MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread



  • Ultra_ScrubUltra_Scrub You're probably better than me. Joined: Posts: 29
    I'll just leave this here.~

    PSN: Emotional_Wreck
    Region/Area: I guess south east. Virginia is in a weird spot.
    Rank: What is that? [/trollface]

    Send me teh friend invites if you want a match. Even though you'll all beat me. I suck. Hard.
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  • Me_andChuckMe_andChuck Joined: Posts: 9

    Gt: oOMe andChuckOo

    I main Doom/Spencer/Task

    4th Lord
    Twitter @me_andChuck
    XBoxLive GT: oOMe andChuckOo
    Main: Taskmaster/Spencer/Doom
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7
    Xbox Live Gamertag: nAthAn dA gr3At
    Teams: Hulk/Storm/Dante
    Wolverine, Trish, Sentinel
    Wesker, She Hulk, Magneto
    And More!
    Skill: 6th Lord, but my skill often varies. Looking for competitive but friendly matches. Hit me up anytime

    If you want to play, please email me if you can through this email with your own email, not through the site. It will probably be easier that way since I'm still new to this site and do not know how everything works. We can set up the match that way.

  • owoowo :3 Joined: Posts: 248
    Might as well :rolleyes:
    Xbox Gamertag: FrogAtelopus
    Team (EDIT): MODOK/Hsien-ko/Phoenix Wright
    Rank: Cosmic Lord (Vanilla)
    Skill: Not as good as I'd want D:

    Send a message if you want some matches :3
    I share this account, so if I'm not playing UMVC3 then it's not me. Ask for a match anyways, I'm always up for a game or two.
    PSN: SleepAnglerfish (now available!)
    XBL: FrogAtelopus
  • gouki85gouki85 MVCI!!! Joined: Posts: 47
    XBOX:Hustle Nyc(Hardly play on live)
    Region:East Coast(NYC)
    I'm mostly on psn....Always down for some matches i repeat always down for some matches so just send me a message or request
    Get ya game up!!!
    Tekken 6:Bryan Fury
  • JRE312JRE312 Joined: Posts: 6
    Gameplay Talks to Hsein Ko) Akuma Thinks his Attacks are better than Ghost Rider Penace Stare) Ghost Rider has many Lawyers Downunder) Ryu has words with Iron Fist) (Nemesis has a friendly chat with Chris) Hawkeye Cant stand Taskmaster) (she Hulk and hawkeye are no longer friends)
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7
    Might as well :rolleyes:
    Xbox Gamertag: FrogAtelopus
    Team: MODOK/Hsien-ko/Tron
    Rank: Cosmic Lord
    Skill: Not as good as I'd want D:

    Send a message if you want some matches :3
    I share this account, so if I'm not playing MVC3 then it's not me. Ask for a match anyways! I'm always up for a game or two

    Hey you wanna play sometime? Send me a message to my email ( if you wanna play a competitive but friendly match. Let me know.
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7

    Gt: oOMe andChuckOo

    I main Doom/Spencer/Task

    4th Lord
    Would love to play you. Hit me up on live at nAthAn dA gr3At or my email ( Thanks again.
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7
    XBOX:Hustle Nyc(Hardly play on live)
    Region:East Coast(NYC)
    I'm mostly on psn....Always down for some matches i repeat always down for some matches so just send me a message or request
    Hey if you have MvC3 on Xbox and would like to play sometime, I'd love to play. Best of 3 or 5, all friendly but competitive.

    Gamertag: nAthAn dA gr3At
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7
    xbl gt - hyuuga kenshin
    region - west coast (socal, riverside county)
    team - captain america (a) / arthur (b) / spencer (y)
    rank - 7th something
    skill level - i need help with this one guys!

    im usually on pretty late at night ranging anywhere from around 9pm (at the earliest) to 3am or 4am (depending on the wife and son.)
    Would love to play you. Hit me up and send me a message to my Xbox live game tag nAthAn dA gr3At if you are interested.
  • Nathan TurnerNathan Turner Joined: Posts: 7
    XBL GT: RedbeardSenchou
    Region: Cincinnati, OH
    Rank: 4th Lord
    Skill: I learned everything I know from watching Noah at EVO :wonder:

    Hulk (a) / Deadpool (b) / Taskmaster (a) -- (Main)
    She-Hulk (a) / Taskmaster (a) / Akuma (b) -- (Alt)

    I'm usually on Friday and Saturday mornings, or after 7pm throughout the week randomly. Playing Gears of War 3 heavily as well while waiting for Ultimate, but feel free to send me an invite still.
    Would love to play you.

    Gametag: nAthAn dA gr3At
  • EsDwongEsDwong Joined: Posts: 99
    PSN: Runnerup2

    Skill Level: Unknown.
    Times: Mostly on weekends from 9:00am-3:00pm CST
  • HonzoganzoHonzoganzo perennially acrid Joined: Posts: 4
    My PSN account is Honzo_Gonzo

    Please only add me if you are near Norcal.
  • FlugaFluga ???WHAT GOES HERE??? Joined: Posts: 358
    I do have both a PS3 and 360 bu I'll be getting Ultimate for 360.

    My region is Montana btw.

    XBL: BoneFish89

    If anyone wants to play, feel free to add me.
  • wolverine-masterwolverine-master Trinidad's finest Joined: Posts: 1,763
    XBL: wolverine masta
    Team: (team vanilla = wolvie/sentinel/magneto) (new potential team = frank/nemesis/sentinel)
    Region: East Coast, NY
    Rank: Beginner in umvc3......I was a 3rd lord in mvc3
    Skill Level: Mediocre
    XBL: wolverine masta
  • GhostTearGhostTear Senior Highschool Photo Joined: Posts: 2,826
    Bump for anybody looking for people to face.
  • ShinMooShinMoo Whirling Fortress Joined: Posts: 106
    XBL Tag: Shinbowser
    Team: Nemmy/Haggar/Dorrmypoo
    Region: VA
    "Trying is the first step to failure so dont ever try." -Homer Simpson
    Games played: Skullgirls, UMvC3, Soon DOA5, P4A, PS All Stars
    PSN: BOWs3R-Fr3aK
    XBL: ShinBowser.
  • Bones90Bones90 Joined: Posts: 74
    XBL tag: Bones90
    Team: Captain America/Wesker/Hawkeye
    Region: SoCal
  • IONION Team AirTag Joined: Posts: 319
    PSN ID: JaeSpk
    Region: Northeast - South West Philadelphia/Darby

    Main: Nova / Wesker / Hawkeye
    2nd: Virgil / Hawkeye / Nova
    Exper: Spider-man / Virgil / Wesker (In their all white "Lab" Coats lol)

    Rank: 8th LORD
    I am online pretty much everyday ...

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  • Robo SolRobo Sol PHD in Fraudology Joined: Posts: 211
    XBL ID: FinalStarscream
    Region: Southwest, close to L.A.
    Teams: Trying to stick to one thing so only G Rider/ Sent/ Doom
    Rank: Pooplord

    Online in evening most of the time, after 9pm PST until late and sporadically during the day.
    XBL: Robo Sol
    SoCal area
  • mkeller73mkeller73 Joined: Posts: 397
    Region: Philadelphia, PA
    Teams: I play everyone adequately.
    Rank: 9th lord. I don't play ranked much so skill wise I would be around a 5th lord based on the players I have played.

    Basically looking for a training partner. I can body my friends at will but the other people on my friends list do the same to me but don't have a mic so I am not learning anything from it which is frustrating. Basically just looking for a friendly first to 10 once in a while where I can chat and learn to get better. If you add me mention SRK so I know it's not someone from Modern Warfare trying to get me into their clan ;)
  • ThcAntiPantsThcAntiPants Joined: Posts: 14
    XBL ID: ThcAntiPants
    Region: Bay Area, CA
    Teams: Still don't have a real set team, but working on Wright/Wesker/Vergil.
    Rank: Fighter I think?
    Skill: Somewhere between fair and good.

    Send me a message/friend request, mentioning SRK would be nice so I actually respond :)
  • WALSRUWALSRU (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Joined: Posts: 638
    Region: Central Ohio, about 40 minutes from Momo2 :D
    Teams: Taskmaster/Spencer/Super Skrull
    Rank: 9th Lord
    Skill: Mediocre, real life doesn't let me play too much
    Umvc3, going for broken: Task/Doom/Skrull
    Troll team: Haggar/Skrull/Arthur
    "Sponsors hate beauty and purity. I am forever discriminated against." - Jay "Viscant" Snyder
  • CougarCougar Logic, yo. Joined: Posts: 1,528
    I posted earlier in this thread for Vanilla, but I might as well put an updated version.

    PSN: TheCougar44
    Region: New Jersey
    Teams: Raccoon/Strange/Vergil (I sometimes swap Nemmy for Rocky), pretty much capable of playing any team.
    Rank: 8th Lord
    Skill Level: I consider myself to be pretty good. I was a 4th Lord in Vanilla, and while I'm not the best in the world, I can usually hold my own. I wasn't really good enough to deserve being a 4th Lord, but whatever lol.

    I need people to play with, I don't care if you just started or consider yourself to be a newb, I'm accepting all invites. Just please, keep it close to where I am (no California lol), and message me first. My friends list is probably full. Also, mention that you read this here, I only occasionally respond to randoms that I don't know where they got my name.
    [ Magneto | Nova | Sentinel ]
    UMvC3: [Strange/Haggar/Arthur] Low tier heroes, represent!
    PSN: TheCougar44. Add me if you want to play some matches!
  • Archlord CevicArchlord Cevic Joined: Posts: 3
    XBL ID: Cevic
    Region: NorCal
    Team: vergil/wesker/dorm, dante/ghost rider/dorm, with some strider and doom mixed in
    Rank: 9th Ranger
    Skill: Cant get past 9th, looking for help

    Decent at SSF4 but get completely blown up more often than not at UMVC3. Stuck between the "fighter" and "9th" ranking. So I am just looking for some help. Mostly with the basics, i feel my defense is lacking and I flat out dont know how to handle spammers./keep away. Usually lose do to getting caught by random bs. So maybe run a few matches with me and tell me how i can improve?

    just send me a friend request of xbl "Cevic" gt.
  • Jill ValentineJill Valentine Joined: Posts: 175
    XBL ID: ogfrssh
    Region: Las Vegas, NV.
    Teams: Been playing as Wolverine/Wesker/Hawkeye in Ultimate but still play OG teams from vanilla (IE: Wolverine/Sent/Phoenix, Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma, etc). My brother plays under my account too and typically uses characters like Magneto, Virgil, Dante, Doom, etc.
    Rank: Beginner, but haven't touched ranked yet. I was a "First Lord" in Vanilla though.
    Skill: I'd say I'm pretty good but I am a tier-whole.

    Message me saying you're from SRK! Would be glad to play some others over here!

  • piskooooopiskooooo anime swag Joined: Posts: 4,386
    XBL: NeWxGoD
    Region: New Jersey
    Teams: Dante/Strider
    Rank: 4th lord in Vanilla with like a 70% win ratio, haven't played Ultimate Ranked yet

    I'm online every day pretty much.
  • PKSkylerPKSkyler Viewtiful and Stylish! Joined: Posts: 6,998
    XBL: PKSkyler
    Region: SoCal
    Main Team: Viewtiful Joe/Vergil/Morrigan
    Rank: Vanilla 1st Lord, Ultimate currently 6th Lord
    Skill- Decent, trying to level up
    Kick, Punch, its all in the mind. Casino, Dojo, its all in the mind.
    "He may look like a mere boy, but dont let that fool you. He has PSI abilities that defy all scientific explanation. He can use teleportation, levitation, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis."
    XBL@ PKSkyler
  • Waffle NinjaWaffle Ninja aka Dr. Strange Guy Joined: Posts: 50
    XBL: XDrStrangeGuyX
    Region: Northeast, NJ
    Main Team: Hawkeye/Dr.Strange/Dr.Doom
    Rank: Beginner, but i haven't played ranked match yet though lol.
    Skill: I know what i'm doing but i'm not amazing yet, still leveling up and getting a footing with my characters.
    XBL: XDrStrangeGuyX
  • CantiCanti Bitter sweet Joined: Posts: 42
    PSN: Smash-Mix
    Region: New York (NYC)
    Teams: Wesker/Frank/Dante (Wright sometime but I suck big time with him)
    Rank: 6th Lord
    Skill Level:I got no idea, decent I guess
  • hybreezyhybreezy A Fraud Draws Near Joined: Posts: 7,490
    PSN: NottinghamLace
    Region: Canada (Greater Toronto Area)
    Teams: Nemesis/Wesker/(Sentinel/Taskmaster)
    Rank: 9th Ranger, I was a Lord then it randomly changed at some point, guess my playstyle did too?
    Skill Level: Average on my best day most likely, I'm just hoping to get better and work on my game
    Mediocre at fighting games
  • KaboXxKaboXx FIGHTING CAT Joined: Posts: 3,965
    Xbl: KaboXx/cybernetix456 yall can add me on either. ima be on KaboXx all weekend so that one preferably.
    Region: Texas
    Teams: Nova,Hawkeye, taskmaster my online training team
    Rank: i dont really hop on rank so its still at rookie lol but dont let that deceive you :D
    Skill Level:Avarage but looking to expand by playing you guys

    Feel free to add me add srk so i can know its from yall :D
    3ds Fc-3797-6411-3706
    My Gallery and works!
  • AvariceXAvariceX Joined: Posts: 2,621
    I think you should add some more info to the OP if you have the time for it (region, teams). Anyway:

    XBL GT: Avaricexi
    Region: London, Ontario, Canada (Very close to Midwest region of US)
    1. Zero, Iron Man, Strange
    2. Zero, Strange, Doom
    3. Zero, Dante, Sentinel
    Skill: Umm...wildcard.
    UMvC3: Zero/Dante/Strider | MvC2: MSP
    SFIV: Juri | 3S: Yun | ST: O.Ryu
    BB: Rachel, Makoto, u-12 | GGXrd: I-No
  • broken-dreamsbroken-dreams Joined: Posts: 1
    Xbl gamertag is loaf36 I'm looking for more training on umvc3 and for help with a team currently I'm wesker sentinel vergil
  • SerrisSerris ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Joined: Posts: 376
    PlayStation Network ID: Herple-Derples
    Region: Massachusetts, United States of America
    Skill: 4th Lord (Fate of Two Worlds), 7th Lord (Ultimate)
    Team: Phoenix, Chun-Li, X-23
    Steam | YouTube | PlayStation Network ID: Herple-Derples
  • myk0myk0 Joined: Posts: 25
    XBL: Mykooo
    Region: Canada (Greater Toronto Area)
    Teams: Taskmaster/Magneto/Akuma
    Rank: 6th Lord... it's really annoying and tough to find ranked matches for the same region -_-
    Skill Level: Pretty decent..feel free to add me up
  • Th3 EX1L3DTh3 EX1L3D Just keep mashing!!! Joined: Posts: 26
    XBL GT: Amazinazn45
    Team: Still deciding on it, Mainly trying for Zero/Iron Fist/Taskmaster
    Rank:9th Lord
    Skill: Meh... Ok but need ALOT of work.
    Learning by trial and error. I want to fight people who are very skilled so i can learn to fight against them and learn how to avoid mixups and such.
    I'm online mainly on weekends as school takes up my week
  • AluvjetsAluvjets Joined: Posts: 260
    XBL: Alecvgamer
    Region: NYC
    Team: I use many different characters, but my main team is Deadpool, Taskmaster, Doom
    Rank: 3rd Lord
    Skill: I use really cheap keepaway strats, but my combo execution is also pretty good. I want to fight really skilled guys to practice blocking rushdown mixups.
    Availability: I'm online mainly on weekends because of school, but I can occasionally be found online really late at night on weekdays.
    UMVC3: Deadpool / Taskmaster / Doctor Doom
  • otterotter CFN: otter- Joined: Posts: 4,687
    PSN: mybodyisinfested
    Region: Midwest / East Coast U.S.A.
    Rank: Never played ranked
    Skill: 95th percentile

    I have good nets, and always play wired. I am so tired of playing randoms, need private lobbies with decent players. You don't have to be pro, just have a good attitude and have some fun with me!
  • HellfuryHellfury Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Hellfury666
    Region: SoCal
    1) Zero, Vergil, Doom (Main)
    2) Zero, Vergil, Dante (Sub)
    3) Vergil, Strider, Hawkeye or Strange (Sub-Sub)
    Rank: 7th Lord. 3rd Lord in Vanilla.
    Skill Level: Decent.
    Availability: Usually available on weekends.
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