"Not bad, we should do this again sometime." --- Chun Training Thread (Ver 2.0)



  • CathraoCathrao Police brutality Joined: Posts: 645
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: Larthy
    Location: Czech Republic, Europe
    Availability: After work, Weekend
    Main: Currently Akuma (clarification below)
    Alts: Chun, Ibuki
    Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/user/Larthak
    Goal: To finally settle on a "new" main and stick with her. Been Akuma since the beginning of Vanilla, but the character just drives me nuts. Been playing Chun alongside him all the time, however lacking in certain areas. Especially need help with crisis management; behaviour under pressure, coping with being a rushdown victim. Would also love to hear some basic critique of my gameplay (got no vids as Chun, need to fight you). Execution is not a problem, I know the stuff and if I miss a link here and there, or screw up dash ultra, those are obvious issues and are being gradually worked on. Thanks in advance for any lessons provided.
    Steam ID: Cathrao | T7: Lili/Feng
  • Mage Slayer420Mage Slayer420 (ノ^_^)ノ彡┻━┻ Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: Mage slayer420
    Location: California
    Availability: mornings, weekends (whenever possible
    Alts: Ryu
    Youtube Channel:
    Goal: To master Chun as my first real main. My game knowledge and excution is fairly low! >.< My basic game needs improvements everywhere.
  • DagonDagon World's worst throw-tech-er Joined: Posts: 839
    Sweet, this is an awesome thread. Hopefully we'll get more players on Windows Live up in this piece!

    XBL: EOT 00000100
    PSN: N/A
    Headset: heck yes.
    Windows Live: EOT 00000100
    Location: North of Boston, MA
    Availability: mornings (before work), evenings (after work), and weekends
    Alts: Hakan, Dan, El Fuerte, Rose (listed in descending order of skill)
    Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/user/00000100
    Goal: ANTI AIRS. Learn how to keep foes out of my face, and how to better deal with them when they ARE in my face.
    "Hakan is for the dedicated." - Samurai Drew
    Super Street Fighter Four: Arcade Edition version Two Thousand and Twelve: Chun-Li/Dan
    XBL: EOT 00000100
  • FatalDmgFatalDmg ねむい。。 Joined: Posts: 290
    XBL: xxFatalDMGxx
    PSN: No longer actively playing on PS3.
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Toronto, Ontario (East Coast)
    Availability: sometimes during the day (if off work) Evenings and Weekends
    Alts: Deejay (Trying to focus heavily on Chun now)
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To advance my fundamentals further and to build self discipline through lots of practice. To also provide and receive insight to further level up my game.
    Super/AE: Honda, Cody
    You never know until you let go.
    Japan all day everyday!
  • THORN_BUSHTHORN_BUSH Part Time Student FullTime HOE!!! Joined: Posts: 78

    Location: NOYDB(NoneOfYaDamnBusiness) LOL Montgomery Al
    Availability: sometimes during the day Anytime
    Youtube Channel: blaa15
    Goal: To Kick a Chun li layers Ass LOL
    The Emotional Fighter:(!!
  • bahnbahn Too easy. Joined: Posts: 1,097
    Please edit your post and follow the format as the above posters above you if you're looking for players to reach out to you. Thanks.
    ""All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time given to you. "

    eSports/FGC Photographer
    http://www.ptbphoto.org - Twitter: @bahnism Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/putthatback
  • TheRealJudgeDTheRealJudgeD Cannibal Box Joined: Posts: 152
    XBL: TheRealJudgeD
    PSN: No longer actively playing on PS3.
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: East Coast (MA)
    Availability: Evenings (after 8 mostly...usually up til around 3AM)
    Alts: Akuma, Cammy, Cody, Ibuki, Yang (Alts are pretty rare though - ask if you'd like to work on a certain match-up)
    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/therealjudged
    Goal: To break my mashy tendencies and elevate my game: fundamentals, pressure, mix-up, wake-up...you name it I am looking to improve it. Took an extended break to focus on my music, and since coming back have noticed a severe drop in my execution and patience.

    Ninja Edit: What up Bahn?! Long time no spar, hope things are well with you and yours man!
    Chun Li Main - Training Mode Junkie

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  • JagoMidnightJagoMidnight Let's Do This B*tch! Joined: Posts: 52
    XBL: Jago Midnight
    PSN: jagomidnight (Rarely play on PS3)
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: East Coast (NY)
    Availability: Evenings (varies between 6pm - 1am) and Weekends
    Alts: Chun Li in purple LOL
    Goal: To up my game to this century, for the most part, I still play Chun like its 1992.
  • SeanxFaytSeanxFayt aka KintoUn Joined: Posts: 560
    XBL: SeanxRikkuxFayt
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: East Coast (NC)
    Availability: Afternoon/Evenings
    Alts: C. Viper
    Goal: Overall improvement with Chun-li. I've only been using her for a day and have barely scratched the surface.
    . . .
  • K.DoanK.Doan Joined: Posts: 23
    XBL: MrVietJr
    PSN: Bloodsaint7 (ignore the name lol)
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Availability: Evening time
    Alts: Akuma
    Goal: To improve fundamentals, meet new people, play more solid and have more discipline to stop jumping. Also improve defense.
  • jthamindjthamind Joined: Posts: 34
    XBL: jthamind1
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Kokomo, IN
    Availability: anytime
    Alts: Juri
    Goal: To learn more about Chun-Li in general and how to make better decisions with her. Also need practice fighting against her, because even though i use her, i don't know how to fight against her.
  • Flipboy189Flipboy189 I'll kick your ass! Joined: Posts: 307
    XBL: Dat Flipboy
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: West Coast (CA)
    Availability: Usually everyday but not late nights unless it's my days off.
    Alts: Sakura/Makoto/Ryu/Juri
    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/flipboy189
    Goal: Fundamentals, improvements, tools for match-ups. Always willing to obtain new info/tech.
  • Sneaky JavaSneaky Java Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: Sr Java Z
    PSN: n/a
    Windows Live: n/a
    Location: Atlanta
    Availability: Weekdays after 5pm and any time on the weekendYoutube Channel: n/a
    Goal: Overall improvement and to meet other people that can help me grow as a Chun Li player
  • FTK King MartyFTK King Marty Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: Sr Java Z
    PSN: n/a
    Windows Live: n/a
    Location: Atlanta
    Availability: Weekdays after 5pm and any time on the weekendYoutube Channel: n/a
    Goal: Overall improvement and to meet other people that can help me grow as a Chun Li player

    If you wanna play some matches, I'd be cool with that.
  • FTK King MartyFTK King Marty Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: King Marty
    PSN: n/a
    Windows Live: n/a
    Location: New Orleans
    Availability: Random, just add me or send me a msg
    Goal: Just to practice against other chun players. Can give tips if wanted
  • WhUiZzZlEWhUiZzZlE Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: WhUiZzZlE
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: San Jose CA
    Availability: weekdays (9-12am) weekends (10am-3pm) (9pm-1am)
    Alts: Gouken and Gen
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: Improve basics, learn character match ups and become a better player.
  • SekireiSekirei Joined: Posts: 106
    XBL: iXinvein
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Temecula California
    Availability : Weekdays - 6:00ish pm on weekends I can usually play whenever...
    Alts : None XD
    Youtube : None really
    Goal : I suck with Chun now and need help.
  • m1nicam1nica Joined: Posts: 112
    edited September 2013
    XBL: M1n1ca
    PSN: M1nica
    Windows Live: M1nica
    Location: Washington... state (West Coast)
    Availability: random
    Alts: Juri
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To improve match up knowledge, footsies, and spacing.
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  • PointBreak91PointBreak91 Custom costumes for SFV please Cap Joined: Posts: 666
    XBL - PointBreak91
    Location - England
    Availability - Most days right now until summer
    Alts - Rose/Sak/Hawk/Cammy/Vega
    YT - I hope not
    Goal - To be able to compete on SF4 against the endless stream of generic flow-chart shotos who I *know* I could beat on 3s/ST/A2 (with Chun, lol)
  • TurboTurbo Joined: Posts: 241
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: TurboSjaak
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Europe, Holland
    Availability: Evenings
    Alts: None
    Goal: Improve my Chun Li.
  • MrAnnualMrAnnual Joined: Posts: 635
    XBL - PointBreak91
    Location - England
    Availability - Most days right now until summer
    Alts - Rose/Sak/Hawk/Cammy/Vega
    YT - I hope not
    Goal - To be able to compete on SF4 against the endless stream of generic flow-chart shotos who I *know* I could beat on 3s/ST/A2 (with Chun, lol)
    What's your GGPO name? Might get some A2 games with you when I get my good internet connection back.
    SSFIV - Chun-Li, Dudley
    AH3 - Mei Fang
    ST - Chun-Li, Dee Jay
    SFA2 - Rolento, Sodom, Chun-Li
  • RushRealSlowRushRealSlow Joined: Posts: 19
    XBL: ColdWarSolution
    PSN: NA
    Windows Live: NA
    Location: East Coast (EST)
    Availability: Usually around 7 or 8pm, but it varies on my days off; and weekends.
    Alts: Honda, Blanka, Ryu, and a little Juri (in order from personal perception of skill)
    Youtube Channel: NA
    Goal: To play a ton of matches
  • Trogdor0102Trogdor0102 Gotcha!! Joined: Posts: 181
    XBL: Trogdor0102
    PSN: NA
    Windows Live: Trogdor0102
    Location: East Coast (Northern Vermont)
    Availability: 9PM EST until about 2AM
    Alts: Ibuki
    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/banahan0102 (nothing really on here yet except a couple Ibuki matches)
    Goal: To learn more about the game and get better at matchups. I mostly play on PC now but I would be interested in 360 endless sessions as well. EDIT: Just started with Chun, so don't expect much.

    SSF4 AE: Ibuki, Chun-Li
    UMvC3: I don't even know any more......I like too many characters
    SFxT: Chun-Li/Lili
  • xiaophoenixxiaophoenix Joined: Posts: 23
    XBL: Psionik
    PSN: Psionik
    Windows Live: Psionik
    Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico (Southwest US)
    Availability: 2pm MST to 10pm
    Alts: Juri
    Youtube Channel:
    Goal: To improve my basics, and learn how to effective deal with any situation/matchup.
  • StruckThunderStruckThunder A Very Angry Man Joined: Posts: 4
    XBL: StruckThunder
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: UK
    Availability: Evenings
    Alts: Rose
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To improve my match up knowledge and just general overall improvement.
  • MimoomiMimoomi Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: mimoomi
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Singapore
    Availability: Evenings
    Alts: Claw
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To show that shes not a low-tier character?
  • Deadpool ZeroDeadpool Zero Reploid with a mouth. Joined: Posts: 26
    PSN: xLeox91
    Location: Chile
    Availability: Afternoon and evening. Night too.
    Atls: Cammy, Juri.
    Goal: I main Cammy, but Chun Li was my first and I'm loyal to her since 3rd Strike, so I'm looking to master both.
    PSN: xLeox91
    SSFIV AE2012: Cammy - Chun Li
    3rd Strike: Chun Li
  • bluASTERiSKbluASTERiSK ブルアストリスク Joined: Posts: 609
    I just got a 360, so feel free to send invites :)
  • KarimlooKarimloo Joined: Posts: 662
    XBL: Karimloo1
    PSN: Karimloo1... 3S
    Windows Live: -
    Location: East Coast (ET)
    Availability: Evenings
    Alts: Ryu (Main but moving away), Guile, Dan, Zangief, Akuma
    Youtube Channel: -
    Goal: Find friends and fellow Chun-Li fans to either teach me little by little some Chun-Li so I can play with her, or friendly matches with any characters, or hell, just show off your Chun and wipe me out. Mostly looking for more Street Fighter friends. Been in shooters, zombie games, and MMO's for too long, I miss my mall cabinet ways back.
  • memphischainsmemphischains Joined: Posts: 14
    XBL: notthatcheney
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: Boston
    Availability: varies between mid day and evening
    Alts: Yun, Juri, Ken, Ryu
    Goal: Stop sucking ass and learn to make better reads and decisions. Learn better habits and avoid mashing
  • Great_Dark_HeroGreat_Dark_Hero Your functions got fucked Joined: Posts: 3,250
    PSN: Dark_Ice_Saiko
    Location: Germany, Wiesbaden
    Available: Often (usually evenings)
    Alts: Ibuki, Bison, Cammy, Yun (I hardly play any of them now...)
    Goal: Develop skill with Chun Li in order to compete at my local scene on SSFIV (Depending on how SSFIV:2013 patch turns out, I might start playing seriously again with Chun Li being my primary character. Overall, all I seek is improvement).
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GDHTP | Twitch Channel: great_dark_hero
    PSN: Dark_Ice_Saiko
    Kyo / Luong / Geese [Mai, Shun, Benimaru, Leona, Terry, Mian, Mui Mui]


    Tekken 7
    Eliza [Xiaoyu, Geese, Jin, Lars, Lee, M.Raven]

    Hakumen [Azrael, Nine, Makoto]

    SFV ???
    Come to dreamcancel.com for KOFXIV FAQS, wiki-updates, and mini-guides!

  • Mr. Girls of GamingMr. Girls of Gaming Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: GirlsOfGaming
    PSN: GirlsOfGaming
    Windows Live: carltongibsonjr@hotmail.com
    Location: East Coast (MD)
    Availability: Anytime
    Alts: N/A
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To strengthen my weaknesses
    SF4: Chun-Li
    SFxT: Chun-Li/Nina
    UMvC3: Chun-Li/Morrigan/Storm
  • ItsDaveyJItsDaveyJ Joined: Posts: 296
    XBL: Tajiloh
    Location: East Coast (NY/PA)
    Availability: Whenever
    Alts: I'll be learning Viper after I learn Chun.
    Goal: To learn Chun along with learning SF4. I'll be delving into this game for the first time. I probably won't take this game seriously as my "main" game but I would like to know enough so that I can play this game at tournaments.
  • KessKKessK Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: KessK
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live: KessK
    Location: EUW (Spain).
    Availability: Whenever.
    Alts: Zangief.
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal:To learn how to play with Chun-Li as I intend to make SSF4:AR my main game and to get a decent skill level.
  • CinthixCinthix Joined: Posts: 4
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: N/A
    Windows Live/Steam: Cinthix
    Location: US, California
    Availability: Past 11 PM PST time
    Alts: Sakura
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: To better learn Chun Li's combo's and how to execute them in live fights instead of just the training room.
  • vegeta18vegeta18 Joined: Posts: 71
    edited May 2013
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: majinvegeta18
    Windows Live:n/a
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Availability: whever, although I dont have a ps3 mic, but if you would like to contact me on skype and voice chat through there or just regular chat, i can through there
    Alts: none, thinking of picking up ken or yun eventually.
    Youtube Channel: N/A
    Goal: I am a beginner player, i can win most match ups against the hardest difficulty of AI but i get completely destroyed whenever i play with people online and people i know who play the game regularly. Just looking to improve my game and give some of these guys a fight, I really only know basic chun li stuff.
    SF4: chun li
    3rd strike: chun li
    tvc: Chun li/ Jun the swan
    sfxt: Chun Li/ Hwoarang
    Injustice: Green Lantern
    SSBM: Marth
    SSBB: Marth, pokemon trainer
  • SF_ChewySF_Chewy @Jesse_Un Joined: Posts: 41
    XBL: BaoSekNoodle (Not Gold Atm)
    PSN: SoChewyy (Primary means of playing online)
    Windows Live: N/A
    Location: East Coast
    Availability: 7PM-Late (GMT -5)
    Alts: E.Ryu/Guy/Guile
    Twitch.TV Channel : Twitch.tv/SoChewyy/Old
    Goal: Improve on zoning, footsies and overall play.. I need help o.o
    Strictly AE2012... Working on a lot of things.. Mainy Guy and Chun Li... Blanka is my freaking enemy
  • MrKoloMrKolo The Gentleman Kolo Joined: Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: Use to but not anymore
    Windows Live: DemonKingDamian
    Location: Brownstown. Michigan
    Availability: usually from 10pm to whenever
    Alts: Cody and messing around with Evil Ryu
    Goal: I love to play Chun for her kicks and combos she can just pull out but i need to work on the basics. Also looking for friends to play online with :D
    "Never stop moving forward, never look back"
  • Tek7Tek7 Joined: Posts: 71
    Tek7 wrote: »
    XBL: N/A
    PSN: gummyzergling
    Windows Live: GummyZergling
    Location: Midwest US
    Availability: Sporadic weekday evenings, Friday and Saturday nights
    Alts: Akuma
    Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/gummyzergling
    Goal: To put the theory I've learned into practice, learn more matchups, and improve my fundamentals.
    Re-posting as I recently cleared my PSN friends list as many of my friends hadn't logged in for over a year. I'm still interested in improving at SSFIVAE, so please add me if you'd like (or re-add me if you noticed I disappeared from your PSN friends list)!
  • MetticusMetticus Joined: Posts: 90
    edited October 2013
    XBL: n/a
    PSN: Metticus
    Windows Live: n/a
    Location: W.Texas.
    Availability: 5pm mountain time.
    Alts: Cammy, Ryu(but never use him).
    Youtube Channel: n/a
    Goal: To have fun
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