The Ryu Thread.

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Translation Key:
JP (Jab) = LP
SP (Strong) = MP
FP (Fierce) = HP
SK (Short) = LK
FK (Forward) = MK
RK (Roundhouse) = HK

DP/SRK = Dragon Punch, Shoryuken
SSRK = Shin Shoryuken
TK = Tiger Knee motion, like AHVB
OTG = To hit a grounded opponent
GB = Guard Break
-A, -B, -G = Alpha, Beta, Gamma, refering to assists.
c. = crouching
s. = standing
j. = jumping
sj. = super-jump
u = up
THC = Triple Hyper super, Assist 1+Assist 2

Moves of Interest-
Crouching FP- Launcher, good priority, but poor horizontal range. Generally used vs people trying to come down from sj height with an attack.

Standing Roundhouse- good anti-air, not especially safe if blocked unless you have an assist covering you, and not as simple to combo afterwards if it hits, like c.FP. Better horizontal range, however, and will beat/trade with most attacks.

Jumping FP- Good priority, can crossup, also works well air-to-air.

Jumping JP- Not good for anything but guard breaks in the corner, but I'm just wirting this so I don't forget that I've seen it beat Storm's s.RK.

Jumping SK, j.u+FK- Worthy of note because it crosses up, and works as a 2-hit blockstring vs crouching opponents (even Megaman,).

Combos (basic)-
-c.SK, s.FP, FP Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken.
(73 points, about 50%)
You can remove the fireball if you're too far. Basic combo for punishing mistakes.

-j.FP or j.RK, Shin Shoryuken.
(91 points, about 65%)
Not practical, really...many DHCs to better or comprable damage for only 2 levels instead of 3. Works, however.

-c.SK, s.FP xx THC.
See notes above. Depending on team and assists, rarely worth the meter.

-c.FP, sj.FP (or Hadouken) xx Shinkuu Hadouken.
(70 points, about 50%)
Basic combo to super from launch. Works as anti-air.

-s.FP xx RK Hurricane Kick xx Shinkuu Hadouken.
(75 points, about 50%)
Does not work on crouching opponents, but sets up DHCs well. Cancel to super late for better damage, but not too late, obviously.

-Tag in, TK Shinkuu Hadouken, ordash c.JP xx snap out or Shin Shoryuken or Launch or jumping SK, jumping FK xx RK Hurricane kick or Shinkuu Tatsumaki.
(20-90 points, depending)
Dependant on distance from edge of screen. After the tag you probably want to dash to dash, c.JP xx Shin Shoryuken etc.

-j.SK, j.u+FK, (land) Shin Shoryuken.
(87 points/65% as a crossup, 69/87 as a regular jumpin)
Works as a crossup, since the u+FK hits low to the ground. Meter would be better spend doing a regular combo in to Shinkuu Hadouken into DHC, but, SSRK does connect here. May not get full damage vs some characters without doing a crossup first, and works better vs crouching characters.

I had previously listed this combo with a fireball canceled into SSRK after the crossup version, but apparently that doesn't work on all characters. Doesn't work vs Cyclops or Cable at least, and I'm too lazy to test everyone to see who the combo works on.

Combos (w/assists)-
-c.SK, c.FK+Cyclops-B, sj. Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken.
(74 points, about 50%)
Sometimes causes Flying Screen, depending on the number of hits before hand. You can delay the assist call until you do the c.FK or do c.SK+Assist, works either way. To avoid Flying Screen (ie. if you want to DHC), omit the fireball.

-c.FP+anti-air assist, sj.FP xx Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken.
(80~105 (55-70%), depending on assist)
Combo causes Flying Screen, so it can't be DHCd out of. List of assists which work includes: CapCom-B, Cammy-A, Megaman-B, Dhalsim-G, etc. Timing varies with different assists. (edit: Viscant gets credit for this one)

-c.SK+expansion assist, s.FP xx Hurricane Kick.
(40~70 points, 20-50%)
Assists allow the hurricane kick to hit up to 3 times, for better damage. Assists which work include:
Akuma-G, Jin-A, Iceman-A, Magneto-A, Hulk-B, Seninel-A, Colossus-A/B, Megaman-B, Silver Samurai-B, Dhalsim-B/G, Zangief lairat assist, and basically all anti-air assists. Canceling to super may or may not be worth the damage, depending on the assist. Timing varies with different assists.

-c.SK+expansion assist, c.FK xx Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

-c.FP+Doom-B, sj.JP, sj.SP, sj.FK, sj.FP, (lands, assist
OTG connects), TK Shinkuu Hadouken. (73 points, about 50%)

The combo above is with a neutral jump. If you pasue a bit before attacking after the launch, and sj towards them you can do the full magic series and SJ Shinkuu Hadouken them before they hit the ground. Flying screen assist OTGs are unrollable, btw.

-c.FP+Storm-A, sj.JP, sj.RK, (assist OTGs) Shinkuu Hadouken.
(75 points, about 50%)
Shinkuu before landing...timing is odd.

Neutral jump version is easier- just TK Shinkuu when you land.

-c.FP+Storm-A, sj.JP, sj.FP, (assist OTGs), sj.JP (Ryu lands) Shoryuken or Shin Shoryuken or Launch or j.SK, j.FK xx RK Hurricane Kick or RK Hurricane Kick Shinkuu Hadouken or snap out or TK shinkuu Hadouken.
(50-87 points (40-60%) depending)

Shin Shoryuken does crappy damage in this combo.

This is the first part, throws, TIA, DHCs etc in a later post. Guard Breaks I already covered in another thread, but I'll eventually add those to this one.


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    Combos (corner)-
    -c.SK, s.FP, RK Hurricane Kick xx Shinkuu Hadouken or Throw.
    (65 points or 48+16 aka 45% or 33%+8%)
    Hurricane Kick hits twice for better damage...canceling to super isn't always worth the damage, but sets up any number of DHCs well. The throw is obviously avoidable, but you can throw into assists into super into DHCs, for heavy damage.

    -c.FP, sj.JP, sj.SP (hits once), sj.FK, RK Hurricane Kick.
    Hurricane kick connects 2-3 times for good damage.
    (52 or 66 points, or 35 or 48%)

    -Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, c.JP, s.SP xx Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku or Shin Shoryuken or launch or TK Shinkuu Hadouken or snap out.
    Combo only works with Ryu in the corner, but can be DHCd into. You can repeat the hurricane kick super until you run out of meter, but after the first rep (or anytime you hit the opoponent with the super and they are already airborne), you want to use s.JP xx s.SP, though c.JP still works IIRC. Combo doesn't work on Juggernaut, Blackheart, Seninel, Cable, or Servebot...the super doesn't connect, and Cable juggles oddly, so C.JP doesn't connect.

    You can walk forward a step (out of the corner, and cornering the opponent), and c.JP, juggling into combos like the one below.

    -c.FP, sj.JP, sj.SP (hits once), sj.FK, sj.FP, sj.RK, OTG sj.RK, OTG c.JPxn (infinite) or c.JP, s.SP, s.RK or c.JP, s.SP, hopkick, throw or launch or overhead.
    (59-74 points (not accounting for resets)

    Combo heads in any number of directions. The infinite (repeated c.JP in Flying Screen) undizzies early, and you won't get the whole combo to do more than 50% damage. Doesn't work on Cable, Shuma Gorath, Sentinel, Juggernaut, or Blackheart. You can just go for damage by doing the Hunter chain, and you can call an assist before they land for block damage, depending on which attacks you use (hopkick and s.RK both work, the latter givin you a slight frame advantage, I think). If you launch, you can jump up and throw (after FS ends), or relaunch if they attack on the way down, or call an assist, etc. With the hopkick, you can throw into assist for 100% damage or close to it.

    During the initial part of the combo, vs Cable, Shuma Gorath, Marrow and a few other charactes, you need to alter the combo so it's: sj.JP, sj.SP (hits twice), sj.FP, sj.RK and then OTG. Regardless the OTG can be with almost any is easier, but FP and RK obviously do more damage. You want to walk forward a step before the c.JP if you're going to go for the infinite, it helps.

    -j.u+RK, throw
    The u+j.RK has less hitstun than other heavy attacks, and you can get a cheap throw in.

    -j.Hurricane Kick, throw
    Only works in the corner, except vs Sentinel, and I'd assume the other super-heavy characters.

    -FP throw, walk forward, throw
    The FP throw puts the opponent right at your feet, so you can throw again as soon as they stand up. You don't actually have to walk forward, but it's a little more tricky. You can also do throw, missed c.SK throw, etc... When they try to jump up/backwards to dodge the throw, you can do c.SK and hit them on the way up.

    -c.FP, sj. JP, sj.SP, RK throw.

    -jumping RK throw into Sentinel-G.

    -RK throw into Sentinel Drones, walk forward/backward.
    You can crossup if you want to...depending on where you were when you threw, walking forward will make you switch sides with the opponent, so you can do c.JP into launch, etc. If you are throwing from the corner, you can connect either the hurricane kick super or a TK Shinkuu Hadouken.

    -FP Throw into Doom-B, launch to combo to Shinkuu Hadouken or Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.
    (54-74 points / 40-50%)
    Can be rolled out of, obviously, but not very easily. Quick damage from unexpected throw.

    -FP throw to Storm-A (OTGs) snap out (assist hits again) snap out.
    A waste of 2 meters, but looks cool. You could wait a milisecond and just burn the one meter, but whatever.

    -RK throw to Cyclops-B, sj Shinkuu Hadouken.
    This works, IIRC, but I forget which direction you throw them in. Timing is crazy, not worth the effort.

    -FP throw to Storm-A, Hadouken xx Shin Shoryuken or c.JP, launch or snapout....
    Only works in the corner. If the assist hits, you can do whatever you want.

    -c.FP, sj.JP, sj.SP (hits once), sj.FK, sj.FP, sj.RK, OTG sj.RK, c.JP, s.SP, hopkick, throw into assist....
    100% combo mentioned earlier, depending upon assist used. With Doom-B, FP throw to launch to super or air combo, or just the hurricane kick super. If the throw is escaped, Doom's assist must still be blocked. With Storm-A: see notes above. Snap out or HK super, etc. With Sent-G: RK throw backwards (out of the corner) into the HK super (and launch afterwards, though they'll likely be dead already), or launch. You can also do the FS infinite for a while, and then transition into the throw-into-assist.

    Should be noted that anything involving the FP throw is an OTG.

    -c.FP, sj Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken, DHC to Photon Array (Dr. Doom) (unrollable) OTG to launch.
    Launch to infinite if the opponent is in the corner, otherwise you can go for a reset or combo to photons and DHC, etc.

    -c.SK, s.FP, Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken, DHC to....
    Maximum Spider/KBA (Spider-Man, Cammy)
    Proton Cannon (Iron Man, War Machine)
    Venom Web (Venom)
    Weapon X (Wolverines)(108 points/75%)
    Mega/Super Optic Blast (Cyclops) (MOB 106 points/75%)
    Hail Storm (Storm) (100 points/65%)
    Other fast rush/projectile supers.

    -c.FP, sj.FP or Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken, DHC to....
    Electric Cage (Dr. Doom) 95 points/65%
    HSF (Sentinel) (91 points/65% no follow-up, sj.FP xx Shinkuu only)
    HVB (Cable)(113 points/78%)
    Judgement Day (Blackheart) (95 points/65%)
    Captain Sword (CapCom) (95 points, 65%)
    Saotome Cyclone/Bloodia Cannon (Jin), etc
    Slower projectile supers, or the "everywhere" supers (Hail, KBA, Max. Spider, etc)

    -c.SK, s.FP, RK Hurricane Kick xx Shinkuu Hadouken, DHC to....
    Heart of Darkness (BH) (100 points/70%)
    Hyper Viper Beam (Cable)(108 points/75%)
    Hyper Sentinel Force (Sentinel) (95 points/65%, no follow-up)
    Proton Cannon (WM, IM), etc...
    Like the fireball xx Shinkuu Hadouken combo, but you get more time before they land, so a few of the slower supers connect much more easily.

    -Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, DHC to....(most things)
    Except for the exceptionally slower supers (Thanos' Space Gem, Cable's Time Flip and HVB), The HK super will allow most things to combo after it. You can wait until the final (18th) hit, or not. Certain supers, like HSF, require you to wait until after the final hit, so the opponent is airborne, and others (Hail Storm) work better that way). Any rush/autocombo super will conect, and most beam/projectile supers which start quickly (BB Hood's), etc.

    -J.RK, Shin Shoryuken, DHC to...
    Hail Storm
    Armageddon (BH) (120/85 %)
    Sphere Flame (Dr.Doom)
    Maximum Spider/KBA (Spidey/Cammy)
    Saotome Cyclone (Jin)
    Gamma Crush (Hulk) (141/99%)
    Shinryuuken (Ken)
    Raimeiken (Silver Samurai)
    Soul Gem (Thanos)
    Proton Cannon (Iron Man)
    Captain Sword (Captain Commando) (119/85%)
    Divebomb super (Colossus) (128 points/ 90%, crossup j.FP to start)

    I believe the DHC to Proton Cannon may only work on heavy characters. You can also set up multiple DHCs...SSRK really isn't worth the meter anyway, but if you have 5 meters to burn, you could do something like, SSRK xx Armageddon xx Hail, or SSRK xx Gamma Crush xx Proton Cannon. Basically, if you want to DHC after SSRK, it has to be something that is either Vertical, everywhere, or very fast. Magnetic Shockwave also works, I think...

    -TK Shinkuu Hadouken xx Hail.
    General-purpose DHC. Hail pretty much always connects.

    DHCs to Ryu-
    -Launch, sj.FP, air dash d/f sj.SK, sj.FK xx Lighting Attack xx Lightning Storm, DHC to Shin Shoryuken or Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.
    DHC to SSRK isn't worth the meter unless it kills might. So...

    -Launch, sj.JP, sj.SK, sj.SP, sj.FK, Lighting Attack xx Lightning Storm, DHC to Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku...
    (100 points, 65%)
    With the opponent in the corner. After this, you can juggle and do the HK super gain, or other options listed above in the section for that combo.

    Any ground-based rush/autocombo super xx Shin Shoryuken or Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

    Ryu's Assists-
    Anti-air Assist. Invincible at the start, loses invulnerability after about a standing character's height, slightly lower. General combo use was before a super connects (ie. s.RK+assist xx AHVB with Cable), or to have it connect in tandem with a launch to start an air combo (ie. c.SK,+assist, c.SP, s.RK, into air combo w/Storm). Works OK as a counter because of the can do things like counter xx Shinkuu Hadouken xx Hail, but only the DP and Hail would connect.

    Projectile assist. Used to either fill the screen with something, to counter, or in combos. Combo use can be used as filler, just to add an extra hit, or to link supers. For example, s.SK+assist, c.SP, c.FK xx super with Gambit, Chun Li, etc, or c.SK+assist, c.FK, s.FP xx fireball xx super with Morrigan, Akuma, etc. Counter xx super with this assist s OK, but doesn't connect from close range...booo. Better off canceling the counter into the super (or into SSRK, to be dramatic). You can also have two of these on screen at once, with some characters. With Sent, you could do launch+assist, sj.JP, sjSP x Rocket Punch, and either jump/fly crossup and call another (or the same) assist, and/or do a high/low mixup. With Storm, you can do c.RK+assist, sj air dash u/f SK, sj RK, and then crossup to the other side or high/low and call assists while the fireball is still coming from the old direction, etc.

    Expansion, the Hurricane Kick assist. Only really good as combo filler. Counter xx Shinu is OK, though not enough to justify picking this assist by itself. Damage can be heavy if you get all 3 hits of this assist to connect in a combo. Note that combos to THC don't connect with this assist, except for the repeated HK super thing in the corner.

    -c.JP+assist, c.SP, s.FK, s.RK xx Fatal Claw, DHC to Hail Storm or HSF
    About 100% damage after a follow-up launch. You can make the s.FK hit twice or slow down the timing if you just want to lanch with the s.RK and not burn the super (around 45% damage sans-super). With Wolverine you can also call the assist and do a crossup headstomp (d+RK when jumping) xx Fatal Claw, and it will do big damage, also.

    -s.JP+assist, s.SP xx Power Gem or Space Gem (Thanos, use c.SP for Space Gem)
    -c.SK, c.FK xx Raimeiken (Silver Samurai)
    -s.JP, s.SP+assist, JP Rocket Punch xx Plasma Storm (Sentinel)

    edit: most typos fixed.
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    Guard Breaks-
    All of these are corner-only. I got j.SK -> j.FK to connect once mid-screen, but it's hard.

    Dash jumps help somewhat. These were done to characters coming in from having a partner being snapped out.

    They are all either Jumping JabxxStrong or Jabxx Forward or Jab xxu+Forward.

    "*" is the point at which their guard is broken.

    J.JP, * j.SP/FK xx Shinkuu Hadouken (27 points of damage, AKA crappy)
    ^ Launch into fireball into Shinkuu Hadouken (68)
    ^ Shin Shoryuken (82. I think this only works with Strong?)

    J.JP, j.SP * c.JP, s.SP Shinkuu Tatsumaki (52)
    ^ c.JP xx JP Hadouken xx Shin Shoryuken (94, )
    ^ c.JP xx s.SP xx S.RK xx tiger knee Shinkuu Hadouken (66)
    ^ c.JP xx s.SP xx s.FP xx Roundhouse Hurricane Kick (53. optional Shinkuu -> DHC. You can omit the s.SP for lighter characters))
    ^ s.JP, S.FP xx Shin Shoryuken (worked on Ryu but not Cable or Sent during testing, so there must be weight issues)

    For the other 2 shotos you can GB into the corner infinite: j.JP, * hurricane kick, (j.JPxx SP xx Hurricane Kick) And then launch after damage scaling, or Shinryuuken with Ken or can get it up to many, many hits, however (hurricane kick is a special move, and thus doesn't really add to the un-dizzy meter). Since I was messing around with other characters, you can do J.JP * J.FK xx whatever with Charlie (s.JP into launch, or Somersault Justice, or whatever).

    That's all for now, I'll add in damage #s when I get another copy of MvC2 for my DC.
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    General Ryu Stuff from the Low Tier thread-

    -Stamina: 100%

    -Defense: pretty good, actually. Launcher has good priority, standing Roundhouse is less good, but has more vs Cable standing Roundhouse, Cable will fall through Ryu and kick him in the knee of the leg he's standing on...god damn Cable. Jab DP is invincible all the way up, and Fierce DP is invincible till about the same height (about same as peak of Psylocke AAA). Not safe, but beats everything and if you Jab DP and call Dr. Doom AAA beforehand, it's pretty safe if air blocked.

    Fireballs are pretty good. Work like a crappy version of Megaman's FP or Cable's call Doom-B (or G, if that's your thing) and use them to fill up space, and build a little meter. You can tiger-knee them, of course...
    >>Above Average.

    -Attack ability: Meh. Pretty normal stuff. Can throw into assists, launcher is good. Shinkuu Hadouken is good...well, it's useful. You can zap people with it, and it's quick...particularly the air/TK version...but it does some pretty mediocre damage. Good way to DHC out, however. So I'm counting that as a can hit people and their assists with it, hit Storm on her way up for hail, etc. Guard breaks ( ) are OK, but if they just take the hit they kill the damage from it. Has a fair number of attacks with decent priority, and can crossup with jumping Fierce...jumping Short xx u+Foward crosses up and both moves hit crouchers (minus the tiny characters), and you can combo into super from that. Damage is mainly chip/Shinkuu/random hits, IMO, though you will run into people who will get themselves launched because they tried to come down with an attack, because you're playing Ryu. Or fall for hopkick -> standing Short into combo to super.
    >>Somewhat above average (shinkuu hadouken.)

    -Damage potential: OK. Nothing REALLY ugly which is practical, but you're looking at around ~60%. Standard Shinkuu Hadouken combos into Hail do about 100 points of damage, for example... from launch you can do fireball xx Shinkuu (or SJ FP xx Shinkuu vs bigger characters), in the corner you can launch into hurricane kick or flying screen combo for 33-50% for no meter, and possible throw into assist into reset, or free block damage, etc if you do the flying screen stuff. You can combo into hurricane kick for good damage (up to 40% for no meter) or cancel into Shinkuu in some cases for ~60, not accounting for DHCs.

    For more regular stuff, you can do crouching Short, standing Fierce, fireball xx Shinkuu for about 45%. If you're too far or paranoid about whiffing a Shin Shoryuken, omit the fireball. You can also combo into THC that way, but that's rarely worth the meter. Or combo to standing Fierce xx Roundhouse hurricane kick xx Shinkuu, does OK damage, and DHCS to HSF, HVB, etc.

    Throw into launch or crossup, etc. If your team strcture allows it, if you're playing a character with an AAA-type assist, you can call them when you launch, sj FP, firebal xx Shinkuu for >100 points of with Megaman, Cammy, CapCom, Dhalsim, etc...can't DHC though, because of flying screen.
    >>Slightly above average.

    -Chip: meh. I don't really play Ryu without Doom, so I'm biased. On his own, not much to speak of.

    -Presence: Fair. AAA is good, counter xx Super is meh. Fireball assist works OK with Sent and Storm and somewhat Dhalsim, but it's like a crappy version of Spiral-A or Sent-A/G. Tatsumaki assist is only for combo stuff. DHC is good, but again...I'm playing Ryu/Storm/Doom, here. Sent also works, but not at the lower have to cancel a hurricane kick, or launch or otherwise juggle, etc.
    >>Slightly above average.

    -Other: Loses to Cable...hardcore. Does OK vs Mags, but can get meter and DHC his assist or something. Strider and Spiral are terrible matches, Spiral moreso. Loses to Sent/AAA even worse than Cable, can't do anything but build meter (whiff standing Fierce) vs Storm. You can TK Shinkuu her on the way up for hail, etc, but if she decides she doesn't wanna play, you need to just build meter and tag. You can SJ and look for a Shinkuu Hadouken vs a SJ FP or Lighting Attack, but that's actually harder than it sounds. Loses to Blackheart and Omega Red, O.R. probably in his worst 3 matches. Does OK vs Rogue...sort of the same as the Magneto match, but she has fewer options (but is more likely to be toting Tron-G).

    Overhead is useful, but has problems vs pushblocking, so you don't wanna do too much chaining into it. Uuummmm...yeah. Sorta like Marrow, a little bit like Megaman. You want to build meter and then DHC something and get out. Oh yeah, Shinkuu Hadouken beats if Sent does a HSF same time as a Shinkuu, he loses. You can actually do Shoryuken xx invincible through the first wave, fireball through the second wave. Fireball xx super vs icebeam, Optic Blast/SOB, EMD, etc. Also, Shinkuu Hadouken is immediate after the sreen least at close range. Think of it like Lightning Storm. Crouching RK xx fireball is good. If you need someone to back up you can do FP Shoryuken xx Shinkuu Hadouken xx hail.

    Etc. I'd put him in the second tier of the characters listed (Guile should indeed be higher than he is, BTW)...below Rogue and Omega Red and Megaman etc, but I think he's pretty decent. useful.


    Higher-Jin wrote:
    -Defense: I'd like to say is that I usually like to use sent g with uppercuts but doom is okay too. Air fireballs can be useful to try to get sent to stop flying when used sparringly. You can also use fierce hadoukens to stop hail usually (i'm not sure but I think you can use ground version to stop her but you might need to tiger knee them).

    SJ fireballs aren't so great vs Sent, because he's too mobile, and can fly around them. Plus, unilke Megaman's sj.FP, Ryu hovers when he does one, making him easier to catch. TK fireball will sometimes work vs Storm, but are a bad idea unless you can hit her on the way UP for the Hail Storm. Different projectiles have different properties... Megaman's FP will trade with hail, Ruby's ghosts won't, Spiral's swords will stop AHVB, Optic Blast won't, etc. The exception being that they do the super too late, and fly right into it as the screen pauses...but even then, I've seen it lose a few times.
    -ability to land comboes: He of course has the back kick throw into sent drones that can lead to more damage and other assists + hp throw. His hp throw usually leaves you with a wake up opportunity however it is hard to mix up. His main option besides a low short is landing a overhead+ assist into a combo. He can also do a air to air: sj. lp, hp hadouken xxxx shinkuu hadouken for good damage at any given time. He can also try to use hadoukens in the air and given the right positioning see if they hit then cancel into the shinkuu hadouken for good damage. His j. rh also crosses up. However he does have a slow dash.

    Well, given my team and the assists involved, I prefer the punch throw, for obvious reasons. Kick thow is good with Sent- you can actually throw into Sent and then combo, or mixup (walk forward or backward and combo to launch/super/whatever). Punch throw -> Doom-B is an OTG, but it's hard to roll out of, and hard for most characters to punish safely, since Ryu recovers almost immediately after the throw. Also good for momentum, because rocks stay onsceen, so you can even call Doom after the throw to bait an AAA or Hail Storm etc for you to punish. Throw, Doom, crossup, backdash (leaving Doom by the opponent), or throw fireballs and just fill the screen with more stuff, etc. If you actually throw them INTO Doom, you can combo into a launch -> super.

    As for the punch throw without assists, you can do throw->walkup->throw, and it's actually surprisngly quick. IIRC Morrigan, Megaman and Roll can do the same. Ryu's u+Roundhouse does less hitstun/blockstun than normal hard attacks, which sets up a pretty quick throw whether hit or blocked. You can throw people pretty quickly after juggles, the best being (from slowest to fastest) a hurricane kick in the corner, a jumping hurricane kick, or a hopkick (connected or air blocked). For the last one ou can flying screen OTG from launch, juggle with whatever and then do standing Strong xx hopkick ->throw->assist. This stuff works for both throws....
    -Damage potential: You forgot to mention launch, fireball xxx shinkuu hadouken and if you did I didn't see it(around 66-70 damage usually). I also remember this cross up from a old thread:
    Launch+ call sent g, ^ sj. light attack, hurricane kick (land) the drones hit on wake up and you can then combo into a super (there was also a mix up to this i think).

    I actually did mention's in the "damage potential" part of the post. The other combo you metion is KaiSing's, and he was using it as a Shin Shoryuken setup, which is a waste of meter IMO, but I suppose it'll do in an emergency (any time you can kill a character, I guess it's worth it to burn the meter, right?). I'm sure you can juggle with a falling SJ jab and tack a Shinkuu Hadouken on there instead, or something. The SSRK combo has very odd timing...
    Mobility - normal jump hp xxx hurricane kick is okay to get close to the opponent when used sparringly (it can still be beaten out) and it builds decent meter. His hurricane kicks in general can help move him foward while his fireballs can help alter his decension.

    Just 2 things, since you mentioned it: You can call assits during the j.FP/RK xx hurricane, during the first part, obviously. If they air block, you land before they do, so you can cover your assist pretty well. Also, you can float over Storm's Typhoon/Assist A with a RK hurricane kick with Ryu, IIRC (I think Akuma floats too low, and Ken's...well), and cancel into a super vs Hail/whatever.

    About the fireball, there's a glitch that let's you have two ground fireblls on screen at the same time. Outside of that, you can have as many air fireballs on screen as possible, you can do a TK fireball, throw another on the way down, throw a ground fireball after calling an assist, another TK fireball, etc.
    Also can you go more in depth on your strategy and why it loses to cable TS?

    It's mostly 2 things: Ryu likes to call assists (and can't cover them vs Cable), and Cable can do whatever he wants vs Ryu. You really only have a few things you can do in this can cross him up with j.Fp+assist xx hurricane for block damage or whatever, and then try to cover your assist, you can try to get close and look for combo, or you can hope he does something stupid, and hope that you have enough meter to capitalize. For the first, Doom is your best bet, though you really want meter and a good DHC...or you can just bet on the fact that he's not going to punish your assist with anything if he hasn't built enough meter first. Risky vs Cable/Cyke, since it beats more assists.

    As far as as the second...offensive Cable players can get thmselves into a little trouble, because they can get themselves launched, thrown, eat random SSRK or DP xx Shinkuu xx Hail or crossups, etc. Still risky for Ryu. For the third, I mean tagging vs S.HPx4, regular jump FP xx Viper Beam or grenade, that sort of thing.

    The general theme of the match is Ryu wanting to build 2 meters and get someone else in the match. Almost nothing Cable does can be punished, and if Ryu stays in the match he just loses at a very slow rate, since Cable can keep him out all day...and even if he gets in, he has to either take risks or hope what he can do is worth anything and will actually net him damage. Just as projectiles have different priority, supers and beams do too. Shinkuu Hadouken will beat Viper Beams, but that's worhtless, as AHVB beats it cleanly (like how Optic Blast loses to Hail or Proton Cannon {IM version} beats AHVB). Grenades cannot be punished and block forward movement, ditto j.FP, ditto s.FP if he has an assist in front of him (can't even tag, then) unless you used a super to psychic DP, ditto Viper Beam, can't punish his assists, etc. It's like fighting Megaman with AHVB.
  • gouki10gouki10 Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joined: Posts: 1,115
    you know you are the only one that posts in this your sad.
    Chunksta408 (5:32:56 AM): If you want to get better in marvel: have confidence, have patience, don't get frustrated if you mess up, and don't let intimidation get to you
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Nothing wrong with putting good info in its appropriate place. I think the problem here is that very few Ryu players are dedicated enough to actually read all this info, and the few serious Ryu players who actually DO take the time to read it probably have nothing new to add.

    I mean, seriously, it's Ryu-- There's only so much you can say, and TS has already said quite a bit.

    I like the bit about cancelling a DP with DHC to hail... I use that with Morrigan sometimes but I never thought of applying it to Ryu.

    EDIT: By the way TS, What's this glitch you mentioned that lets you have two ground fireballs onscreen at once? Can it be applied to any other characters?
  • TSTS pbbbbbbt... Joined: Posts: 4,310 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    omg people are posting! :wow:

    Yeah, the purpose of the thread is basically be accumulative...there obviously wasn't going to be much in the way of discussion here. BTW, you can obviously launch into air combos after a guard break. Didn't mention that in the GB section (c.JP into launch, though you may need to do s.JP, s.SP into launch vs some characters...Cable, I thnk, as Ryu's c.JP doesn't quite connec)t. Also, for the GB into infinite with the other shotos, you have to jump straight up. And their GBs don't work on Hulk, for some reason...?

    j99- I have no idea how the fireball glitch works. It may even be only after getting hit by certain attackss, I have no idea...though IIRC I've done it at the begining of a match...and I assume it's not completely random, as most glitches aren't. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with being in unfly mode or anything like that, and it seems to stop after you jump, IIRC. Never seen it done with other characters.

    Super random edit: I should have mentioned that when people wise up to the guard break, you can just launch or whatever (Ryu's jump Jab isn't the greatest attack)....or, vs people who try to be tricky, like Storm floating j.FP or Doom j.RK, fly, etc when they come in, you can just jump straight up and Shinkuu Hadouken into DHC. Once you play people enough you sorta develop a sense, you know? And if you're a character length or two away, it's hard for some players to distinguish whether or not you jumped at them (to GB) or straight up. And, some players just do that anyway, since that's what they do to get out of the corner.
  • gouki10gouki10 Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joined: Posts: 1,115
    j99 wrote:
    very few Ryu players are dedicated enough to actually read all this info, and the few serious Ryu players who actually DO take the time to read it probably have nothing new to add.

    What ryu players?:confused: , the only one i know that exist is TS.:karate:
    Chunksta408 (5:32:56 AM): If you want to get better in marvel: have confidence, have patience, don't get frustrated if you mess up, and don't let intimidation get to you
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Eh... you could be right about that :) It's still nice to have this information in the strategy zone where it belongs though.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I play Ryu :(
  • gouki10gouki10 Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joined: Posts: 1,115
    of course you do and i rape with iceman
    Chunksta408 (5:32:56 AM): If you want to get better in marvel: have confidence, have patience, don't get frustrated if you mess up, and don't let intimidation get to you
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    gouki10 wrote:
    you know you are the only one that posts in this your sad.

    At least he's helping out all the people viewing the ryu section or that will want to play ryu. All you do is troll boards and contribute nothing.

    unless you think your horrible attempt at trollish spam is in some way contributing.

    PS: It's not.
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    nice posts TS :P experimenting with some of the combos now.
    imo shoryuken is actually one of ryu's better moves in defense vs rushdown. just need to time it properly
  • TSTS pbbbbbbt... Joined: Posts: 4,310 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG

    At 40 seconds there's an example of the Shinkuu Hadouken being unblockable. I actually tried to get him @37 seconds, but the super didn't come out.

    I hate that match, btw. WTF was Doom doing...
  • TSTS pbbbbbbt... Joined: Posts: 4,310 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Updated with a bunch of damage #s, since I actually have a copy of MvC2 for my DC again.
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    just wanna say
    good shit
    Lunchtime Shopper
  • Stuart HaydenStuart Hayden Outspoken User. Joined: Posts: 11,639
    TS is my hero. He got me to use Ryu.

    I use Ryu/Gambit/Tron.

    I tried using his team but kinda failed at it...oh well.

    I'm comfy with the Ryu team I use now...
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    Huh I play Ryu and I am actualy good with him haha ty for this it helps.
  • RisunoMeijinRisunoMeijin +39 on block Joined: Posts: 641

    At 40 seconds there's an example of the Shinkuu Hadouken being unblockable. I actually tried to get him @37 seconds, but the super didn't come out.

    I hate that match, btw. WTF was Doom doing...

    You know, Im pretty sure that he was still in his first frame of dash animation, which would make anything "unblockable". The only properties you need to preform an "unblockable" like that is a 1-frame hit.

    I do that to Sentinels all day long with PC DHC, is the only reason i mention it.

    I would also like to add youve put some nice info in this thread, keep up the good work, ill keep reading it.

    Hint of Lime is GODLIKE.
  • TSTS pbbbbbbt... Joined: Posts: 4,310 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Ah, the dash is a bit confusing, but it's unblockable from about that same range an closer.

    Range is something like this:

    ...kind of. That's about max range vs Cyclops, but the bigger the character is, the further away you can be. But that's basically the range or a half step closer.

    Since I didn't really go into this earlier, I should note that the air version and ground versions both work the same way, since how they act after the screen pauses is the same, even if overall startup time/recovery etc is different between the two versions.

    Also, while they can't block or tag out or THC if they weren't doing so before the screen freezes, they can actually call assists afterwards. However, since the point character is already being hit, the assist jumps in and doesn't attack, and will get hit themselves.

    Regarding the Proton Cannon DHC- both IM's Proton Cannon and Morrigan's Soul Eraser are unblockable at any range if you weren't already holding back before the screen freezes. They don't have to be dashing to get hit- they can be doing anything but blocking before the super/between the DHC.

    Edit: should also point out that unlike IM and I think Morrigan also, Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken doesn't have the same properties for the DHC version:

    DHC versions of supers do less damage to make up for the fact that damage scaling resets after a DHC. In Ryu's case, the super is also a bit slower, so it doesn't have the same range for being unblockable after the screen freeze.
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    very good read

    thanks for posting it
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    I have some pretty good damaging combos.
    with sentinel projectile assist

    with ryu,,, assist, hurrican kick (HK)
    make sure the assist hits after the first hurricane kick hits.

    gives pretty good damage

    heres one by ryu himself
    lauch, sj, hadou, xx s. hadou

    also, a few times, i have done an air combo end it with a hadou xx S. hadou

    hope this helps
  • earratay jonesearratay jones Joined: Posts: 30
    yo me and a friend of mine keep having this debate. please tell me that there is no EVIL RYU in MVC2
  • TSTS pbbbbbbt... Joined: Posts: 4,310 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    No, there is not. Tell your friend to stop playing MUGEN.

    He probably just saw regular Ryu wearing a different color or something, or he's thinking of MvC1.
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    Ryu's pop-up effect off of his tatsu actually has a decent mix-up use here and can be used to train certain responses on hit:

    something as basic as a jump-in hk xx hk tatsu on hit will give you the following option:

    s.lp tick into throw (call any viable assist during lp to extend this for maximum dmg return)

    or just tatsu when you land if they think ahead and try to tech you early or lp dp + assist

    in xvsf, Ryu's hop kick had much more use setting up his throw combos, but here it can be used to set up the same scenario as above to force them to anticipate the throw into assist or the tatsu into shinku or the invincible lp dp + assist
  • Cee DizzyCee Dizzy The shit I don't like Joined: Posts: 3,408
    originally posted by Mad Titan

    1.) launch, sj.lp,, (2 hits), fall beneath them crossing under at the last second, stuff(see below)....

    This sounds really simple but takes a bunch of practice to get right.. you need to sj.slightly up/fwd after launching.. but hold strait back while you combo. The hits need max slow speed but all need to combo prior to the cross-up to make it work. If you don't jump a bit fwd you wont cross under.. if you dont hold strait back while comboing you'll cross waaay under.

    Stuff can be a lot of stuff.. you can cross under and stait away hadoken xx shinku..
    .. you can immediate fp throw into assist combo..
    .. you can relaunch into wtver..
    .. you can shoryuken..
    .. you can shin-shoryuken..

    The BEST option costs 3 bars.. thats right..hehe Resetting into it like this is worth 90 - 100% of any characters life.. but its risky and costs a lot of meters. You need to know if the opp is going to block it right or not.. test that out with the normal dp option before you blow your wad. Typically your best option otherwise is relaunch.. in the cast of air dashers.. teleporters.. ect.. they are not likely to fall into the reset either which way. they'll try to air dash out.. which is why you have the cross under and immediate hadoken xx shinku option..

    These resets are risky in that you could just launch to a combo and get 40% or wtver.. but they are designed to make opp guess wrong once and take 70%+ instead.. so its all about how much dmg do you NEED to do at that moment.. and how well can you read your opp..

    For me I try to put it all together like.. launch, sj.lp,, (2hits), land, call thanos bubble+relaunch, sj.lp,, sj.fp.. (they in the bubble).. land, relaunch to 3 hit glitched tatsu combo.. 100% dmg for failing to switch your guard during a 1/2 sec break. Builds 2 bars.. uses none.

    I can't stress this enough about the reset into shin-shoryuken option.. some people mash in their assist in every available window. This can be a problem and breaks some of these resets. Not so with the SSR option.. it will hit both point and assist.. even having a slight suck in effect.. dealing full damage to both. It even gets invincible start-up..

    You might like to play ryu a lil more conservatively at times also..hehe Some of this stuff is slick looking and dmging as hell.. but the risk is sometimes > the reward.

    More stuff from Mad Titan
    Normally against teams like that ryu (Spiral/Ryu/Hulk) is restricted to some quick combos xx super if he can help it.. spiral or similar assist helps him extend.. yada yada.. normally its something like lp, call spiral, lp, wave dash 1/2 sec lp, lp, fp, shinku hadooo.... ect ect.. the normal bs.. since you can pretty much cancel to shinku anytime.. it is a great assist punisher.. but nothing top notch.. I mostly use him to build meter and nail assists as they fly up off of hulks dash assist.. its mean.. anyways.. we are up to speed...

    buddy calls in drones but im floating over him and land on the other side.. i know storm is blocking but i lace into sent.. dash fwd.. jab, jab,.. bout to finish the above combo but i miff it and get... shin shoryuken.. no i cried as typical of seeing this move accidently come out.. but wait.. as the screen freezes i see both his storm and his sent assist caught in spirals wiggly arms..

    about 2 seconds later his storm who was at 1/2 life and his sent assist who was at nearly 3/4 or so.. both die.. just die strait up.. amazing..

    Ok.. so it got me thinking.. this move.. normally just isnt worth 3 bars.. its does do great dmg(80 before you even start to combo it with anything), and has invulnerable startup but is tricky to combo properly and just doesnt = the dmg of what you could do with 3 separate hypers.. yada.. old news.. but when you hit an assist with it.. due to the way they take dmg.. i've discovered they better have 75% health or more (thats for people who have average or above average health.. people with low stamina better hope they are at full life..) i spent the rest of the night using spiral to build meter and ryu to instantly ice any assist near me who whiffed..

    Ok.. so as mean as that was.. it got me thinking.. and then i switched in a couple different character mixes.. and found that hypers like chunners ground legs or ken/akuma df+pp.. which have fast and/or invulnerable start up.. travel across the screen and are good at catching both assist and point might be fun to try.. and yes.. yes it

    Basicly what i do now is.. my normal combos.. attacks.. ect.. but when i find myself doing them to an assist.. i throw in shin shoryuken to watch em die.. or if i catch both point and assist with a hyper.. i DHC to it instead of shinku and the results have been staggering..

    good things to chain off of for catching both point and assist...

    hulk - gamma crush
    ken/akuma - df+pp
    chun - ground legs (df+kk)
    bbhood - both grab hypers, cruel hunting if close enough
    rogue - df+pp
    wolvie(s) - weaponX
    sakura - df+pp
    capcom - corridor (soon as it connects)
    sent - df+pp, drones
    tron - jump over while call her proj assit

    a ton more.. just examples.. never thought i would like the attack.. but now that i've got some practice and worked up some easy ways to land it on assists.. it might be my fav attack in the game.. after 10 years of playing.. damn.. gj ryu

    enjoy, even though you are probably not ever going to read this good shit. Whatever though. :) <--- Friend me <---- Follow UMVC3: Wolverine/Doom/Vergil, Team Nemo SF4: Fei Long, Rolento Injustice: Aquamane, TTT2: AK/Heihachi, Alex/Kuma
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    Ok well now that mvc3 is officially a P.O.S I'm back on my low tier train and ryu is right back at the top of the list. I'll soon make a vid of the above resets in action and the types of situations in which they are best applied.

    What I did last night.. was get about 90% better at the ryu infinite and I found a fun setup that actually lets the air combo that sets it up start up to 1/3 screen from the corner (which is good b/c previous versions only worked if you were damn near at the wall when you launched). Another wonderful thing is that it's omitting some of the normals that caused the infinite to dizzy earlier. And lastly it tacks on 3 glitchy tatsu hits that really bumbs up the pain overall.

    Old version:

    Damn near at wall.. launch, sj.lp,,, sj.fp,, OTG falling fk, 1 step fwd, [cr.lp] x 20 or so..

    New version:

    Semi near wall.. launch,, delay a bit,, fk tatsu (if you aren't collecting all 3 glitched hits ur not delaying enough), dashing OTG, 1/2 step fwd, [cr.lp] x 25 or so..

    A tip is that you wanna hold neutral + dwn as you OTG lk.. NOT fwd+dwn... or you could get very slight pushback effect preventing the cr.lp from reaching (this is only on smaller characters really.. but just do it like that always and your g2g.)

    Not only do you tack on a bunch of extra dmg from the glitched tatsu hits.. but there are 2 less mp normals, and 2 less fierces prior to starting the inf portion meaning you can tack more inf reps on as well before dizzy out.

    Can also gb into the launcher to start this making it potentially very deadly (or it would be if ryu had an easy way to land

    I will find a higher ryu...
    <-Nicer than you->
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