergil
    SSFIV: Dan/Balrog

  • lostintranslationlostintranslation Joined: Posts: 22
    edited February 2014
    GFWL: AwwwwYeahhhBaby
    Steam: Briefcase Wanker
    Region: Australia
    Days you usually play: Week nights, weekends
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Mostly evenings but it varies - UTC+10:00
    Character you main: Dirty Ken, whoever, learning new characters
    Own skilllevel: Average. Started playing fighting games again and just got a stick so I'm relearning!!!
    Languages you speak: English
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  • TheOtherJuanTheOtherJuan Joined: Posts: 8
    GFWL: wiz21mx
    Region: Mexico
    Days you usually play: Everyday
    Time you usually play: 18:00 to 23:00 (UTC-6):
    Character you main: Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Low
    Languages you speak: Spanish, English
  • WhizardWhizard CFN: Whizard Joined: Posts: 513
    GFWL: iPhynX
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ChookiexMBz/
    Region: UK, Essex
    Days you usually play: Most days of the week
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 5:30pm - 12 (GMT)
    Character you main: Balrog
    Own skilllevel: Beginner (though maybe a little more beginner-intermediate) I don't want to underestimate myself I won't learn if I play beginners but I sit around 1.5k PP.
    Languages you speak: English and about 10 words in japanese haha
  • xKingJeffxKingJeff Joined: Posts: 25
    GFWL: Reem Chief
    Steam: xKingJeff
    Region: US, East coast
    Days you usually play: everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
    Characters you main: Evil Ryu, Yun
    Own skill level: Beginner, usually around 1000-1500 pp
    Languages you speak: English
  • JobasJobas Joined: Posts: 1
    GFWL: Dole3
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jobasurk/
    Region: Western Canada
    Days you usually play: It varies but weekdays usually
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 3pm - 11pm, MST
    Character you main: Guile
    Own skilllevel: Beginner, just started (would prefer to start playing with some beginners as well)
    Languages you speak: English
  • ReckionReckion I have such a raging clue right now!! Joined: Posts: 109
    edited April 2014
    DFWL: Reckion
    Steam: Reckion
    Region: Europe
    Days you usually play: everyday
    Time you usaully play (+timezone): 3pm- 11pm, GMT
    Character you main: Cody, Oni
    Own skillevel: Still training offline, because I always think I need to learn more gimmicks
    Languages you speak: English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Aleri_XVAleri_XV Chin up, Eyes Straight Joined: Posts: 1,332
    GFWL: RADX Aleri
    Steam: alerixv
    Region: Texas, USA
    Days you usually play: Daily
    Time you usually play Daily
    Character you main: Sak, Boxer
    Own skill level: Intermediate
    Languages you speak: English
    I Grow Weary of These Encounters
    -KTB- Aleri
    CFN ID: TXTH-Aleri
  • FSSimonFSSimon Joined: Posts: 6
    Hey all. I wanted to invite you to the Reddit SF4 Newbie Fight Club. It's a very nice and active community of PC AE players. There's pretty much always at least one endless lobby going and weekly streams as well.

    Steam Group
    Subreddit here

    See you there,
  • rXprXp Joined: Posts: 73
    GFWL: rxpch
    Region: Switzerland
    Days you usually play: every weekday if I have the time
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 16h -> 21h (gtm+1)
    Character you main: Juri
    Own skilllevel: New new player so I guess... bad ?
    Languages you speak: English, French

    I want someone to train with or someone to teach me :)
    As long as you are in Europe we will be fine playing together I think :)
  • TheHeirofBreathTheHeirofBreath swagcaptain Joined: Posts: 9
    GFWL:(I think its steamworks now so ill leave my steam name) Victor Von Poon
    Region:Eastern US
    Days you usually play:Everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone):1-9pm anytime im not working really
    Character you main:Sagat,Yun
    Own skilllevel:Noob ass fuckin noob 1k bp with Sagat im here to learn beat me 100 times as long as you're teaching me and offering tips i don't care.
    Languages you speak:English,ebonics.
    My psn is:DrJellyJiggler,i'm relatively new so dont be surprised if you wreck my day.
  • Kurt 095Kurt 095 Joined: Posts: 3
    Region:Western Canada (mountain time zone)
    Days you usually play:Everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone):Varies on work but either Mornings or evenings.
    Character you main:Ken
    Own skilllevel:New
    Languages you speak:English
  • DeathevnDeathevn Joined: Posts: 11
    SRK Handle: Deathevn
    Steam ID: Deathevn
    Location: Canada, BC (PST)
    Days you usually play : Putting in at least an hour a day
    Time you usually play: 8PM PST
    Character you main: Juri
    Own skill level: Have the basics down, working on my flawed execution, combos, and getting the most out of my normals.
    Languages you speak: English

    Looking for someone to 'train' with. I have more interest in getting a learning experience at this point and upping my game. I have no issues with someone kicking my ass as long as there are some tips and general practice going on.

    Feel free to add me on steam and I am usually quick to respond
  • FSSimonFSSimon Joined: Posts: 6
    A quick suggestion to everyone posting his/her infos here: please post your complete steam profile page url.

    This is going to save a lot of headaches and make you much easier to find. The reason for this is that steam allows the same nickname to be used by more than one person...
  • DeathevnDeathevn Joined: Posts: 11
  • SnaxSnax Joined: Posts: 186
    Getting hard to find random players on PC. Need people to play endless with.

    Steam: Snacks teh sober sea lion (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988555179)
    Location: Illinois, U.S.
    Days: Every day
    Time: (CDT) Available whenever, noon through evening depending on what I'm doing.
    Character: Yun
    Skill level: Low, not entirely clueless. Know combos, footsies, basic mixups, trying to put them into practice and not mash/ autopilot.

  • ChyrillChyrill Joined: Posts: 2
    Steam: Chyrill ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043941660/ )
    Region: Belgium, EU
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Could be anytime during the day (CEST/GMT+2)
    Character you main: M. Bison (Dictator)
    Own skilllevel: Main - Decent, all the rest - Low
    Languages you speak: Dutch, English
  • NSC745NSC745 Joined: Posts: 28
    edited July 2014
    GFWL: Lightning http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023210838/
    Region: USA
    Days you usually play: Anytime i'm not in Dota2
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Night EST
    Character you main: Guy
    Own skilllevel: Beginner +
    Languages you speak: English.
  • Dubstep_DawgDubstep_Dawg Joined: Posts: 28
    GFWL:Dubstep Dawg
    Days you usually play:Wendsday nights to Sundays
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 9-12 pm (weds) 7 to 10 pm PST
    Character you main:Juri/Evil Ryu/Akuma
    Own skilllevel: Rusty as a 30 year old nail!
    Languages you speak: English/a little japanese/currently learning spanish
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