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MLG Pro Circuit Controller Thread

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I previewed this controller to some members of SRK Tech Talk at Devastation 2011. Thought I'd share the word here as well... Has anyone on SRK been keeping an eye on this project?

If not, here is some info:

Officially Licensed Major League Gaming™ Pro Circuit Controller

Designed to adapt to the gamers' unique preferences, the MLG Pro-Circuit Controller ships with a host of accessories and components allowing gamers to customize their gaming experience.

Created with the competitive gamer in mind, the Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controller has been engineered to offer performance above and beyond comparable controllers for a gaming experience like no other.

ProModule™ components swapped at will

Unique 'ProModule™' system allows key components of the controller to be swapped at will, allowing the analog thumbstick to be placed in two distinct positions on the face of the controller, or the analog thumbstick to be swapped with the placement of the D-Pad. Additional MLG ProModule kits including alternative analog and D-Pad designs will be available for purchase separately, offering a variety of colors, styles, features and textures.

High quality, three meter ProCable

High quality, three meter ProCable™ features a strengthened, fully braided design, securely screwing into the Pro-Circuit Controller, ensuring zero interference or drop-out during competitive play. With the ProCable fully detachable for safe transport, gamers need no longer loop their cable round their controller or worry about the consequences that a damaged or frayed cable may bring. Additional ProCable colors and lengths will be available to purchase separately.

Removable top and side faceplates

Removable top and side faceplates attach securely to the controller allowing individuals or clans to skin their controller and better suit personal preference or match team colors. Additional Controller Faceplates will be available at launch, providing gamers with the unique opportunity to customize their controllers' appearance.

Integrated weight system

Integrated weight system allows gamers to add or remove up to 70 grams of weight through the intuitive cartridge based system.


Included ProCase™ protects the controller and accessories from wear when not in use and proves ideal for tournament travel.

A premium controller for the premium gamer, the Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controller ships with the following components:
  • 1 x Base Controller
  • 2 x ProModule™ D-Pads
  • (ProModule™ X – Xbox 360 D- Pad Style and ProModule™ P – PlayStation 3 D-Pad Style)
  • 4 x ProModule™ Analog Sticks
  • (ProModule™ AX – Xbox 360 Analog Style and ProModule™ AP – PlayStation 3 Analog Style)
  • 2 x FacePlate Kit (Matte Finish and Glossy Finish)
  • 1 x ProCable™ (3 Meter Detachable Braided ProCable)
  • 2 x Integrated Weight Compartment Options
  • (Weight Cartridge with two Removable Weight Segments
  • – 35 Grams Each and L-Shaped Door Compartment – No Weights)
  • 1 x ProCase™ (Controller and parts storage case)


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