can I have some combo's with Haromaru

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I use K groove and I seen some guys do a few quick hit combo in one shot, standing wise.

Also jumping ones and what are is best pokes and lastly any combos I can use to use his super at the end of it
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    I wouldn't say I'm great or anything and I don't play alot of different people. The few people I do play however say Haoh is one of my better char's. Here's how I use him...

    Generally, I poke like mad, cr.lp & my two fave's. Plus, combos to cr.lp. His standing mp seems pretty safe too.

    I sparingly use fp, but I'm constantly looking for the opportunity to use it, the damage is to good to ignore imo.

    I'm not too good at cross ups so I can't really make a comment on those.

    I pretty much use Haoh as an r1 battery character. I pick and choose my spots and patiently poke. I don't get over aggressive cuz his moves are too punishable imo.

    his qcf+lp buys some space and time all right.

    If I use a super with him, it's his lvl 3 max (hcb, f+p). Only on counter though. I wait til my opponent tries to rush me and attempt it then.

    His qcb+lp is a nice mix up with low pokes too.

    Oh yeah, I try to stay away from his seems to get me into more trouble than anything.

    So, taking all this into consideration, I think Haoh is a decent char. I don't get to play any high level comp though, so what do I know? But I feel that, with patience and pokes, he's a damaging character...
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    cr.lkx2xxjab dragon punch
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    Haohmaru is my best character and i use him first to build meter..I mean come on he cant really link supers....I usually 2 in 1 his crouchin feirce punch to the super with the slashes...lp is your best friend...its good that you are using K groove since you can use JD as an anti it will give you that extra split second to connect a big slash...a nice trick i use is when i outprioritize someone in the air I usually do an overhead...or 2 in 1 it with mp is also your friend...use it to gaurd crush your opponent and then give them a big slice. A combo that i can think of is in C groove.Jump in feirce punch connect with cr.feirce punch to level 2 slash of supreme judgment cancel with a fake cyclone to standing feirce kick to level 1 supreme judgment
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