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Sying commanded so I did welcome the to new JVille thread everybody!
Hammer Hall Ranbats each Sunday at 6PM, we are in week 2 but its a great way to level up your game.
At the same place, on the weekend of October 29th or October 30th birds! and I are planning a Halloween Themed tournament with Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) and King of Fighters XIII and a awesome mystery game.

tyger runs a ranbat tournament in Orange Park every Thursday. He also runs HUGE tournaments every other month from there.

Finally CEO Jebailey is coming to St. Augustine to host a big tournament at expCon... no firm info on that yet, more info to come.
Jacksonville Fighting Game Scene
People / Meetup Locations / Results. Add your info in the link
River City RanBats - Level up your game / Win big prizes / Support your scene!
Storm Underground RanBats - Support the scene...or we'll find you.


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