PC: SSF4 AE Players Thread



  • SpyridonSpyridon Joined: Posts: 484
    Steam: Spyridon
    Days you usually play: any day if possible
    Time you usually play (+timezone): random times between 7-midnight PST
    Character you main: Chun/Cammy/Ibuki/Undecided
    Own skilllevel: Good at other fighting games, horrible at SF4
    Languages you speak: English
  • LockMLockM Joined: Posts: 2,665
    Steam: Lok_N_Ki
    Region: Netherlands, Europe
    Days you usually play: Whenever i feel like it and if my schedule allows it.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Mostly during 18:00-24:00 (CET/CEST)
    Character you main: Yun, Cody, Guy
    Own skilllevel: Intermediate, Guy is my weakest character though.
    Languages you speak: Dutch, English
    GGXrdR2: Jam, Baiken
    T7:  Jin
    SFV: Juri
    USFIV: Yun, Cody, Guy

  • PoisontearPoisontear Joined: Posts: 5
    Steam: Poisontear
    Region: Europe, Turkey
    Days you usually play: Everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Varies(GMT +2)
    Character you main: Dudley
    Own skilllevel: Newbie
    Languages you speak: English, Turkish
  • YallusYallus Joined: Posts: 44
    edited August 2014
    Steam: Yallus
    Region: Europe, Serbia
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Varies (GMT+1)
    Characters: Juri (Main)/Makoto/Ibuki
    Skill Level: Beginner, ridiculously bad
    Languages you speak: English, Serbian

    I'm looking for someone who can teach me basically everything. I like to think I have the right mindset for a beginner, but you can be the judge of that.
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    I play on Steam. I main Juri. And I'm hilariously bad.
  • barysanbarysan shitposter extreme Joined: Posts: 5
    Steam: my stand, shit face dick hands
    Region: US
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Normally playing around 6-9ish (EST) but am on steam as soon as I'm out of class
    Character you main: Cody
    Skill level: Trash with everyone but Cody, slightly better trash with Cody
    Languages you speak: English
  • JMKSJMKS Joined: Posts: 13
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137698258
    Region: Poland, Europe
    Days you usually play: almost every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): GMT+2, 6PM till asleep on work days (not 100% of that time of course :P), weekends without such constraints ;)
    Character you main: Sakura, Ryu
    Skill level: usually around 2500-3200PP (AE2012)
    Languages you speak: Polish, English (no mic 99% of the time)
    Feel free to add me if you're from Europe, with current state of USF4 on PC it is valuable to have friends nearby, as server-side matchmaking is bugged :/
  • zanarkyzanarky Joined: Posts: 1
    Steam: GCVD
    Region: UK
    Days you usually play: Most evenings
    Time you usually play: 6pm GMT onwards
    Characters you main: Guile, Chun li
    Skill level: beginner (600-1000pp)
    Languages you speak: English
    Looking for people to play with and learn more about this game!
  • drwill439drwill439 I'll never understand. Joined: Posts: 2,957
    Steam: [PCFL]Dr. Will, PhD.
    Days You Usually Play: Mostly Evenings, I alternate between my Xbox and my PC depending on what my buddies are doing.
    Time You Usually Play: Normally after 5 pm EST til around 10 or 11 (depending on how I feel) on the weekdays, and whenever I feel like it on the weekends.
    Characters You Main: Sakura, Gouken, trying to learn Ibuki
    Skill Level: Mildly Experienced, but I played much more against the computer due to not having reliable connection for most of the past few months.
    Languages: English
    I would love to meet people and get some new ideas from people.
    Steam: [PCFL]Dr. Will Xbox 360/One: DrW1ll439
    PSN: drwill439 CFN:WKA439 (PS4) or drwill439(Steam)
  • Nine life catNine life cat Joined: Posts: 34
    GFWL: Nine Life Cat
    Region: North America - United States
    Days you usually play: Monday - Sunday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 18:00 - 22:00 (Weekend 10:00 -22:00)
    Character you main: Hugo/Hakan/Zangief/T.Hawk/El Fuerte
    Own skilllevel: Avarage?
    Languages you speak: English/ Chinese

    Comments: I need help on getting my command grab characters better to face different type of players please fight me! O_O thank you!

  • kenji490kenji490 Joined: Posts: 225
    Steam: kenji490
    Region: South America
    Days you usually play: every day a little
    Time you usually play: in the morning (GMT -5)
    Characters you main: Ryu, Gouki, Evil Ryu
    Skill level: beginner-Intermediate
    Languages you speak: English, Spanish
  • NupssNupss Joined: Posts: 2
    Steam: Nupss
    Region: Europe
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play: Anywhere from afternoon to late night
    Characters you main: Balrog
    Skill level: Absolute beginner (0pp)
    Languages you speak: English, Dutch

    Looking to learn :)
  • JellyJuggyJellyJuggy Joined: Posts: 9
    Steam: Boxcar
    Region: North America - United States
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play: From afternoon to late night
    Characters you main: Ryu, Rufus
    Skill level: Beginner with the will to get better
    Languages you speak: English

  • FSSimonFSSimon Joined: Posts: 6
    Hi Boxcar/Jellyjuggy. I would like to add you. However, searching for your steam id yielded 155 results. Could you use your profile's url in your post?
  • DopeSauceDopeSauce Joined: Posts: 45
    Steam: Generickeychains or Devirginizer (I forget which one is used to add friends)
    Region: North America - United States
    Days you usually play: I try to play everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): It varies, whenever I have time.
    Character you main: Ibuki, looking to learn dudley and just trying out other characters
    Own skilllevel: pretty bad.
    Languages you speak: English

    Comments: I am just trying to get better and play a lot without having to wait forever for a ranked match. I am willing to critique if you are willing to give me feedback too.
  • KvalheimKvalheim Joined: Posts: 37
    Steam: .kvalheim()
    Region: Scotland, EU
    Days you usually play: Most, if not every day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Between 10am and 12pm GMT
    Character you main: Poison
    Skill level: Very new, only 22 hours. New to the Fighting genre.
    Languages: English

    Comments: I'm just putting this up because I wanna kinda get myself more involved in the community, and really work at getting better at playing Poison and working with people to get more skilled.
  • AndmirAndmir Joined: Posts: 9
    Steam: Stuffwell
    Region: Norway, EU
    Days you usually play: Usually every day unless tons of school
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Between 4 pm and 12 am CET/CEST
    Character you main: Cammy
    Own skilllevel: Beginner
    Languages: Norwiegan, English
  • bakuganjabakuganja Joined: Posts: 2
    Steam: bakuganja
    Region: North America, US
    Days you usually play: I play almost everyday.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): From about 4 pm to 3 am EST. I'll play if I'm online and someone asks me to.
    Character you main: Dudley
    Own skilllevel: Somewhat new / still learning
    Languages: English
  • VegetableVegetable see me in 3D Joined: Posts: 18
    Steam: TDHD
    Region: East Coast Canada
    Days you usually play: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, weekends.
    Time you usually play: 2am EST and later on those days.
    Character you main: Claw and Fei Long (subject to change...lol)
    Own skill level: Beginner, but not complete newbie.
    Languages: English.
    Steam/PSN: kkumar628
    Tekken: Mishimas
    KOF14: Beni/Robert/Zarina
    XrdR: Johnny
    VF5FS: Lion
    BBCPE: Valk
    SCV: Pyrrha
    UNiEL: Seth
  • seigejetseigejet Joined: Posts: 8
    Steam: seigejet
    Region: USA - Northeast
    Days you usually play: Varies depending on school
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Also dependent on classes, but generally 8-9pm until whenever (EST/GMT-5)
    Character you main: Gouken; but I like to random select quite often.
    Own skilllevel: Beginner-intermediate?
    Languages you speak: English, Chinese (Cantonese), a little bit of Korean
  • redeyeguyredeyeguy The Mindreading KI Guy From Zbattle Joined: Posts: 13
    edited October 2014
    GFWL: redeyeguyKIO
    Region: Ontario Canada / East Coast USA
    Days you usually play: Mostly Saturday, Sunday, Monday; other days random
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 10pm -1am EST Tues to Sat; Sun, Mon anytime
    Character you main: Deejay, Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Beginnerish sort of. I'm adapting quicky because I have high level experience in some other fighters.
    Languages you speak: English, Spanish, extremely basic French

    I'd like to have some steam contacts. I have none since most of my few games on there are single player. I'm looking forward to improving at this.
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    I think I may be the longest active hardcore KI player in history. 7+ years on Zbattle; XBAND didn't even last half as long, rofl. So many years I took up dominating in a game that I now barely even play.. WTF?!
  • LiangHuBBBLiangHuBBB Joined: Posts: 2,232
    Just wanted to say Hi to the USF4 steam community.
    If you are looking for some games / training, I will be running / hosting endless
    & ranked matches every Saturday & Sunday at 2 pm.
    My skill lvl is what you see in my gameplay vids.

    ID: LiangHuBBB
    Region: EU
    Mains: Guile and Blanka
    Skill lvl: decent
    Languages: Englisch, German

    Looking forward meeting new players, thx for reading & see ya ppl around.

  • DanyoleDanyole Joined: Posts: 4
    Steam: Danyole
    Region: US (westcoast)
    Mains: still trying to figure that out
    Skill lvl: Complete noob to competitive fighting games
    Languages: english and bad english

    really looking for a good sparring partner and someone who can give me some tips :)
    Xbox Live: danyole
    Steam: Danyole

  • FSSimonFSSimon Joined: Posts: 6
    To anyone posting here, please include your full steam id url. It makes finding you a lot easier. Just saying...
  • _dmx__dmx_ ComboRiddim Joined: Posts: 51
    Steam: Dyo
    Region: US East Coast
    Main: Fei Long, Elena
    Skill: Average/Casual
    Pay close attention..
  • ShwigShwig Joined: Posts: 17
    edited December 2014
    Steam: shwig (possibly psn_shwig) http://steamcommunity.com/id/giwhS
    Region:USA East Coast Philadelphia
    Days you usually play: hard to say, but often
    Time you usually play (+timezone): usually between 5pm - 1am (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    Character you main: Ryu/undecided most of my time is spent in training
    Own skill level: very new
    Languages you speak: English
    psn: shwig
    steam: psn_shwig http://steamcommunity.com/id/giwhS/

  • chiefsonchiefson Joined: Posts: 4
    Steam: chiefson
    Days you usually play: everyday all day
    Time you usually play (+timezone): i woke up around 9am - 11 am and play till 2am possibly longer if i had a people to play with
    Character you main: Vega
    Own skilllevel: okay still much need to learn
    Languages you speak: English
  • jdpjdp Joined: Posts: 2
    edited January 2015
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067871238
    Days you usually play: everyday (tues-fri 6pm CST)
    Time you usually play: CST
    Character you main: Going for guile
    Own skilllevel: worst player US
    Languages you speak: English
  • plamatontoplamatonto Joined: Posts: 58
    edited February 2015
    Steam: Plamatonto
    Region: Netherlands, Europe
    Days you usually play: Pretty much everyday unless something comes up.
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 16:00-05:00 (CET/CEST)
    Character you main: Guile, Bison
    Own skilllevel: @1600-1800pp Average
    Languages you speak: Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento
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  • D.R.E.D.R.E. One. Little. Voice. Joined: Posts: 1,327
    edited January 2015
    Steam: arrahdre
    Region: TN, USA
    Days you usually play: daily....rarely online for purely SFIV cause fuk dat gm, but seriously, if you see me on invite me, and i'll probably play
    Time you usually play (+timezone): usually on steam in some capacity between 11pm and 1am CST
    Character you main: Juri
    Own skilllevel: i float around 4000-5000 bp 1500-2000 pp..but i'm really a fraud...
    Languages you speak:English
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  • GhostoastGhostoast I'm just a ghost that likes toast. Joined: Posts: 9
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ghostoast
    Region: TX,USA
    Days you usually play: Everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 8pm-1am CST
    Character you main: Blanka
    Own skilllevel: 4000 pp and 10,000 bp
    Languages you speak: English
  • LoadsamoneyLoadsamoney World Class Loser Joined: Posts: 1
    Steam: Loadsamoney
    Region: TX, USA
    Days you usually play: Almost everyday
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Random, due to crazy work schedule
    Character you main: T. hawk, Zangief, Ryu
    Own skilllevel: Stupid low
    Languages you speak: English
    Steam Name Loadsamoney
    Art Blog Here!
  • theoristtheorist Joined: Posts: 6
    edited January 2015
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011530260/home/
    Region: Europe, Greece
    Days you usually play: Almost every day
    Time you usually play: Mostly afternoon/night EET(Eastern European Time.It is UTC/GMT +2 hours)
    Main character: Ryu
    Skill Level:Trash :P
    Languages you speak:English
    I am basicly looking for equaly unskilled players in order to do some practice together and perhaps form a friendship
  • squishysunasquishysuna Joined: Posts: 4
    Steam: SquishySuna (search ookpaia)
    Region: Ontario, canada
    Days you usually play: every 2-3 days
    Time you usually play: Evenings and night
    Main character: Decapre, Abel, (trying to learn too many characters)
    Skill Level:1000pp around, usually less
    Languages you speak:English
    Want usf4 friends to learn and grow with, both lower and higher skill friends welcome.
    -Art by Liki house-


    I'm beginner-intermediate. If you wanna play and chat add me up anytime! ^-^ I love to teach and love mentors.
  • TheRealHalfBloodPrinceTheRealHalfBloodPrince Joined: Posts: 77
    Region: US South
    Days you usually play: Anytime
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Like, every damn day.
    Character you main: Yang mostly
    Own skilllevel: eh, I think I'm ok at this game
    Languages you speak: English.
  • IyokuuIyokuu Izanagi The Creator Joined: Posts: 261
    Steam: Iyokuu
    Region: US South, Texas
    Days you usually play: Whenever I want to train
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Either middle of the day or after 5pm.
    Character you main: Ibuki and Poison. Although my Adon and E. Ryu are better. I also have a Viper somewhere in my pocket.
    Own skilllevel: Fundamentally strong with bottom listed characters. Need serious help with the rest.
    Languages you speak: English.
    Looking for someone to teach or help me tremendously with any of those characters, but mostly Ibuki.
  • Captain MazdaCaptain Mazda Legendary Legs Joined: Posts: 70
    edited February 2015
    Steam: Captain Mazda
    Region: Toronto, Canada
    Days you usually play: Whenever I have time
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Random, usually at night
    Character you main: Chun-Li, I don't use anyone else so that's all you'll face
    Own skilllevel: I can't rate myself so... http://tinyurl.com/nf48aj7
    Languages you speak: English, Finnish, Farsi

  • AOS-AOS- C Joined: Posts: 3,269
    edited March 2015
    Steam: aos777
    Region: Mississauga, Canada
    Days you usually play: Whenever I feel like, but I'm almost always down for games if we can schedule it.
    Time you usually play (-5:00 GMT; that's EST 0:00): Usually some time after 9pm, but can do mornings and afternoons on weekdays.
    Character you main: Gouken.
    Own skill level: I don't practice and I don't play frequently.
    Languages you speak: English.

    I don't have my Steam App open, so it'd be best to PM me here if you want to get in some games.
    Steam: Captain Mazda
    Region: Toronto, Canada
    Steam: SquishySuna (search ookpaia)
    Region: Ontario, canada
    Want usf4 friends to learn and grow with, both lower and higher skill friends welcome.

    I sent invites to you two. Hope you'll accept them!
    PSN/Steam: AOS- [Gouken, Ryu]
    Wii U (SSB4): Okrapaeli [Mario, Link]
  • SwoltacularSwoltacular Joined: Posts: 16
    edited March 2015
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/swoltacular
    Region: SC, USA
    Days you usually play: Most weekdays, occasional weekends
    Time you usually play: Evenings/nights/ depends. Anytime if I"m available I'll play if someone wants to
    Character you main: Ken/Ryu but want to branch out and learn more.
    Own skill level: I beat buddies but lost most online matches/ relatively low compared to people on shoryuken.
    language: English

    Edit: I wear a headset and prefer to play with people who can communicate on steam.
  • TheOutbreakTheOutbreak Joined: Posts: 1
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/allensant
    Region: CT, USA
    Days you usually play: Weekday afternoons, Weekends
    Time you usually play (+timezone): Afternoons, Evenings Eastern Time
    Character you main: Learning Sakura/Fei Long
    Own skill level: Below trash tier but want to learn and grow
    Languages you speak: English

  • DieCobrosDieCobros Joined: Posts: 1
    Steam: WNxDieCobros
    Region: IL, USA
    Days you usually play: Weekdays
    Time you usually play (+timezone): 11 AM-3 PM CST, starting from 9 AM on Fridays
    Character you main: Guile, Boxer, Claw
    Own skill level: Decent, still learning
    Languages you speak: English, Serbian
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