King of Fighters 13 Online Players List



  • AbbachioAbbachio NOBLEST BRAIN Joined: Posts: 1,821
    SRK Handle: Abbachio
    Gamertag: Mortum Kujo
    Console: Xbox 360
    Country/Region: UK
    Main Team: anyone with boobs and yes that does include Raiden
    {]UNiEL: Gordeau/Eltnum/Yuzuhira[}
    {]JoJo's: Jotaro/Hol/PolPol[} - {]KI: Jagi[}

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  • OMEGA BATTLECATOMEGA BATTLECAT E.M.S. Assassin founder Joined: Posts: 65
    SRK Handle: Omega Battlecat
    Gamertag: justdie-01
    Console: Ps3
    Country/Region: US/Maryland
    Main Team: Beni, Athena, Andy
    .....................E.................M...............S....... PROJECT DARKSIDE

  • CHNchilla89CHNchilla89 Joined: Posts: 964
    SRK Handle: CHNchilla
    Gamertag: CHNchilla89
    Console: Xbox360
    Country/Region: US/Georgia
    Main Team:: Duo/Kyo/Shen and Kula/Vice/Iori and any mix of those teams
    He told me my story was cool.

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  • 4r54r5 FIGHTAN VIDYA GAEMS Joined: Posts: 2,579
    SRK Handle: 4r5
    Gamertag: Fourer5
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: US/Maryland
    Main team: shrug
    Location: Maryland
    PSN: fourer5 // XBL: fourerfive
  • LiftedResearchLiftedResearch Real Honest Fighting Joined: Posts: 629
    SRK Handle: LiftedResearch
    Gamertag: thebackhorn925
    Console(s): xbox 360
    Country/Region: US/San Francisco, CA
    Main Team: Joe/Shen/K'....sometimes Leona/Kensou
    Remember the BEARcade 11/18/2005...RIP dear friend.

    Join Date: October 2004 :rofl:
  • Me1ted1ceMe1ted1ce Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: Me1ted1ce
    Gamertag: Me1ted1ce
    Console(s): ps3
    Country/Region: US/Fairburn, GA
    Main Team: Kyo/Yuri/Mature somtimes Robert,K',or another character
  • HellSapHellSap Plz dont let me die today Joined: Posts: 528
    Tag : HellSap
    Console : PS3
    Region : Portland, OR
    Team : Mai/Terry/Ryo
    Always and forever... Conspiring with the devil, conquering together
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  • FullMetalRossFullMetalRoss That Hurt! Liar... Joined: Posts: 3,860 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Tag: Fmross
    console PS3
    Region US West Pdx
    Team: Takuma, Ryo, Ralf, Vice, Hwa Jai, Duo Lon
  • Wolfgang457Wolfgang457 Shall We Dance? Joined: Posts: 116
    SRK Handle: Wolfgang457
    Gamertag: RaynerWolf
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Georgia, USA
    Main team: Don't really have one yet, still feeling the game out
  • KatakiKataki Yare yare daze Joined: Posts: 154
    SRK Handle: Kataki
    Gamertag: Explosive Snow
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: UK
    Main team: Vice, then probably King, the third one is still being decided
  • tROYISMtROYISM not just an alias. Joined: Posts: 160 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    SRK Handle: tROYISM
    Gamertag: tROYISM_
    Console(s): PS3 & 360
    Country/Region: Chicagoland
    Main team: Iori, Clark, King
  • MhintTeaMhintTea ~.Minty.~ Joined: Posts: 615
    SRK Handle: MhintTea
    Gamertag: Ekeiyo
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Lancaster, California (So Cal)
    Main team: Still trying out a few~
  • Nagato/Kisame1992Nagato/Kisame1992 Dat "dropped combo" feeling Joined: Posts: 667
    SRK Handle: Nagato/Kisame1992
    Gamertag: This Be Nagato
    Country/Region: United States, Alabama (Central Birmingham/Bessemer)
    Main Team: Shen/Andy/Iori(12')
    KOF13 characters I play: Kim/Andy/Iori/Ex Iori/Joe/Shen/Ex Kyo/Hwa/Kyo/K/Ralf/Mature and the list goes on.
  • BurningVigorBurningVigor *sigh* Joined: Posts: 247
    SRK Handle: BurningVigor
    Gamertag: SantaPoring
    Country/Region: SoCal
    Main Team: K`/Kyo/Kula for now
    KOFXIII - ExKyo / K` / Andy
    AH3 - Nazuna(Time) / Akane(anything)
    GGAC - Bridget / Johnny / Sol / Chipp / Order-Sol
    SSF4 - Guy / Sakura
  • keo-baskeo-bas Joined: Posts: 1,990
    SRK Handle: keo-bas
    Gamertag: keobas
    Console(s): Xbox 360
    Country/Region: Florida.
    Main team: Leon, Maxima, athena
    Seikuken Disciple
    "That Phantom Breaker Guy"
  • BeaMBeaM 「Elec!」 Joined: Posts: 332
    SRK Handle: BeaM
    Gamertag: HK_Karakusa
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: Van Nuys, CA. (SoCal)
    Main Team: Mai/Leona/Ralf
    「PSN: HK_Karakusa | XBL: PK Elec | :U | Max Anarchy Demo Champ? o ok 」
  • SynKyllerSynKyller TFA Founder Joined: Posts: 336
    SRK Handle: SynKyller
    Gamertag: TFA SynKyller
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: Detroit, MI
    Main team: Clark/Terry/robert/Kensou/Kim
    USFIV: Hakan/Elena/Thawk/Sagat | KI: Fulgore/Thunder | CvS2: Kim/Yamazaki/Geese
  • Big Texas AndrewBig Texas Andrew Joined: Posts: 18
    SRK Handle: Big Texas Andrew
    Gamertag: BigTexasAndrew
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: UK
    Main team: Mature / Billy / Benimaru
  • FakeVariableFakeVariable Bring CvS2 back's time... Joined: Posts: 36
    SRK Handle: FakeVariable
    XB360 Gamertag: FakeVariable
    PSN Name: A-Groove
    Country/Region: USA, Ann Arbor, MI
    Main Team: K'/Andy/Shen for now
    FACT: CvS2 is the best game ever.
  • KendrikKendrik Consider me Guilty Joined: Posts: 1,615
    SRK Handle: Kendrik
    PSN: KendrikTheRed
    Region: Menifee, CA (SoCal)
    Mains: Still undecided. Liking Ralf, Yuri, King, and Kyo, though.

    Loving this game, but not loving the netcode when tryna play people across the country.
    PSN: KendrikTheRed | Xbox Live: Kendrik The Red | Steam: []Kendrik
    I have a blog, stream gaming on Twitch.TV, and can be found on Twitter, too.
  • Poko4ShoPoko4Sho Joined: Posts: 8
    SRK: Poko4Sho
    PSN: Poko4Sho
    Region: Detroit, Michigan
    Team: K' / Ash / Andy / Kula / Experimenting with all.
  • DopeUyuuDopeUyuu wacha cha Joined: Posts: 427
    SRK: DopeUyuu
    PSN: DopeUyuu
    Region: Salinas, California
    Team: K'/ Andy/ Billy Kane

    나락에 핀 꽃 (The Flower Bloomed in Hell)
    currently stuck in my head ^__^
  • Jiraiya-Sama2390Jiraiya-Sama2390 Joined: Posts: 89
    SRK Handle: Jiraiya-Sama2390
    Gamertag: Jiraiya-Sama2390
    Console(s): ps3
    Country/Region: US/New Orleans, LA
    Main Team: Kim/Andy/Shen but I'm a noob
  • ThatMonkeyManThatMonkeyMan Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Handle: ThatMonkeyMan
    Gamertag: ThatM0nkeyMan
    Console(s): Xbox 360
    Country/Region: New York,USA
    Main Team: Still searching cause im not very good yet, but right now it is ( Terry, Benimaru, Joe)
    Just your average ordinary MonkeyMan....
  • Ska RobotSka Robot Joined: Posts: 7
    SRK Handle: Ska Robot
    Gamertag: SkaRobot
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: USA, Massachusetts
    Main team: None yet
  • Jaguar131Jaguar131 Joined: Posts: 1,239
    SRK Handle: Jaguar131
    Gamertag: Jaguar131
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: USA, South Carolina
    Main team: Kula/Yuri/Clark
    R.I.P sksksksksk222
  • Phantom AngelPhantom Angel The Divine One™ Joined: Posts: 27,767
    SRK Handle: Phantom Angel
    Gamertag: PhantomSRK
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: New York, U.S.A.
    Main team: Leona / Kula / Kyo
    "Old enough to know better, Young enough to not give a fuck"

    R.I.P. YusukeUrameshi aka Yusuke_The_Detective
    SRK Handle: Undead Turkey
    Gamertag: Undead Turkey
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: NJ, U.S.A.
    Main team: Leona / Ryo / Mai
  • Hatred EdgeHatred Edge No Ningens Allowed Joined: Posts: 16,582
    I'm going to start adding some of you guys. Since a good couple of you are East Coast, USA I want to try the connections.
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  • NoresGodOdinNoresGodOdin Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: NoresGodOdin
    Gamertag: NoresGodOdin
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: NJ, U.S.A.
    Main Team: K'/Iori(without flames)/Ash
  • KorigamaKorigama 所在無い Joined: Posts: 547
    SRK Handle: Korigama
    Gamertag: summerdrone
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: MI, USA
    Main team: Kula/Iori/Mature
    KoF XIII // Kula/Iori/Mature | 3S // Dudley (SA I) | TvC // Saki/Tekkaman Blade | BB // Tsubaki, Noel, Valkenhayn | MvC3 // Dante/X-23/Amaterasu
  • konkretekonkrete NCV Joined: Posts: 2,380
    SRK Handle - konkrete
    Gamertag - konkrete
    Console(s) - PS3
    Country/Region - Chicago, IL
    Main team - ralf vice yuri
  • PreywinderPreywinder VI Joined: Posts: 24
    How IS the netcode in this game? I've heard a lot of controversy. Will it be fixed, if anyone knows?
  • SuddenJoltSuddenJolt A Beast of Prey Joined: Posts: 16
    SRK Handle - SuddenJolt
    Gamertag - MetalBloodOcean
    Console - 360
    Country/Region - Hicksville, NY
    Main Team - K'/EX Kyo/King
    Currently doing my best to become involved with the fighting game community.
    KoFXIII Team: K'/Kyo/Clark --- SFxT Team: Kazuya/King --- "For Armor King!"
  • Fadedsun303Fadedsun303 Joined: Posts: 1,055
    SRK Handle-Fadedsun303
    Gametag- Faded_Sun
    Console- PS3
    Country/Region- Boston,MA
    Main Team- Joe/Takuma/Yuri
  • KendrickKendrick Joined: Posts: 270
    SRK Handle-Kendrick
    Console(s) - PS3
    Country/Region - Colorado, USA
    Main team - Raiden/Ash/Yuri -- Not 100% sure, and still working out the kinks.
    Yo, this is PrancingBlighterK.
  • Great_Dark_HeroGreat_Dark_Hero Sexy Fighting Game Renaissance Joined: Posts: 3,427
    SRK Handle: Great_Dark_Hero
    Gamertag: Great_Dark_Hero
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: Germany
    Main Team: EX Kyo, Leona, Mai
    ( I also frequently play as Duo Lon, Ralf, Elizabeth, Terry, Billy, Athena, Ash, King, Iori (Claw), Maxima, Kula, and K').
    Steam ID: | Twitch Channel: great_dark_hero
    PSN: Dark_Ice_Saiko
    Kyo / Luong / Geese [Mai, Shun, Leona, Terry, Mian, Mui Mui]


    Tekken 7
    Eliza [Geese, Xiaoyu, Jin, Lars, Lee, Steve, M.Raven]

    Hakumen [Azrael, Nine, Makoto]

    Ibuki [????????]
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  • M.D.M.D. digs older chicks Joined: Posts: 4,188
    SRK Handle: Maximusdread (M.D.)
    Gamertag: Dreaded_Lee
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: Virginia, USA
    Main Team: Ikari Warriors (Ralf/Clark/Leona)

    I also play Kyo, Raiden, Daimen, Maxima and a little bit of Hwa Jai.
    "I'm deeeeeaaaadd!" - Williams
    UMVC3: Shehulk/Haggar/Thor
    SSF4: Seth, Gen, Zangief
    KOFXIII: Kim Team, Ikari Warriors, Hwa/98 Kyo/Raiden
  • JinboltJinbolt Joined: Posts: 5
    SRK Handle: Jinbolt
    Gamertag: Hugo-KoF
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: USA, California
    Main Team: Takuma, Mature, Vice

    (Glad I found this thread. Online is always dead)
  • HagaishiHagaishi The lone fighter..........I live for the fight! Joined: Posts: 46
    SRK Handle: Hagaishi
    Gamertag: Hagaishi
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: USA, Philadelphia
    Main Team: Thats something for you to find out! Add me!
    Watashiwa Hagaishi desu, Dozo yoroshiku
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