Sunday Night D-Town Beatdown Dallas TX Bi weekly Tournament

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Presented By: Versus Net Play and Absolute Battle
Contact: Reggie Jeffery,, Bissquick on SRK
More Info:

Current Point Standings:

Come out to the Londoner in Addison for a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (xbox360), Super Streetfighter 4 AE(XBOX350), and Mortal Kombat(PS3) Biweekly tournament. $5 for venue fee. $5 MVC3(pot), $5 SSF4AE(pot), $5 for Mortal Kombat(pot) .
Day of tournament, registration starts at 11am to 12:00pm MVC3/Mortal Kombat starts at 1:30pm. SSF4AE starts no earlier than 3:30pm

Once the The brackets have started, we won't change them to add a player. So contact us if you are going to be running late but still want to enter, and we will do what we can to accommodate.

Cash prizes to top 3(60%, 30%, 10% split)
We will be keeping a running point talley over 6 months.
Grand Prizes

In additions to pot prizes and bonus pots, we will also be running a point tally over 6 months in SSF4AE and MVC3. Grand prizes will be awarded at the end of February 2012 for both games to the top 3 place finishes. Grand prizes are TBA.
Points are awarded accordingly to the following place finishes after each tournament:
1st - 4 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 2 points
4th through 8th - 1 point
Top ten place standing will be posted on the website. You can also contact for current standings.

Mortal Kombat
Double Elimination, Best of 3 games/matches (finals best of 5)

Double Elimination, Best of 3 games/matches (finals best of 5)

Double Elimination, Best of 3 games/matches (finals best of 5)


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