Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena



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    Yeah, P4U SRK forum is a wasteland.

    Online there are still a ton of people but at least half of them seem to lolicon pillow hugging otaku/weeaboos with no FG experience and no fundamentals whatsoever (how the hell do they even get their high level ratings?). I mean, I'm not even that good of a player but shit ain't fun to the extent that it makes me wonder if they aren't even trying.

    Hey, I've been known to square mash with the rest of them but even someone with an elementary understanding of FG (spacing, zoning, BnB combos) and the square button can become a murderer in P4U online. So why does everyone suck?

    Oh, the other 50% Well 20% of those are bazillion point soulcrushers and of the remaining 30%, 20% seem ok and the other 10% are just fans of the RPG...
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    "Old enough to know better, Young enough to not give a fuck"

    R.I.P. YusukeUrameshi aka Yusuke_The_Detective
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