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"HeatWare" ( ) is a community-based user feedback website that has been serving members of various message boards since 1999. HeatWare allows users to buy/sell/trade items with confidence by providing a history of the user's transactions via a rating and feedback system. In additional, HeatWare provides a collaborative tool (Trade Organizer) to track in real-time status updates on current transactions the user is engaged in. HeatWare is a 100% free site and has helped over 70,000 users in nearly 600,000 transactions.

I've gone to a few other trading forums that use this service (it's free). Since all of our feedback has been removed from this site numerous times, wouldn't it be better to have a place that is dedicated to online forum transaction feedback? Then when someone wants to see your trustworthiness as a buyer or seller, you can link them to your heatware feedback page. What do you guys think? This way when something happens, like a server change, you won't lose your feedback.

P.S. Sorry if this breaks a rule of some sort. Just a suggestion...
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