MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread



  • SaikoSaiko Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Laokai629
    Skill level: mediocore at best
    Teams: Dante (a), Vergil (y), Doctor Doom (a)
    Vergil (y), Doctor Doom (a), Nova (b)
    Iron Fist (y), Doctor Doom (a), Akuma (tatsu)
    Rank 6th lord

    Looking for some players to get better at the game. I'll play with people that have good connections but any bad ones I won't. I'm in the Northeast
  • Maze MakerMaze Maker LOV thy neighbor~ Joined: Posts: 94
    Right now I'm looking to play people who main Magneto, Dormammu and/or Strider to get better with the match ups. I play Trish.. Send me an SRK notice with the request please.

    PSN: BillieMeiz
    Skill Level: Play2Winz0rz?
    Mahvel: Cable, Sent, Doom
    SBX: Oichi
    3s: Urien, Remy
    GG: Testies
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  • LobohotpantsLobohotpants Joined: Posts: 3
    XBL gamertag: Lobohotpants
    Region Cary, NC
    Main Team Undecided
    Alt Team: Undecided
    Rank: Beginner I haven't played ranked matches
    Skill: Average
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,796
    Region: Springfield,MA
    Main Team:Nova/Task/Strider Hiryu
    Alt. team: C.Viper/Sent./Akuma
    Rank:6th Lord
    Skill:low-mid for main, beginner on alt team
  • FreakmonkeyFreakmonkey Draws Aminals Joined: Posts: 833
    XBL: IllmaticMonkey (that's an i and two L's :P)
    Region: Shawnee, KS
    Main Team: Vergil/Frank/Hawkeye (although I'm not using them anymore)
    Alt: Vergil/Doctor Strange/X-23, Frank/Dante/Rocket Raccoon, and Jill/Chris/Wesker
    Skill: Total Amateur, I'm still learning a lot of things.
    Plugs for shit coming soon...
  • MungstarMungstar Joined: Posts: 727
    XBL: Mungstar
    Region: OKC, OK
    Main Team: Nova/Frank/Spencer
    Skill: Average
  • LevehLeveh Joined: Posts: 12
    PSN: Slaboda
    Region: Southeast US (Athens, GA)
    Team: Wolverine/Dante/Akuma, Spencer/Wesker/Sentinel, Ryu/Frank West/Sentinel
    Skill: Intermediate/Advanced

    Only add me if you're east/southeast, lag makes me rage. I play almost every evening, just leave a note saying you're from SRK in the friend request.
    UMVC3: Wolverine/Dante/Akuma
    XBL: iplaytheboard | PSN: Slaboda
  • Miller4everMiller4ever Joined: Posts: 15
    PSN: Miller4ever
    Region: US Northeast, Pacific starting May
    Team: Storm/Hulk/Dr. Strange/Viper/Shulk/Spencer
    Skill: Below average, trying to develop good habits.
    Tell me you're from SRK. I can use a consistent training partner who can point out weaknesses besides "practice combos".
  • AureliousAurelious Joined: Posts: 40
    PSN: Aurelious_
    Region: Greenville, NC
    Main Team: Tron/???/Trish (Cant find one I truly like yet. Task/Zero/Vergil/Ryu/Thor are the fill-ins for now)
    Skill: I lack the experience to be "pro" but I don't think I am near "scrub" level.
    Rank: 6th Ranger (as of posting, doing more player than rank to find my team)

    Mainly looking for Tron mains as I really want to play her (figured if I was going to put in the work and get good I want it to be characters I like instead of just characters that are good. It wont win me Evo but I'm not playing to that end)

    Also prefer those who can drop pointers and help me figure out where I am going wrong, which is something experience will help with.

    UmvC3: Tron/She-Hulk/Trish BBCSE: Mu-12
    KoFXIII: Andy/Mai/Terry GG: Anji-Mito
  • smOke_ringzsmOke_ringz Joined: Posts: 15
    PSN: sm0ke_ringz007
    Region: WC So. Cali
    Team(s): Vergil/Sentinel/Zero (tourney)
    .. or if your looking for some possible free wins team good, the bad, & the ugly - Rocket Raccoon/Sentinel/Nemisis (casual)
    Skill: good enough to beat you if you have no idea what you're doing

    Feel free to add me if you want, I'm down to play some games to help level up or something.
    PSN: sm0ke_ringz007

    UMVC3 & 3s

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  • TheTR3NDSETTATheTR3NDSETTA Joined: Posts: 238
    Region: Midwest (Milwaukee,WI)
    Team: Nemesis/Sentinel/Dante but can change order depending on matchups
    Rank: 1st Lord

    Dont care if youre good, average or bad.... I just love Mahvel

    *** dont look into my 1 star rep too much, it was all the salty players from vanilla trying to avoid me : D
    It was a pleasure destroying your top tier chars.
  • jpchatojpchato iBlock Joined: Posts: 508 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    hopping on psn for some MAHVEL
    PSN gamertag: jpchato

    come at me bros. I play MSS, I'm still adjusting to ultimate
    Sentinel saved my life.
  • KoffKoffiKoffKoffi Time for a comeback! Joined: Posts: 199
    Maybe I should have done this sooner.

    XBL: K4np4
    Region: Southern California
    Main Team: Tron/Hsien-ko/Taskmaster (Trying to learn other people, but this is what you'll mainly see.)
    Rank: Recently got to 5th Lord! :woot:

    Kinda sticking with my guns despite the disadvantages. Looking for different kinds of teams to help adapt.
    UMVC3: Tron/Vergil/Strange in the works. Taskmaster/Hsien-ko/?
    Street Fighter X Tekken: Xiaoyu/Lei
    GT: K4np4
  • Mood4food77Mood4food77 Joined: Posts: 10,020
    XBL: Mood4food77
    rank: 6th Lord
    Region: New York/New Jersey
    Main Team: Wesker/Sentinel/Dormammu

    i'm just really bored right now
  • XBFEARoOXBFEARoO Joined: Posts: 2
    Region: Southern California
    Rank: 4th Lord
    Main Teams: Dormammu/ Sentinel/ Wesker
    Wesker/ Dante/ Strider
    Skill: umm Somewhat advanced.

    Anyone on xbox Lets playyyy :)
  • The Legendary OneThe Legendary One Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: ZerraDragon
    Region: Maryland
    Team: No Clue
    Skill: Still Learning the Basics ( Just got the Game )
  • Mayu808Mayu808 Joined: Posts: 50
    XBL: NGFL Random
    Region: Hawaii
    Team: Nemesis/magneto(undecided)/wesker
    Skill: I can beat you if you suck worse then I do.
    Looking for some help to level up before evo. Friend me first for a match due to timezone differences. (It's easier this way for everybody)
  • NashdenateNashdenate Joined: Posts: 64
    XBL gamertag: Nashdenate
    Region: Laurel, MD
    Main Team Undecided
    Alt Team: Undecided
    Rank: 8th lord I think
    Skill: Average-intermediate?

    Still trying to get better. : Kneepads are all the armor I need.
    UMvC3 Teams: Chris/Akuma/Deadpool - Team The Good the Bad and the Crazy.
    Wesker/Akuma/Deadpool- Team why do you have Deadpool last?
    Deadpool/Sentinel/Strider - Team Ninjas Plus Robot
  • ShadowShadow ¿ Joined: Posts: 2,125
    XBL: NightmareBA Region: Northern California Current team: Felicia/Dante/Doom (Still working on my team) Skill: Beginner I'll be on often. I've got a pretty good understanding of the game, got a few combos, but I'm still trying to learn how to play the characters in general.
  • The UltimatorThe Ultimator I fight for my friends. Joined: Posts: 1,977
    XBL: ricnic67
    Skill level: Upper Middle to Advanced
    Characters i play: Zero, Doom, Strider, Frank West, Wesker, Dante, Hawkeye, Wolvie, Spencer, Arthur, Cap, Akuma, Ryu, Chun, Iron Man, Magneto, Sentinel, and so on. Basically most of the cast.
    Rank: 5th Lord
    Region: East Coast Area of the US

    Make sure you send me a message over Xbox Live when sending me a friend request so i know who you are. Also, i'm looking for a training partner to help me get better and provide suggestions.
    XBL: The Ultimator25
    Retired from UMvC3 – at least for now.
    SSBM & Project M – Mains: Ike, Marth
    Chrom or Lucina for Smash 4!
  • ArmorixArmorix Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: Armorix01
    Team: Capt America,Dr doom "or taskmaster",Dormammu& Nemmy,Capt America, Dormammu
    Skill: a bit above beginner to low middle
    Rank: 9th lord, 3/4 way to next rank
    Region: Texas, Houston area.

    Send a message with the inv so i know who you are. Looking for friends to add as a training partners to point out weaknesses and develop better habits! :D
  • woohookennywoohookenny Joined: Posts: 3
    Team: Dr. Strange/Strider/Dr. Doom or Iron Fist/Frank West (or Virgil)/Dormammu
    Skill: Intermediate

    Looking for sparring friends that I could play with regularly. Hoping to get better and develop better habits as well!
  • Blaise_12Blaise_12 Joined: Posts: 2
    PSN: Blaise_12
    5th lord
    Main team: Vergil, Dante and Wesker. srry for the team but I like the characters
    Sub team: Decent with the other 47 characters.
    Skill: I feel like I'm average but everyone I know says I'm above average.
    Not on PSN all the time but please feel free to add me.
    I wanna play against people of 7th to 3rd of any rank to get some practice and experience.
  • Blaise_12Blaise_12 Joined: Posts: 2
    Whoops! forgot my regional area. Canada. My connection is good.Sometimes it's laggy if someone is using the internet during the time I'm online.
    I think in Canada is Pacific time.
    Anyway I only play on weekends so please don't get impatient if you send me a friend request and I don't accept it for a bit.
    If you're going to add me too, don't forget to say that you're from shoryuken since this is the only site I'm on to face new people.
  • Walking0rgasmWalking0rgasm Joined: Posts: 236
    region: im in Miami Florida
    main team: She Hulk/Deadpool/Doom
    but im trying to learn new teams, so far i mess around with amaterasu, x23, captain america, iron man, etc.
    i like my main team but i want a second team, not sure why, but i do. im not a scrub but im not crazy good either. i guess it depends on the match up ive beaten some good players on ranked matches but ive lost to dantes spamming j.S.
  • blinktheskaterblinktheskater Joined: Posts: 3
    Xbox GT: blinktheskater
    Location: St. Paul, Mn
    Team: Nova/Frank/Doom
    Skill: Beginnerish, getting better, still need to learn more
  • FreshP90FreshP90 Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: FreshP90
    Skill level: low low low
    Teams: really dont have one but i use cviper/amatarasu/nova/nemesis


    looking for anyone to play with bet generaly would like to play good players so i can learn how to play more properly lol
  • bryan fungbryan fung Joined: Posts: 5

    Rank = Fighter
    "True rank" = fighter. I'm still learning a lot but I know some advanced stuff (wave dashing, cancels, combos, blocking)

    Sometimes I hate how this game allows so much spamming
  • AureiAurei Joined: Posts: 1
    I'll be posting my friend's info too, since he's a lazy bum lol.

    PSN: Aureilyn
    Region: West Coast, in SoCal.
    Teams: [Main] Trish / Vergil / Chun-li
    [Second] Dante / Vergil / Chun-li
    [Experimental] Trish / Jill / Chris
    Skill Level: "Amateur" rank. Still learning as I go : )
    I get asked a lot apparently if I'm a girl. The answer's yes *gasp*

    My Friend's:
    PSN: DeluxeGemini
    Region: Midwest, NE
    Teams: [Main] Vergil / Crimson Viper / Dorm
    [Second] Trish / Morrigan / Dorm
    Skill Level: "Beginner" rank. (I personally think he's ahead of me in regard of skill level. But we're about in the same boat in the long run)

    We're still fairly new to the MvC scene (only I'm new to the fighting scene overall), and looking for sparring partners/mentors around our level and above to keep up with practicing and such. We don't care about Win/Loss ratio, it's all about learning and of course, while having fun. We tend to lose our motivation since most of our PSN friends aren't into fighting games much. Evening and weekend times are usually when we're online. Mics are a definite for us for communication, but text chat still works. : ) Please leave a little note saying SRK or something when sending a FR. Thanks for reading and looking forward meeting and playing MvC with you guys ^^
  • AniMoneyAniMoney CFN ID: Airman Joined: Posts: 970
    Xbox GT: AniMoney
    Location: VA
    Characters: Wolverine, Frank West, Akuma, Wesker, trying to learn more though
    Skill: Average, trying to learn more characters to make new teams
    I play fairly often and prefer long sets if the connection is good. Happy to play people of any skill level, just add me.
    CFN ID/Steam: Airman
    SFV mains: Cammy, R.Mika (for now)
    SFIV mains: Balrog, Cammy, whomever I feel like
    I overthink everything and get bopped.
    Xbox gt- James aar0n
    Region-south tx,
    Skill-5th lord
    Teams-main(frank, Dante, akuma) secondary (Dante, wesker, akuma), play other characters as well

    Just looking for games and having fun
  • Blue LightningBlue Lightning Portuguese Fighter Joined: Posts: 860
    PSN: BLightning91
    Country: Portugal
    Rank: 4th lord
    Main Team: Nova/Frank/Hawkeye

    Looking to level up and have fun, feel free to add me
    SF5: Raaashiiiidoooooooo; Tier-whore: Chun-li
    UMvC3: Main: Nova/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu; Former Team: Nova/Frank West/Amaterasu; Casual/Dream Team: Magneto/Dante/Frank and Doctor Doom/Dante/Frank
    PSN ID: BLightning91
  • AbidingSlayerAbidingSlayer Joined: Posts: 4
    XBL: AbidingSlayer
    Region: Socal
    Rank: 7th Lord
    Teams: Main-Zero/Doom/Strider
    -Iron Fist/Doctor Strange/Hawkeye
    Skill: Easy mode combos......
    Any matchup is fine send a message along with request if you decide to add. Thanks~
  • mkeller73mkeller73 Joined: Posts: 397
    Team: I play everyone under the sun pretty competently though I am told my Hawkeye,Joe,Spencer are my best.
    Skill: Intermediate with brief flashes of advanced lol
    Rank: 7th lord
    Region: Philadelphia

    Looking for training partners who I can player match and first to 10 with regularly around 10-12 PM EST time on weeknights. Must have a mic and a decent attitude/connection! If you constantly bitch at everything (Occasionally I play filthy zoning/runaway) don't send me a request lol. Just put SRK in the request and lets get some games.
    P.S. I am more than happy to teach anyone who is open to the advice. Skill level does not matter.
  • The Legendary OneThe Legendary One Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN : ZerraDragon
    Team: Still looking
    Skill: Super Beginner
    Region: Maryland

    Looking for people to help me improve my game. Never really got into 2D Fighters but I like this one. Also to have fun.
  • Trei ShouriTrei Shouri Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL Tag: TOA Magus
    Team: Using team Devil May Cry for now. Trying to learn others.
    Skill: Beginner, definitely.
    Area: Florida.

    Got tired of the FPS scene, and I'm trying to get back into fighters. I can't be on nightly, but I am hoping to find people to practice with so I can get into the online scene.
  • $WAG_C0MB0$$WAG_C0MB0$ Joined: Posts: 26
    OK.... listen up all of you pathetic frauds.

    I'm the absolute best player on PSN @ UMvC3. If you dare challenge me, I promise to make you all look very bad. You guys are all scrubs, and I'm here to expose each and everyone of you who think you might be good.

    PSN: swag_combos

    Team: Straight ownage

    Weapon: Mystical sword of ownage

    Skill: Greatest player to ever walk the face of this universe

    Area: West Coast

    I'm looking forward to playing and beating all of you. Add me to get exposed.
    PSN: swag_combos

    Add me to get beaten at UMvC3, frauds.
  • SiriusBlackSiriusBlack Nice Joined: Posts: 4,100
    Let's get this over with so I can watch WNF.
    Wolv/Spencer/Akuma or Wesker/Doom/Spencer
    Spencer/Doom/Ammy or Mag/Doom/Ammy because A-bomb
  • ScreamScream Joined: Posts: 13
    OK.... listen up all of you pathetic frauds.

    I'm the absolute best player on PSN @ UMvC3. If you dare challenge me, I promise to make you all look very bad. You guys are all scrubs, and I'm here to expose each and everyone of you who think you might be good.

    PSN: swag_combos

    Team: Straight ownage

    Weapon: Mystical sword of ownage

    Skill: Greatest player to ever walk the face of this universe

    Area: West Coast

    I'm looking forward to playing and beating all of you. Add me to get exposed.

    I'll add you to see if you can back up your talk. I'm not the best, but certainly good. You promised to make me look bad.

    So if you don't, that'd be breaking your promise and thus, you'll be the fraud.
  • SiriusBlackSiriusBlack Nice Joined: Posts: 4,100
    Don't bother. That nigga dipped with the quickness. It's been a week and I haven't gotten a response.
    Wolv/Spencer/Akuma or Wesker/Doom/Spencer
    Spencer/Doom/Ammy or Mag/Doom/Ammy because A-bomb
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