Unblockables: which Specials and X-rays cannot be blocked?

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I'm not talking about overheads as they can be blocked high, and I'm not talking about throws either. If you are crouch blocking, which attacks cannot be blocked? I had heard that all characters have one Special or X-Ray that cannot be blocked, but apparently it's not true.

So far, I only know of a few:

Special Attacks

Scorpion's Demon Fire
Sub Zero's Ground Puddle
Jax's Ground Pound
Sheeva's Ground Slam
Sheeva's Teleport Slam
Nightwolf's Lightning
Cyrax's Bomb
Ermac's Ground Slam
Cyber Sub Zero's Ice Bomb
Noob Saibot's Black Hole
Kano's Charged Ball

X-Ray Attacks

Jax's X-Ray
Kano's X-Ray
Sheeva's X-Ray

What am I missing?


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