Tekken Hori 360 Wireless Not Connecting to Adapter

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Okay, so I got the Tekken 6 bundle with the wireless stick for the Xbox 360. Next, I bought a wireless 360 receiver for my PC, and yes it is stamped with the Microsoft Seal of Approval, and plugged it in. But when I tried to connect my wireless fight stick to it, nothing happened. I followed every single piece of advice I could think of, including turning off ANYTHING wireless in surrounding area. I even turned off my cellphone and unplugged my mouse and router/modem. And, no the stick is not broken. It even turned on my 360 in the other room when I was trying to connect, so I had to pull the plug on it (the 360). After determining that it probably wasn't wireless interference, I decided to test if the adapter even worked. I got my regular controller, turned it on, hit the connection buttons on both devices and, voila, it worked. It still doesn't want to connect to my fight stick, even though everything else works.
Any ideas? Or should I get a different one to see if that helps? Or attempt to mod one/make one from spare 360 parts? Not that I have anything I can mod it with.


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    Really dumb question, did you put batteries into the Tekken Stick?
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    Yep. Made sure they were working, too. To confirm this, I checked that the lights were flashing when I turned it on and spinning when I tried to sync it to the adapter. No dice. Meaning that it was on, but still didn't connect.
    Anyways, thanks for putting that out there, stupid or not.
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    i was originally planning on doing the T6 wireless + official microsoft usb receiver for a livingroom mame setup and did a bit of research. im pretty sure the T6 stick should connect to the receiver. i mean, this guy did it. even tho i have yet to try it myself, im almost sure it works. since you're almost 100% sure the receiver is "official microsoft," maybe theres an issue with the T6 stick? do u have access to a 2nd T6 stick to rule this out? a 2nd PC and/or different drivers perhaps? sorry, just trying to throw some ideas your way that u may or may not have looked at yet. good luck with the project. keep us posted.
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    I do not to my knowledge, but I'll ask around and see if I can't find anybody else with one of these sticks. I also was thinking of buying another adapter and returning it if it doesn't work. We'll see.

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