GameClucks Thursday Night Fights (Streaming every Thursday!)



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    Does any 3rd strike go on?
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    No, but if you really want to we could probably get some casuals going.
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    2 years, does this even still happen?
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    Don't know...
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    Quick update:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Gameclucks does still host tournaments/casuals every Thursday focused mainly on Street Fighter but with some Guilty Gear, MKX and Marvel 3. We sometimes get old school games going as well. If you bring the set up and we have enough space we pretty much will play anything.

    Here's a link to the stream:

    If you're curious about how you can be updated for events here's a link to a Facebook group where mostly all of the active NW FGC discusses upcoming local tournaments and sessions.

    Hope this helps, I'm going to try to post up coming events in a separate thread to keep everyone in the loop. Message me if you guys have any questions about events.
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    Is Gameclucks still hosting somewhere? Store is gone but I was told by a neighboring business that they were looking to expand to a bigger place.
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    Hey there! Unfortunately after nearly 6 years of weekly events, Thursday Night Fights is currently on hiatus until GameClucks can find an appropriate place to reopen business.

    Until then, we are meeting at GameWorks in Downtown Seattle every Tuesday from 6-11pm! We play on PS4 and games often in attendance are SFV, T7, GGXrdR2, and BBCF. No brackets, just open casuals.

    For tournaments, GameClucks is still active with the Seattle Slugfest series, part of the Red Bull Proving Grounds circuit. This is currently our region's largest monthly event with over 100 attendees last June! The Spring season just ended, but the Fall one will start in July with a training day. Details for that are at
    Regular attendee of Thursday Night Fights at GameClucks, the Toe-Fu DOJO, and SRK UW.
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    So, would people play CVS2 (PS2)?

    What about hosting at Dorky's or something?

    Also, how much is Gameworks on Tuesdays
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