MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread



  • PABBS78046PABBS78046 Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Pabbs78046
    XBL: Pabbs78046
    Main: Chris Haggar Doom, Chris Dorm Doom
    Location: Texas

    Add me for games.
  • LegitLegit scrub Joined: Posts: 2
    psn- legit3incher

    Trying to play as much as possible to build up some form of situational awareness. I'm terrible.

    edit - I'm on right now and will be for a while tonight
  • BStacksBStacks Joined: Posts: 4
    Any one wanna play a Ft5, playing online is fun in all but you never really get a chance to adjust and adapt to your opponent. Plus i want some feedback for my new team,(Doom.Strange.Strider) and whether it is stronger than some of my old teams.
  • BStacksBStacks Joined: Posts: 4
    Forever alone ;(
  • chirpchirp Joined: Posts: 3,170
    there is a matchmaking thread and a lobbies thread in the stickies, you'd probably have more success asking there
  • BStacksBStacks Joined: Posts: 4
    Im trying to play some long sets and would like some feedback on my teams.

    Xbox 360 gt: The1n0nIy (The O is a zero and the l in only is and i)
    Current team: Doom.Strange.Strider
    Characters i also play: Wolverine, Ryu, Frank West, Nova, Hawkeye, Hulk, Deadpool,Captain America, Thor (I get bored with my teams =x)

    Also, if any one could teach me to play strider that'd be great
    So, if any one wants to play just shoot me a message
  • dahmereddahmered Joined: Posts: 9
    Sorry if there is a thread dedicated to this i looked before hand and couldnt find it. But im looking for a training partner either from 9-6 lord on ps3. I am currently a 8th lord and trying to lock down my assisting before i ruin my rank. If you wish to train with me just msg me and then add me once i respond psn id is dahmered
  • KiLLaKeLLyKiLLaKeLLy Higher Iron Man Joined: Posts: 594
    if anyone wants to play tonight ill be on my ps3 till bout 3 to 4am pacific time. OoKiLLaKeLLyoO. just send me a msg
    Goonie Squad
    Xbox GT/PSN ID : OoKiLLaKeLLyoO
    UMVC3: Cap/DeadPool/IM, Chris/IM/Doom
  • Mandrew7Mandrew7 Joined: Posts: 1
    Looking for some training partners in the midsouth. I'm Intermediate to advanced in level. Add me on PSN: Mandrew7
  • jalex91jalex91 Proving low tier character conception is all wrong Joined: Posts: 14
    Looking for training partners to step up my game, Im intermediate level i guess. i have a godlike connection but is better if u r from my area or the US. Add me on PSN: J_ALEX91

    Main: Chun Li/Hsien Ko/Ammy
    Secondary: She Hulk/Storm/Doom
    location: Monterrey (northeast), Mexico

    ADD ME make sure to include in your friend request you saw my message in here
  • QCF=pwnedQCF=pwned [+[__]: ] OMGWTFGBA! Joined: Posts: 57
    Xbox Live : FreshManJones

    Skill : I suck.. Average, I guess

    Teams: I don't have one yet, I just play characters I like.. I play MSS out of character loyalty from MvC2..

    I play online pretty often, and usually for as long I can without interruptions. I don't get salty easily either.. LoL
    Working On Iron Man! Go Tony!
  • Ninja PhilosopherNinja Philosopher The Claw Of God Joined: Posts: 654
    Xbox Live Tag: DAKO360 WOLF.

    I'm still getting used to online, but am quite a decent player. I'm an amateur right now, but I'm getting used to the Online stuff and fights.

    Main team: Taskmaster/Vergil/Dante (thinkin of changing Dante)
    I also tend to use random teams or have other special teams I like.

    I'm likely to be found on weekends. Monday at Wednesday's are a no. I may be available on Tuesdays, Thursday's and Fridays though on Tuesdays I'm most likely practising my skills. Also, I have school and that poses as a time fracture for my schedules. Otherwise, I do not rage quit an believe in good sportsmanship. So please do not battle me if you feel like you will get peeved or annoyed. Also, please make sure you have a good connection :)
    Like a ninja, I sneak and fight.
    Like a philosopher, I speak and write.
    Subscribe to Lymbros. We ain't great but we are working on it. We do comedies, gaming and music though not much content is up yet. Stay tuned.cI play all fighting games and any other. Vega! If you wish to challenge my awesome ninja skills then message me :D XBL: DAKO360 WOLF. Not always me on. USF4: Vega all the way! Sub Decapre, Rolento, Guy, Cody. AM ALSO AVERAGE WITH ALL CHARACTERS; UMvC3: Taskmaster/Ghost Rider/Dormammu.MK9: Reptile/Smoke. SC5: Xiba, Kilik, Natsu, Nightmare, Yoshitinmapants, Ezio and Raphael.SF3TS: Yang Remy Twelve.
    Also play a majority of games.
    As an aspiring actor, writer and musician; I welcome you to ask of my assistance. Do not hesitate to also ask for my wisdom upon chosen characters on any game. Thus if you have nowhere to turn to in times of need, then I am your ally. Now respect your peers. And may they respect you.
  • Sol BadguySol Badguy SHEER HEART ATTACK Joined: Posts: 106
    edited March 2014
    XBL GT: Artificial Sol
    Region: East Coast (US, duh) Philadelphia, PA
    Main(s): Dormammu/Wesker/Akuma and Nova/Hulk/Sentinel
    Sub(s) Dante/Iron Man/Dr. Doom and other "free agent" teams as I like to call them
    Skill: Was a 5th Lord for a while before I reset and stopped playing rank for, like, ever.

    I'm on almost everyday, so just send a message stating who you are and we'll go from there.
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  • DenizenShellDenizenShell Joined: Posts: 1
    So I'm new to the FGC (started playing SSFIV AE this summer) and I got UMVC3 a week or two ago to try it out. Needless to say I'm completely free at the moment, and I only really like to play against human opponents, I can't even stand playing the computer just to learn blocking and what not. So if any of you are really close to beginner level and don't mind bodying me free for a long time while I learn to block and get off some combos and setups in a match I'm totally down.

    PSN is DenizenShell if I'm on I'll probably be playing or training in street fighter, just shoot me a message and I'll be down for games

    Oh and I'm from Atlanta, but I normally seem to have good connections with anyone from the midwest over to the east coast
  • R-AldoR-Aldo Joined: Posts: 9
    Someone want to play a FT5 so i can uploaded to my channel?
  • BluemanderBluemander Joined: Posts: 12
    Someone want to play a FT5 so i can uploaded to my channel?
    I'll play GT=SmashMaster34, if your psn then can't.
    SSF4:AE: Ibuki and Ryu
    UMvC3: Team A [Ammy B/Frank A/Wesker B] Team B [Haggar A/Doom B/Wesker B]
    UMvC3: Troll Teams: [Chris B/Iron Man B/Cap. America Y] [Wright B/Dante A/Hawkeye A]
  • D4GamersD4Gamers Just Like Cap! Joined: Posts: 271
    Just got a PS3, dont have a stick yet so I'm trying to relearn the game with a dualshock 3 pad.

    Looking for some friendly games add me. Im also not that good, average at best. Oh and yeah I use hidden missiles assist.

    PSN: ID4Gamerz
    -Vanilla MvC3: Main:Zero/ Viper/ Taskmaster I Alt: Skrull/ Wesker/ Sentinel
    -Ultimate MvC3:Main: Spencer/ Hulk/ Doom I Alt: Doom/ Akuma/ Strider
    - Currently learning: Ironfist, Dante, Frank West

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  • SalubriouzSalubriouz Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Salubriouz
    Region: Europe - Netherlands
    Teams: Wolverine/Dormammu/Akuma
    Rank: Beginner.

    I am playing for a couple of weeks so no challange for the HC players but i realy wanna play and learn the game so if u feel like u wanna gimme a shot or are u also a beginner feel free to add me on ur PSN.

    Good times ppl!
  • kciforkcifor Danger Zone! Joined: Posts: 61
    GT: kcifor
    Region: Southwest USA
    Main: Spidey/Dorm/Strange
    Other Characters I Play: Nova, Taskmaster, Hawkeye, Doom (Warning: Very, VERY, scrubby), Vergil (Not-Motivated)
    Rank: 6th Lord (Like it matters much)

    I'm pretty average compared to a lot of the better players out there. I know enough combos to get me by and have some decent fundamentals but I wouldn't exactly call myself great. If anyone ever wants to play a few and/or give me feedback about this team I've committed myself to stick to, I'm always down to get some games in. I got a mic if that matters any.
  • JonathanJonathan cloud805 Joined: Posts: 31
    I'm up for some games against anyone
    I'm on xbox360
    Region: west coast
  • Vlad7779311Vlad7779311 Joined: Posts: 374
    PSN: Salubriouz
    Region: Europe - Netherlands
    Teams: Wolverine/Dormammu/Akuma
    Rank: Beginner.

    I am playing for a couple of weeks so no challange for the HC players but i realy wanna play and learn the game so if u feel like u wanna gimme a shot or are u also a beginner feel free to add me on ur PSN.

    Good times ppl!
    I would have sent you a friend request if only you had the Ultimate version, not Vanilla. :(
    Playing as:
    UNIEL: Yuzuriha, Gordeau
    BBCPEX: Bullet
    GG Xrd Revelator: I-No
    Koihime Enbu: Kan'u
    Killer Instinct:/ Fulgore
    Nitroplus Blasterz: Ignis
  • discovigilantediscovigilante I'm associated with this guy! Joined: Posts: 3,037
    GT: discovigilance
    Region: Northwest USA
    Teams: Nova/Doom/Ammy, Ammy/Doom/Hawkeye, Nova/Dorm/Sent (my Sent is terrible), Hulk/Dorm/Doom, others
    Rank: 5th Lord

    I used to play online quite a bit (as my rank should indicate, I guess), but for the past 5-6 months I've favored offline play. While I think that was a good choice, I realized I was going to locals/casuals only 2 days out of the week, so by quitting online I'm actually getting less practice. So I'm up for long sparring sessions, against West Coast players if possible. I need matchup experience really badly!
    GT: kcifor
    Region: Southwest USA
    Main: Spidey/Dorm/Strange

    Yo, we're both West Coast, we should play sometime! Be warned that I have a lot of Spidey experience though.
    Nova β Doom α/ɣ Ammy β
    Nova β Strange ɣ Ammy β
    Ammy β Doom α Dante α

    SF5: Bison, a lil Birdie, waiting on Juri

    Stuff I should play more
    Aquapazza: Chizuru
    Guilty Gear Xrd: Sin
    UNIBEL: Hyde
  • UltimaBlankUltimaBlank Joined: Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    XBL Gamertag - Ultima Blank
    Location -  South East England
    Team: Zero, Doom, Vergil
    Rank: Beginner
    Add something marvel related to the message so i know where you came from :) looking for people to play and practice with, only so much learning i can do by myself in the lab :L i'm prepared to get bodied again and again to learn how to play this game ^^ there isnt a whole lot of people playing this in the UK :(
  • Jy0Jy0 Joined: Posts: 33

    xbox live jy0

    that's a zero at the end.

    I run vergil dante mags or team devil may cry or thor hulk skrull also working an iron fist team too IF spencer tasky.

    send message or invinte with SRK in tag so I know what's up. ranked WL is is 100-38. play mostly player matches with friends. I'm always looking for games and also am willing to help ppl looking to get better. I'm the best player in WV...  though that's not saying much at all.  Really...   at all...    


  • User_User_ Later nerd Joined: Posts: 34
    Yo, i'm a massive noob, especially with a stick

    I run a Haggar/Doom/Wesker team but I want some guy to just play some lobbies with me and tell me things I need to improve on

    Hit me up: Buy it on Ebay On Xbox live. i'll be on most of teh day. 
    give GG XRD to PC plz
  • lautikpclautikpc Joined: Posts: 14
    hi, im (i think) a normal player, not noob, but i am not a pro (Im close to be a noob than a pro). I stay all night playing UMVC3 on PSN, so add me please and lets fight.
    Im looking for challenges, I need training because next week there is a local tourney in my country. So im looking for pro, or almost pro players to fight and if its possible they can tell me how to improve my game.
    PSN User: Lautikpc
    (Sorry for bad english, i apologize if i made a writting mistake)
  • SolCalibur64SolCalibur64 Joined: Posts: 20
    edited February 2013
    XBL Gamertag - Ultima Blank
    Location -  South East England
    Team: Zero, Doom, Vergil
    Rank: Beginner
    Add something marvel related to the message so i know where you came from :) looking for people to play and practice with, only so much learning i can do by myself in the lab :L i'm prepared to get bodied again and again to learn how to play this game ^^ there isnt a whole lot of people playing this in the UK :(

    Yeah, the UK Marvel scene is minimal (if there even is one...) compared the the US one, oh well. I got live...

    XBL Gamertag - SolCalibur64
    Location -  South East England, London
    Team: Frank, Dante, Wesker
    Rank: 7th Lord

    I play every now and then, like 4 times a week at least if I can help it. I've improved a lot since the last year when the game came out and i'd consider myself pretty decent (I went 2-5 against Fooblat at Apex and he rated me) there's still room for improvement on skill on my part. I love playing for fun but I have a competitive heart. I can use different teams as well, even picked up a 3rd team just for fun. You may see me around.

    Notes: I'm trying to use much more DP motions.
    UMVC3 Main Team: Frank/Dante/Wesker
    UMVC Secondary Team: Wesker may Cry
    Characters in training: Spencer
  • lautikpclautikpc Joined: Posts: 14
    edited February 2013
    Someone online now to play? PSN: Lautikpc
    I willl be online 2 more hours im looking for practice!
  • HanSoo417HanSoo417 Joined: Posts: 105
    edited February 2013
    PSN: HanSoo417 Location: Louisville, KY Games: UMvC3, SSFIV:AE Complete beginner. I've only won a few games online ever and struggle to beat the computer on normal. Looking to learn and I have a mic. Feedback is very welcome :)
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    PSN: HanSoo417
  • BrooklynxBrooklynx Joined: Posts: 6
    Ps3 ID: Stardriver7
    Team: Morrigan, Vergi, Doom

    i want to fight a good Spencer and a good Nova just add me and send me a message c:
  • TuboWareTuboWare Mouth of the Midwest Joined: Posts: 2,100 mod
    I'll be on tonight for a few hours. Just send a message to TuboWare on XBL. My friends list is full but if I'm on I'll send you a message back and we can play a few :)
    Owner of
    Follow me on twitter!
    Follow IFDWear on twitter too!!
  • AmishMan53AmishMan53 Joined: Posts: 151
    XBOX GMT: Septic Tank53 (don't forget space)
    I have a mic

    You can add me for any of multiple reasons: casual/for fun, Learning, Matchup Practice (I get bored of playing just one team, so i am fairly decent with the whole cast except for a few), and also i'm available almost at all times so i can be a consistent practice dummy :P.

    Only requirements is have a mic. I wouldn't be posting here of i cared to playing random people all the time. Game isn't all that fun to me if not chatting with person, and i happily accept criticism for my own personal learning.

    Live in KY, so if your connection isn't the best make sure you live fairly close before adding me. No reason for us to suffer through heavy amounts of lag.

    Some teams i may be using:

    Morrigan/???/??? (been messing a bit with morrigan, no particular team decided yet)
    Hawkeye/Taskmaster/Nova (may try variations, replacing taskmaster mostly)

    During moments of wanting to have fun practicing some things:

    A phoenix team of some sort
    A Dr. Doom TAC team (His tac's are somewhat fun)
    Phoenix Wright team (more focused on using his evidence projectiles rather than godhand)
    Stupid fast Xfactor based (Generally has wolverine, strider, felicia, or firebrand anchor)

    I'm on A LOT, and even available throughout the night, so no matter what time your usually on i will probably be around often. Morning times are the least likely for me to be around.
  • JasokuJasoku Joined: Posts: 6
    PS3: AsianSpicee
    Region: Texas
    Skill : Terrible in lag, average minimum lag, fairly decent offline, but still kind of poop.
    I have a good internet connection, much more dominant in the morning to afternoons.

    I'm on VERY often and always probably doing something in the lab.
    My rank is Rookie and I'm still technically a beginner and I prefer offline but I don't mind doing online once in a while, I only did like 5 ranked matches and won them somehow.

    Teams with Crimson Viper
    All other team I use are improvised.

    The flow of battle will depend on the lag. No lag please Q_Q
    My attention is always drawn towards high execution characters. :p
    Pressing lots of buttons is fun, I should pick up Dante.
    UMvC3: Crimson Viper and company
  • Rockrobs215Rockrobs215 Too poor to afford half the games I want Joined: Posts: 330
    Xbox GT: RJF215

    Region: South Jersey US

    Skill: Most tell me I'm pretty good.

    Teams: A lot, with my most used being in my sig. Every team has at least 2 of: Wesker, Doom, Dante, Arthur, Ghost Rider.

    I'm on most of the time, and also have a mic, so if anyone wants to chat and/or play I'm down.
    Marvel Teams: Wesker/Hawkeye/Strider, Ghost Rider/Arthur/Dante, Spencer/Dante/Doom
    Injustice: Deathstroke
  • DecaDangDecaDang Pretty Average. Joined: Posts: 107
    I know I haven't posted in over a year, but I'm still playing! I'd like to get better with people in addition to training mode.
    My PSN is my username, I think that's in my sig, and I haven't updated that either...but my current teams are Taskmaster or Hawkeye, then Vergil and Doom.
    But yeah, sub-average and looking for people to help me out. :)
    PSN only, tag is my username.
    UMvC3: Taskmaster/Doom/Vergil, Injustice: Nightwing/Batman/Green Lantern
  • Crusader884Crusader884 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey guys I'm looking to have a online session with recordings of matches,highlights and recaps along with other fighting games on 4/6 starting at 6pm from my PS Home space if anyone is interested hit me up PSN-Crusader884, I'm intermediate level just looking for rivals and awesome fights, heres the link to a little promo I did for it

    SSF4: Ken
    SF X T:Ken x Heihachi
  • KoricthegreatKoricthegreat Hes got no health! Chip damage!! Joined: Posts: 79
    Gamertag Sparring account
    I said gamertag so that's Xbox live.
    I'm a beginner. Haven't played since marvel vanilla. I'm basically new to the game now.

    I play zero, dante, dormammu.

    Learning this game is hard when you spend most of the match getting hit by a combo....then dying.... Sometimes I literally only get a few seconds of playtime with a character before they're dead. In marvel vanilla, everyone was new, so learning was easier... But now that this game has been out... It's brutal!

    I've got some awsome combos....but I haven't hit anyone yet!
    Uh my region is newyork.
    I have had quite a few good connections....didn't stop my ass from gettin whooped though.

    Such a tough learning curve! Of all the fighting games I've been pickin up or refreshing...this one is gonna take the longest!!!

    Oh and when am I usually on. Pretty often. Daily for sure. When? I don't know. But very often. Daily for sure. If you wanted to know when I'd be on for the next couple of days, I could give a forecast for that. But I can't just up and say when I'm indefinently on the game.
    I believe I am good at fighters. Just wait till I get past this painful learning curve in this brutal (to noobs) game.

  • Chukz15Chukz15 Low Tier Option select is the future. Joined: Posts: 492
    SoCal psn player, I need to get better but don't know how.

    GFWL: Darkerfire706
    Skill level: D tier
    Injustice: Superman, Batman
    Mahvel:Nova/Vergil/Hawkeye alt Wolverine/Doom/Vergil
    SSFIV: Dan/Balrog

  • boradoborado Joined: Posts: 15
    Xbl gt Borado Triel
    Region Houston Texas
    On early mornings through the week and most of the night on weekend ranked fighter trying to get better
    Currently learning two teams ryu Nova Strider and ryu ironman nova
  • MrGizmo235MrGizmo235 Joined: Posts: 87
    Hey guys, new to the game and was hoping to find some people to help me get better as I feel that playing with other people that you can converse with is the best way to improve at these types of games.

    If anyone is willing to be something of a tutor for me to get better at playing this game I would be very appreciative.

    Also happy to have matches with other beginners for fun :D

    I am online everyday at varying hours depending on my current sleeping schedule.

    XBL gamertag: MrGizmo235
    Region: Vancouver, Canada
    Timezone: Pacific Time (UTC -8:00)
    Skill level: Beginner
    Teams not decided yet, so far: Wesker, (Dormammu/Doom?), Vergil
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