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The KOF XIII Hyper Guide is ultimately designed to be an emporium of relevant and detailed knowledge about all aspects of the latest version of KOF XIII. Each page will represent the most current level of knowledge on a subject and will be updated to accommodate or revise new findings. New KOF players should start learning the game by absorbing all the information and videos present in the wiki and then look into the game’s mechanics and characters. Look into everything!

This thread exists so that anyone may discuss new or incorrect materials for future wiki revisions; setups, descriptions, combos, formatting, video tutorials, etc... This method allows any poster to conveniently improve upon the guide while not needing to be registered for editing SRK’s wiki pages.

Topics such as general game questions or other matters of discussion are reserved for other threads. Try using the corresponding character thread to ask for advice, post match videos, and discuss strategies.

Please try to keep submissions relevant. For instance, new combos should be optimized for damage output, spacial advantage, meter build/deterrent, or an otherwise specific circumstance. Video documentation is not necessary, but a short explanation of why this combo is relevant should be provided.

If you have a submission to discuss then post in this thread or contact some of the main contributors. Most can be found on #SNKPlaymore @ or found here on SRK forums:



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