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Does melee still have a competitive scene?

Canis TrucidoCanis Trucido Joined: Posts: 40
If so, what are the best tournaments? I want to watch new replays and stuff, because I feel melee is such a great fighting game. (In fact, I'd say its the only fighting game in the series. I'd consider the other games 'party games').

But like, I know if I want to watch other fighting games of recently, I can look for big tournaments like SBO, nor cal regional, EVO, seasons beating, etc.

But I have no idea about smash bros.


  • Triple RTriple R Joined: Posts: 39
    Both Melee and Brawl have very active competitive scenes. Smashboards.com is a great place to find recent videos. I think the most recent big tourney was Genesis 2.
  • Jonas_Jonas_ Joined: Posts: 35
    Check out videos from BEAST II (Europe) and Genesis 2 (USA) on AJP's channel:
  • metalmonstarmetalmonstar Joined: Posts: 80
    Apex is coming up and it is going to be a big melee tournament. In some areas the melee scene has died down a bit and in others it has actually grown. Smashboards is a good place to keep track of tournaments especially ones in your region.
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  • sanchaz1sanchaz1 Joined: Posts: 1,010
    yeah, go on smashboards, and check out your state, there's at least 10 active players in pretty much every state, tons of the west/east coast.
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  • factory9factory9 ARCANA HEARTO TWEEEE Joined: Posts: 985
    I though that the general trend was that everybody was finding Brawl to be boring as shit so they're heading back to Melee.
  • BamesyBamesy Interesting Choice of Maneuver... Joined: Posts: 64
    A lot of new players joined when Brawl came out, a lot of them stayed with Brawl and a lot converted to melee. Most who came into it before and after Brawls release generally go towards melee, as yeah, it's a little more appealing in terms of challenge or whatever.
    The melee scene will literally never die and possibly always grow, the game is the flukiest miracle in history. LOL
  • YoshiKillerYoshiKiller Joined: Posts: 1
    Yes Melee is indeed a fluke. Nintendo never intended it to be nearly as competitive as it is. The scene goes on and the metagame continues to shift and develop. Apex was a couple weeks ago, check out some melee vids:

  • sanchaz1sanchaz1 Joined: Posts: 1,010
    thank you for not posting grand finals, :)
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  • AmigoOneAmigoOne Joined: Posts: 1,194
    melee is to smash what ST was to street fighter.

    Capcom embraced it, Nintendo rejected it. Too bad, it couldve been the closest thing to a mainstream fighting game
  • ph00tbagph00tbag Joined: Posts: 96
    thank you for not posting grand finals, :)
    Yo, GFs was legit.

    Just turn off the commentary.
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