King of Fighters 13 Online Players List



  • ToxicSlothToxicSloth Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: ToxicSloth
    PSN ID: ToxicSloth
    Console: PS3
    Region: Minnesota
    Team: Mai, Ralf, and Hwa Jai
  • Amun G. OsirisAmun G. Osiris Joined: Posts: 62
    SRK Handle: Amun G. Osiris
    XBL Tag: Kogan Gene
    Region: US/Chicago
    Team: Duo Lon, Elisabeth, Kim
  • Half-RoHalf-Ro Omae wa mo shinderu.... Joined: Posts: 1,996
    Gamertag: Halfrohalfamazin
    360 / Live
    Dallas, Texas
    Beni / K' / Kim

    Also play Duo / Someone from main team / Clark.
  • kimkim #Decimo# Joined: Posts: 13
    PSN ID: kimkaphan
    Team: Kyo, Terry, Iori.
    Sub team: Ex Iori, Mr. Karate, Shen

    I'm a experienced Kof player looking for a challenge
  • uber_johnsonuber_johnson The Silver Streak Joined: Posts: 433
    PSN ID: LordsOfXtreme
    Detroit, Michigan
    Team: Ex Iori, Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi
    Sub Team: Ryo, Robert and Mr. Karate

    I've been playing this game forever and when they brought this game out, they made it perfect. I play every fighting game possible but my mains are Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters and Soul Calibur. Play me anytime. Thanks.
    The Legend is back and I will become a Legendary fighter!! No one can stop a Legend.
    SSFIV: Ryu, Sagat, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Abel, Bison, Seth, Chun-Li and Juri
    Tekken 6: Asuka Kazama and Lei Wulong
    Mortal Kombat: Scorpion and SubZero
  • lampshade09lampshade09 all game, no shame Joined: Posts: 9
    SRK Handle: lampshade09
    Gamertag: lampshade09
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: NorCal, USA
    Main team: working on it
  • ReeseNiceReeseNice Joined: Posts: 15
    SRK Handle: ReeseNice
    Gamertag: ReeseNice
    Console(s): Xbox 360
    Country/Region: USA/Philly
    Main Team: Iroi(Flames), Ryo, Kyo
  • MankatMankat ლ(゚Д゚ლ) Joined: Posts: 2,174
    SRK Handle Mankat
    Gamertag Salty Mankat
    Console(s) 360
    Country/Region Minnesota US
    Main team Flame Iori/Yuri/Shen Woo

    My team seems to change a lot but I am liking this right now. I don't play that much but the main days I am on are Sunday and Monday. I am a very new player to KoF, so be easy (Though I am willing to take a challenge)
    TTT2--Main: Alisa Secondaries: Kunimitsu, Xiayou, Lars, and Miharu
  • rcorporonrcorporon Joined: Posts: 533
    SRK Handle: rcorporon
    Gamertag: Yewni
    Console(s) PS3
    Country/Region: Canada, Ontario
    Main team: none yet

    I should note that I'm just learning to play so anybody with experience will thrash me. I'm always looking to improve and don't mind getting thrashed to do it :).
    PSN: Yewni
    SFIV: Cody / Fei Long
    P4A: Kanji
  • MelficeXMelficeX Each Fight Is A New Lesson Joined: Posts: 23
    SRK Handle: Melfice X
    Gamertag: Melfice X
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: New Yorki, U.S.A.
    Main team: Andy/Ryo/Hwa

    Just got the game, looking to get better...Hit me up with a FR
    XBL Gamertag - Melfice X
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    My Twitch Stream
  • pfftpfft Maki Genryusai Joined: Posts: 98
    SRK Handle: pfft
    Gamertag : omicronpro
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: USEast
    Main team: none

    I'm really looking to fight and learn from people better than me.
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  • BUM BA KLATT512BUM BA KLATT512 Joined: Posts: 33
    SRK Handle: BUM BA KLATT512
    Gamertag : BUM BA KLATT512
    Console(s): XBOX
    Country/Region: AUSTIN, TX
    Main team: KYO, ROBERTO/ANDY, ???

    I'm really looking to fight and learn from people better than me.
  • KaboXxKaboXx FIGHTING CAT Joined: Posts: 3,704 ✭✭✭✭✭
    SRK Handle: KaboXx
    Gamertag : KaboXx
    Console(s): XBOX
    Country/Region: U.S.A, TX
    Main team: K',Ash,Saiki

    Been a long KoF fan but never was really of a good player. I recently picked up KoF13 now i want to really learn it feel free to hit me up for some games would like to play some of the srk peeps. Fair warning my skill lvl is really low but im working my way up to the top! :D
    3ds Fc-3797-6411-3706
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  • slowatchslowatch Joined: Posts: 8
    SRK handle- slowatch
    XBL gamertag- slowatch
    Location- New Hampshire, USA
    main team- Goro (might change to Clark) Vice, and King

    I'm somewhat new to KOF, and havent been able to play this one against anyone yet- so I've been in training mode A LOT, lol. I am not, however, new to fighters and I'm pretty good. Please, hit me up on xbl, here or e-mail.
  • KumaOsoKumaOso Trust Your Instincts Joined: Posts: 3,752
    SRK Handle: KumaOso
    Gamertag: KumaOso
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: Louisiana USA
    Main team: Athena/Mai/???

    Total noob at this game aside from some combos.
    TTT2: Xiaoyu/Jaycee
    Virtua Fighter: Come On Eileen
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  • JPeezyJPeezy Stay lit Joined: Posts: 21
    SRK Handle: JPeezy
    Gamertag: Da9thwonder
    Location: Sacramento, CA
    Main team: Nests Kyo/?/Shen

    Definitely need to get out of the lab and actually trying my combos on people
    UMVC3/KOFXIII player from Sacramento.

    Always down for some Halo or COD
  • DeadCrescendoDeadCrescendo Danmaku. All day, every day. Joined: Posts: 24
    SRK Handle: DeadCrescendo
    Gamertag: DeadCrescendo
    Console(s): PS3
    Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL
    Main team: Athena, Terry, Mai (Subject to Change)

    I literally JUST started at about 2 this morning. I'm in love with this game and would like to learn from more experienced players.
  • KrisppyKrisppy Joined: Posts: 155
    SRK Handle: Krisppy
    Gamertag: Xbox3krisppy (see what i did there?)
    Console(s): Xbox 360 (NOW do you see what i did there?)
    Country/Region: New York City , always down to play offline also.
    Main team: King, Yuri, Leona

    east coast only please, the connection is bad enough...
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  • omargs7omargs7 PSN: evil0mar Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK Handle: Dont have one
    Gamertag: evil0mar
    Console: Ps3
    Country/Region: North Georgia
    Main: Dont really have one im still practicing.
  • boomeeboomee AKING, RAVEN, Bruce, Dee Jay player Joined: Posts: 54
    COuntry USA WASH DC
    Main team not sure Iloke RObert, King, terrry, clark,Mr Karate and others
    INFERNAL DIVIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • xiceman191xiceman191 Joined: Posts: 1,013 ✭✭✭✭✭
    SRK Handle: Xiceman191
    Gamertag: Datdudeiceman191
    Console: PS3
    Region: Oklahoma,USA
    Main Team: Kyo/Andy/?
    Psn: Datdudeiceman191
    Umvc3: Main team: Nova/Spencer/Mags, Secondary: Dormammu/Strange/Magneto
  • Nightwing1990Nightwing1990 WING-NUTT Joined: Posts: 370
    Gamertag(s):Champloo0 + n0isey Cricket
    Console: Xbox 360
    Country/Region: New York, USA
  • NephinelNephinel Jill - Mistress of Wyverns Joined: Posts: 704 ✭✭✭
    hello...just got this game a couple of weeks ago

    really hard to find some random online matches

    Gamertag: Nephinel
    Console: Xbox 360
    Country/Region: U.S. - Atlantic North (Maryland)
    Main team: Ralf/Terry/Vice

    I'm usually on after midnight or late morning (Eastern Standard Time of course)

    not totally familiar with this game yet so don't expect much competition
    This battle is about to explode. FIGHT!
    PSN: Nephinel
    NNID: Nephinel
  • SesshaZLSesshaZL 春麗 豪鬼 Joined: Posts: 1,028
    PSN: SesshaZL

    Im terribad, live in southeastern NC, just send me a friend request or a game invite, usually on after 7 pm ish est
    50/50 post Hyoukusen mixup is dirty!!
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  • realkimrealkim Joined: Posts: 14

    RealKim KOF
  • Captan SovietCaptan Soviet Joined: Posts: 149
    I'm so free at this game but seek to improve so I want some sessions...
    PSN: Viewtiful_Noel
    Region: RGV, South Texas
    Main team: EX Kyo, Shen, Elizabeth

    Send me a request soon guys!
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  • meenymeeny Joined: Posts: 64
    XBL: meenyKO
    Region: Long Island, NY
    Main Team: Kyo, K`, don't have a third yet

    new to the game but not new to fighting games in general. Would like to get games in preferably someone a bit better than me but not someone whose gonna rape me unless they don't mind talkin to me later on what to improve =)
  • NyoronoruNyoronoru Vocaloid DLC Joined: Posts: 1,647
    XBL: Nyoro EH

    I'll be sending out some FR in the future to some of you guys in the Northeast.
    Life is too short to waste not trying your best!
  • KinXBinXKinXBinX KIDE Joined: Posts: 146
    Add me!
    PSN: Ottele5
    Region: Vacaville, Ca
    Team: EX Kyo, Billy, Mai

    I'm terrible at this game. I need more practice!
    "I'm not in danger, I AM the danger!" Walter White (Breaking Bad)
  • GrubletGrublet Button Masher Joined: Posts: 2,848
    SRK Handle: Grublet
    XBL: oFudgeoNutzo
    Region: St. Cloud, Minnesota
    Team: Ex Iori, Kyo, Elisabeth
    KOF13: Flame Iori/Ash/Kim
    P4A: Aigis
    XBL- Senor Grublet
  • XtraKurrikulaXtraKurrikula Capcom pugilist with the IQ of a computer whizz Joined: Posts: 344
    SRK Handle: XtraKurrikula
    Gamertag: XtraKurrikula
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: UK (good connection)
    Main team: Andy / Hwa / Robert

    Add me and lets get good
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  • LoneexodusLoneexodus Not a New Member Joined: Posts: 96
    SRK Handle: Loneexodus
    Gamertag: Count Demha
    Console(s): xbox live
    Country/Region: U.S.- New York City
    Main team: Some sort of Kyo, some sort of Iori, and Hwa Jai
  • SaikoXeonSaikoXeon Stardust Crusader Joined: Posts: 266
    SRK Handle: SaikoXeon
    Gamertag: SaikoXeon
    Console(s): Xbox360
    Country/Region: Utah, U.S.
    Main team: EX Kyo / K' (Mature?) / Shen
    Hold onto the night, there will be no shame.
  • ReversalReversal Joined: Posts: 202
    Psn: Bsem83
    Location: Ca, US
    Team: Duo Lon, Kyo, Kim, Vice

    Just started learning the game but plan on taking it very serious. Anyone with a good connection that I can level up with is welcome to add me for some games.
    SRK Handle: Hustla Da Rabbit
    Gamertag: Trill BG

    Console: Xbox 360
    Country/Region: Toronto,Canada
    Team:Not set
  • mkeller73mkeller73 Joined: Posts: 397
    SRK Handle: Mkeller73
    Console: Xbox 360
    Country/ Region: Philadelphia, US
    Team: Still Learning.

    Looking for that ever rare person to teach me a new game. I am a good marvel player and new to the 2d thing. Still enjoying it though.
  • Dojo005Dojo005 Joined: Posts: 28
    SRK Handle: Dojo
    Gamertag: Dojo005
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: US, Arkansas
    Main team: Yuri / Kula / Flame Iori

    This game is loads of fun but I'm a beginner at this.
    Blazeblue CSE: Platinum the Trinity, Relius Clover
    Skullgirls: Cerabella
    KOFXIII: K' / Athena / Flame Iori
  • IGetAroundIGetAround Joined: Posts: 11
    SRK Handle: IGetAround
    Gamertag: IGetAround FLCL
    Console(s):Xbox 360
    Country/Region: US - New Jersey
    Main team: Billy / King / Iori (Claw)

    im not good by any means but I like this game alot and wanna learn feel free to add me
  • AervidAervid Joined: Posts: 28
    Srk Handle: Aervid
    XBL GT: Aervid
    Region: SoCal
    Main team: K'/Shen/Beni

    I'm new to the game and just looking to get better at playing the game instead of just training mode. Hit me up for some matches!
    UMvC3: Viper/Dante/Strider or Trish/Viper/Doom
    SSF4:AE: Viper
    GG:: Slayer
    KoF XIII: K'(Maxima)/Kyo/Shen
    XBL: Aervid (If my game is anything other then the two above, its most likely my brother. But feel free to friend and invite anytime :P).
  • AirLancerAirLancer Just a touch of Honey Joined: Posts: 620 ✭✭✭
    PSN ID: AirLancer
    Country/Region: Okinawa, Japan
    Main team: Kula/K'/Robert
    KOF XIII: Kula/Iori/Kim
    If you're in the NYC area and want to play some KOF XIII, hit me up!
  • G.SynthesisG.Synthesis nom nom....wait.... Joined: Posts: 169
    SRK Handle - G.Synthesis
    Gamertag : Gsynth
    Console - 360
    Country.Regoin - USA, East coast
    Main team : No idea yet
    Badger GET!
  • kupokupo The Moogle King Joined: Posts: 53
    SRK Handle: kupo
    Gamertag: cerzzz
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Portugal, Europe
    Main Team: K' / Elisabeth / Yuri
  • pjj5001pjj5001 Joined: Posts: 164
    SRK Handle: pjj5001
    Gamertag: pjj5001
    Console: Xbox/360 but I only have KOF for 360 atm, but I do have a PS3 and will purchase a copy if someone wants to regularly play with me.
    Country: USA/NJ
    Main Team: No idea

    Brand new to the KOF series since I'm bored of the current line up of capcom games. Want to learn, get better, make friends, etc etc
  • RossCoRossCo Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: RossCo
    Gamertag: RossCoBrit
    Console: 360
    Country: UK (Leeds)
    Main team: Clark, Kyo, Terry

    I am absolutely terrible at this game, played 3 won 0. But if people are getting started and want to grind some games out to improve feel free to shout.
  • PoretPoret 12 yr old scrub on XBL Joined: Posts: 155
    SRK Handle: Poret
    Gamertag: ThatKidPoret
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: New Jersey
    Main Team: EX Kyo and whoever else I fell like playing
    XBL: ThatKidPoret
  • Alternate275Alternate275 ★TOURNEY HOST★ Joined: Posts: 1,030
    SRK Handle: Alternate275
    Gamertag: CR2 Alternate
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: Georgia
    Main team: DuoLon, K', Shen Woo
    "Proud representative & overseer of Crew Round 2" :D
    PSN: CR2_Alternate | XBL: DRS Alternate | Skype: Alternate275
    King of Fighter XIII | Guilty Gear Xrd | BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma | Ultra Street Fighter 4
  • Vlad7779311Vlad7779311 Joined: Posts: 372
    SRK Handle: Vlad7779311
    Gamertag: Vlad7779311
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Tallinn, Estonia
    Main team: Still building a team, but I pick EX Iori, King, Mature, Elisabeth and Billy Kane a lot.
    Playing as:
    UNIEL: Yuzuriha, Gordeau
    BBCPEX: Bullet
    GG Xrd: I-No
    Nitroplus Blasterz: Ethica
    SF5: Karin
  • ProjectRainProjectRain Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Handle:...?
    Country/Region:Florida,USA(originally NY)
    Main Team: Leona, K, Kyo, Robert, Ralf, Vice, Mature,Iori(or alternate flames)Terry,Andy
  • DrunkenSnakeDrunkenSnake Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Handle: DrunkenSnake
    Gamertag: Drunken_Snake
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: EU, Czech Republic
    Main team: Ash, Kyo, Ryo/Leona (not my final team though, still not decided who to play)

    Looking forward to some matches since I have yet to see a proof that this game actually has an online! D:
  • MxyzptlkMxyzptlk Joined: Posts: 51
    SRK Handle: Mxyzptlk
    Gamertag: MxyRealm
    Console(s): Xbox
    Country/Region: US/ So. Cal
    Main team: Yuri, Kula, Kim

    I just got the game so I'm pretty terrible

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