Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Can't connect to lobbies.

B.W.B.W. Joined: Posts: 9
So for about 1 hour my friend and I tried to invite each other to a lobby and it always failed. We'd never had this problem in Vanilla MvC3.

I can connect to ranked and player matches just fine we just can't join each others lobbies.

Anyone else experiencing these problems?


  • mtlermtler Super Dynamic! Joined: Posts: 465
    having the same issue...
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  • B.W.B.W. Joined: Posts: 9
    The issue fixed itself for us. Just stopped being a problem. No idea why it was happening but it's fine now.
  • WantonxWantonx Mooseknuckle Sammich Joined: Posts: 2,111
    It did it to me a lot today. Fine now though. Ghost in the code?
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