Sub 1 frame HDTV/Monitor Input Lag Database



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    Only way to find out is to buy your own testing equipment(Leo Bodnar) or search your model in google hoping good review sites show input lag, like, etc.
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    kardus wrote: »
    What are the go-to benq displays that also do 120/144hz (24")?

    It seems like the display lag site is missing quite a few models, some of which I know for a fact perform similarly to the 60hz RL2455HM etc.

    Displaylag dot com is mostly volunteer ran and donation driven
    You can see trends in various brands and make an estimate on the performance on missing brands.
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    Hi, sorry to resurrect this.

    There's a website here in Korea that regularly reviews monitors and measures lag by comparing it a CRT. I don't anything about what method is good or bad or whatever, just putting it here as an extra resource for people.

    Here's an example of the page that measures lag for the LG38UC99 (click no.10) -->

    Using google translate on Chrome should be enough for you to navigate through the site.
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