Don't Respond to Bot Threads

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For those that don't know, responding to bot threads is against the rules here at SRK. Why? It makes the bot scripts believe the forum is very popular and thus sends more spam our way. For whatever reason, people have started doing this again, so this is your warning.

If you want to help with the bot problem, simply hit the "Flag" link at the bottom left of the post and mark it Spam. A mod will deal with it ASAP.

Please only mark actual bot spam posts as Spam. Marking user posts as Spam will get you in trouble (even if you hate them or they are stupid): don't do it. If you have an issue with an actual user, instead either use the Ignore button on their profile, just politely ignore them, talk it out with them, or PM or @ a mod and explain why they're horrible.

Thank you for your help.

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    Perhaps you should sticky this................
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    Report function is now preferred to the (still sticked) GD bot reporting thread??
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    Just flag the bot for spam since that should still send the same alert to mods once it has enough flags.

    That, or PM your friendly neighborhood mod.
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    and how do you know it's a bot topic or not?)
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    If it's obviously a bot. : My giant archive of fighting game videos, centered around MvC2.
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