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    Hey does anyone with an Atrox have time to take a few pics of how plugs / screws on top hold the plexi down? I am interested in making a custom stick, and I like how the Atrox has minimized the top protrusion screws / plugs. Ideally it would be nice having the plexi connected to the top so that it's completely flat with no exposed screw heads, but it's not really possible, since there needs to be something to hold it in place, like screws or a bezel.

    I would appreciate if I could get a few pics of the screw / plugs themselves, and the holes in the plexi. And also from underneath so I can see how they have connected the plexi to the case.

    I'm also wondering if there is any metal plate on the Atrox, and what thickness they used? Also any comments about flaws in the design would be interesting, don't want to repeat the mistake if it actually doesnt work well. e.g. loose or flimsley, rattles etc.
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    Is the Atrox worth the money, I am a college student so I will be tight on cash for a couple years, I will be playing MvC Infinite and Killer Instinct, if theres no cheaper option I will probably use the standard XB1 pad.
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    If you're only playing one Xbox One your options are limited in commercial market sticks. Go for it!
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    Hello, i think my x360 Atrox just died, it's not the cable since when i connect it, being the 360 or my PC, it recognizes i'm plugging something, but on the PC it just pops up the "USB device not recognized" bubble, and the lights on the panel won't turn on, i've been using it for over 3 years so, is it safe to say the PCB is just dead or is there something i could do about it?
    Update: I tried plugging a USB A to the 5 pin connector on the PCB and then plugging a USB male to USB male from the stick to the PC, same result, what else could i do?
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