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Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/SuperDojo

mon-thurs 10am-12am
friday 10am-1am
saturday 12pm-1am
sunday 1pm-11pm

The time has come to finally put up a new thread. The arcade known as "SUPER ARCADE" has been invaded and taken under new control. The new owner is none other than Ralph aka owner of FFA in granada hills, aka owner of Japan Arcade in Little Toyko, aka someone who knows and deeply cares about the arcade scene and its patrons. I have been fortunate enough to be designated as leader of the crusade to bring this establishment along with the so cal scene back to greatness. Brief history on the joint :

The Legend, Tomo Ohira first honed his skills is this arcade many many years ago. That being said this place is essentially the start of greatness and core of SF2 and its wonderful history. As years have gone by many players and owners have come and go but now is the time to bring back the glory days of this landmark. Now with players like Mike Ross, Clockwork, and washed a up old timers like myself, i have the utmost confidence that we can maintain this greatness and hope to bring along more legends yet to be noticed!

Super Arcade has many plans in the process and I will be keeping everyone informed and hopefully people will stay tuned to the changes and progress we are making here. I can proudly say that after 1 week I noticed much more traffic here and want to thank everyone for their support and patronage. Without the players the arcade and the games would be nothing, and without the players there would be no purpose in driving to become the hot spot in so cal! Our goal here at Super is to provide not only a Dojo for the serious gamer but a great experience and arcade environment for the players to relish in. I am personally motivated to help the scene and the community grow towards its bright future and hope you guys will hop on board for the ride.

Once again, thanks to all who have helped so far and hope to see many more new faces in up and coming months.
Super Arcade is the official host for WNF and TRB!
follow us on twitter for updates on events and out of town visitors
come check out one of the last arcades before its too late!!!



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