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King of Fighters 13 Online Players List



  • Violent RyoViolent Ryo Mistuurrr KaraTEH! Joined: Posts: 382
    SRK: Violent Ryo
    PSN: Violent_Ryo
    Currently in Pakistan, Asia
    Profile Team: Ryo Robert Takuma/Mr. Karate (Art of Fighting Team), and others in non ranked matches
    KOFXIII: Ryo Rob Tak (Art of Fighting Team)
    KOF 98UM: EX-Ryo Brian Kyo Terry Eiji Tak
    SSFIVAE: Dan
    KOF XI: Ryo (Leader) + 2 Random
  • SuicidalGrandpaSuicidalGrandpa Undeniably Free in 3S Joined: Posts: 3,484 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    SRK Handle: SuicidalGrandpa
    Gamertag: Sir Web Slinger
    Console(s): Xbox
    Country/Region: Oregon, US.
    Main team: Yuri, Mr. Karate, Shen

    Starting out at the moment, but love the game. down for long sets or quick matches.
    PSN: SGsrk
  • skooksAKAskooksskooksAKAskooks Joined: Posts: 7
    SRK Handle: skooksAKAskooks
    PSN: skooksAKAskooks
    Console: PS3
    Region: Virginia, US
    Profile Team: K'/Ash/Claw Iori, though Ash is the only one I don't swap out regularly. I also use Shen, EX Iori, Kula, Kyo, and Ryo fairly often.

    I'm pretty new to fighting games, and this is the first KOF I've played, so I suck pretty hard. But I have a lot of fun with this game anyway, so I don't mind losing a lot to gain experience.
  • Tevin T@lB@iNTevin T@lB@iN The Wandering Warrior Joined: Posts: 9
    SRK Handle: Tevin T@lB@iN
    Gamertag: Tevin_Talbain
    Console(s): Playstation 3
    Country/Region: Florida, USA
    Main team: Yuri/K'/Andy
    AE: Guy/Ibuki
    KOF: Yuri/K'/Andy
    Blazblue: Valkenhayn
  • DontTaseMeBroDontTaseMeBro Joined: Posts: 10
    SRK Handle: DontTaseMeBro
    Gamertag: D0ntTaseM3Br0
    Console(s): Xbox 360
    Country/Region: Saginaw, MI, USA
    Main team: Athena/Yuri/Kyo
  • Tye@lTye@l Plays every 2D beat-em-up Joined: Posts: 137
    SRK Handle: Tye@l
    Gamertag: Tyeal
    Console(s): Xbox
    Country/Region: Northwest Las Vegas
    Main team: Ralph(K')/Hwa Jai(Benimaru)/Shen Wu(Terry)
    I may not be the most knowledgeable fighter, or the most experienced. But I like to help and offer whatever advice I can, when I can.
  • Bob199Bob199 Joined: Posts: 65
    SRK handle: Bob199
    Gamertag: B0b199
    Console: Xbox360
    Country/Region: Taiwan/Asia
    Main Team: King/Hwa/Joe
  • haltoniahaltonia Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: Haltonia
    Gamertag: Haltonia
    Console: XBOX
    Country/Region: Manchester, England
    Main Team: non existant
  • JesseJesse Joined: Posts: 70
    SRK Handle: Jesse
    Gamertag: jesse4thrash
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: NorCal
  • MCWafflMyxxMCWafflMyxx Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK handle: MCWafflmyxx
    Gamer tag: OniNiKana6o
    Console: XBOX360
    Region: Boston
    Haven't picked a team yet. Just started playing the game, needless to say I am pathetically awful.
  • LowLight 1614LowLight 1614 Joined: Posts: 8
    SRK: LowLight 1614
    PSN: Lowlight1614
    Still learning, so far I've been using K', Terry, Kyo
    XBL: LowLight 1614
    PSN: Lowlight1614
  • Cartr1dgeBasedCartr1dgeBased Joined: Posts: 15
    SRK: Cartr1dgeBased
    PSN: Cartr1dgeBased
    Region: Boulder, CO
    Team: Hwa and still working on the rest

    I'm pretty new to fighting games but have been playing alot of KoFXIII and SSF4AE the past week or two and am looking to improve. New to sticks too, but been loving my Q4.
    PSN/XBL/Steam/Origin: Cartr1dgeBased
    Sticks: QanBa Q4, Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick
    Games: SS4AE, KOFXIII, 3rd Strike MvC2, Skullgirls, P4A (bad at all of them)
  • ParrotProphetParrotProphet I love movies Joined: Posts: 156
    SRK Handle: ParrotProphet
    Gamertag/XBL: ParrotMan01
    Console: 360
    Country/Region: California, the southern region of it.
    Main Team: Kula, King, and I'm still working out a third character. Feeling the game out as you will.
    HDR: Fei Long, Ken / GGAC+: Sol, Johnny
    VFFS: Jacky, Sarah, Lei(for fun)
    P4A, 3rd Strike, and KOF XIII are all TBA.
  • Don CalzoneDon Calzone Joined: Posts: 292
    SRK Handle: <--
    Gamertag: Try2HandleThis
    Console(s): Xbox
    Country/Region: Berlin, Germany
    Main team: Hwa, Saiki, Ryo/Yuri

    Would be really cool with some decent level euro players. Haven't found any at all actually... (Scrub/Pro level is cool as well ;))
    Slice me nice.
  • Eripio69Eripio69 Joined: Posts: 72
    PSN ID: eripio69
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: Cyprus/ South Europe
    Main team: Takuma/ Vice/ King

    If you are close to me please add me to train together and have fun :)
  • Alternate275Alternate275 ★TOURNEY HOST★ Joined: Posts: 1,036
    SRK Handle: Alternate275
    Gamertag: DRS Alternate
    Console: XBOX 360
    Country/Region: United States, GA
    Main team: Kyo, DuoLon, ShenWoo
    "Proud representative & overseer of Crew Round 2" :D
    PSN: CR2_Alternate | XBL: DRS Alternate | Skype: Alternate275
    King of Fighter XIII | Guilty Gear Xrd | BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma | Ultra Street Fighter 4
  • PiccoroPiccoro Joined: Posts: 75
    SRK Handle: Piccoro
    Gamertag: PiccoroDaimaoh
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Portugal, Europe
    Main team: Don't have one, just got the game today. I used to main the Art of Fighting team in the 90's KOF's. Planning on using those, and the Fatal Fury team, and King and Hwa Jai! (Fatal Fury 1 nostalgia)! :)
    PSN: PiccoroDaimaoh
  • aegis&brothersaegis&brothers The Dark Knight Sparda Joined: Posts: 31
    SRK Handle: aegis&brothers
    Gamertag: Fwindows98
    Console: XBOX 360
    Country/Region: United States, CA
    Main team: Terry, K', Takuma
    Not a lot of people are on this game, and I really want to play people. Play me if your close.
    3S: Yang, Urien, Ken
    AE: Cody, Adon
    Cvs2: Rock,Yamazaki,Geese
    UMVC3: Vergil, Wesker, Hawkeye
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  • RonDissectedRonDissected Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Handle: RonDissected
    Gamertag: RonDissected
    Console: XBOX 360
    Country/Region: United States, NJ/NYC
    Main team: Don't have one, just recently got the game. If I had to choose though- King, Mr. Karate, and Yuri. Total noob to the KOF series, but definitely want to get into it. Hear netplay is shotty, but add me anyways if you wanna play here and there.
  • endymion17endymion17 Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: Endymion17
    Gamertag: Endymion17
    Console: PS3
    Country/Region: USA
    Main Team: Kensou/Terry/Athena, although I'm best with Kensou. I'm still feeling out the other characters.
  • jc349jc349 Joined: Posts: 14
    SRK Handle: jc349
    Gamertag: jc349
    Console(s): xbox 360
    Country/Region: USA/NY,NJ,PA area
    Main Team: Don't have one yet, most def need someone to help me out and spare with lol. Thinking Hwa, the karate guy (lol), and maybe shen or the drunk old dude.
  • YorKeYYorKeY SFV sucks Joined: Posts: 8,122
    Back into KoF...
    XbL: iYorKeY
    Yuri, Elizabeth, Ex Iori/ Regular Kyo
    Dota 2 player.
    SFVAE: No one and everyone (Yun in the future)
    Currently playing: Tekken 7 & Rise of the Tomb Raider
    If you play MvC click this link for kreygasm
    I do art things with my hands, music things too.

  • PyrexHDPyrexHD Joined: Posts: 20

    SRK Handle - PyrexHD
    Gamertag - P y r e x H D (yea with the spaces)
    Console(s) - XBOX 360
    Country/Region - USA/EAST COAST (MIAMI,FL)
    Main team - Not too sure yet, But I have been playing with Kyo, King and Shen lately.
  • bimmyvandalbimmyvandal Joined: Posts: 12
    SRK Handle: bimmyvandal
    Gamertag: Bimmy_Vandal
    Console: PS3
    Main Team: Benimaru, Andy, Raiden, and I suck with all of them! Bring it on!
    PSN: Bimmy_Vandal
    XBL: bimmy v
  • GemakaiGemakai Making this look cool! Joined: Posts: 1,088
    edited July 2013
    SRK Handle: Gemakai
    PSN: Gemakai
    Console: PS3
    Country: US/East Coast
    Main Team: Clark/King/Leona, looking to learn Kyo, K', Mai, Takuma
    BBCP: Kokonoe, Bullet | GGXrd: Slayer, Elphelt, Ky | Skullgirls: Cerebella, Filia, Beowulf,
    SFxT: Elena, Dudley, Vega, Asuka, Julia, Paul | USF4: Vega, Makoto, Elena, Decapre, Dudley

  • RadicalFuzzRadicalFuzz Invading Pokopon's Courtrooms Joined: Posts: 4,795
    Xbox Gamertag: The G 39
    Country: USA - Texas
    Main Team: Looking to be X/Karate/Kyo
    I am the one true frog.
  • ZeroUnlimZeroUnlim PSN/GGPO: ZeroUnlim Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: ZeroUnlim
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: US/New York City, New York
    Main Team: Mature/Iori/Kyo
  • CircuitBearCircuitBear Joined: Posts: 9
    SRK: CircuitBear
    Gamertag: Epitagh
    Console: Steam(PC)
    Country/Region: US
    Main Team:(Still new but my current is) Vice, King, Leona
  • tegafarutegafaru Joined: Posts: 5
    edited November 2013
    SRK: tegafaru
    Steam Name: tegafaru
    Console: Steam(PC)
    Country/Region: UK
    Main Team: (Just started) King, Clark, Kensou
    Post edited by tegafaru on
  • JulperoJulpero Joined: Posts: 771
    SRK: Julpero
    Steam: jholtta
    Console: PC and PS3 (probably not playing on it since the online's bad)
    Country/Region: central Finland
    Main team: probably Duo Lon, Vice and Chin. I might switch Duo for either King or EX Iori.

    If you're somewhere in Scandinavia or close then feel free to add me on Steam. I've just started learning the game so I've mostly done only combo-practice until now.
    Steam: Julpero
    Psn: julpro

    SFV: Dhalsieeeem
    kof 13: Kensou, EX Kyo, Takuma, Hwa Jai, Chin
  • YajirobeFromDCYajirobeFromDC 1v1 mid shadow fiend 32-0 master of defensive laning and pseudo denying Joined: Posts: 23
    Main Team: (still new) Duo Lon,Joe,Beni(may change in the future)
  • NYC_EonNYC_Eon Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Handle: NYC_Eon
    Gamertag: ManifestEon
    Console(s): 360
    Country/Region: US/NYC
    Main team: Kura, Ralf, Athena (Still learning the ropes)
  • COMMONSENSECOMMONSENSE Veni Vidi Vici Joined: Posts: 564
    SRK: Commonsense
    Steam: Commonsens8
    Console: xbox Professionaleon
    Country/Region: US North Carolina
    Main team: Ryo, Karate, Kim (Beni too)
  • SharntSharnt Joined: Posts: 356
    If you are from western part of europe you can join the KOF13 France groupe, there is roughly 400ppl here with 50 or so regular players.

  • marblehousemarblehouse Joined: Posts: 19
    srk: marblehouse
    Steam: marble house
    Location: Canada, Alberta, Edmonton
    Main Team: Terry/Iori/Daimon or Karate/EX Iori/Terry
  • MadVash2005MadVash2005 Joined: Posts: 8
    edited December 2013
    srk: MadVash2005
    Console: Xbox 360, PC
    Steam: dlbman22
    Xbox Live: SugeNeezy
    Main Team: Kim, Raiden, Athena

    Just bought the game off of Steam and still a bit rusty from not playing in a while.
  • streetcocostreetcoco Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK: streetcoco
    Steam: serenadesx
    Console: PC
    Country/Region: US California
    Main team: Clark, Iori, Kula

    I am a complete beginner, always ready to be your sandbag! :D
  • MatchatMatchat Joined: Posts: 44
    SRK: Matchat
    Steam: pumpedaaron
    Xbox 360 gamertag: Pumped Aaron

    Consoles: Xbox 360, PC

    Country/Region: US Washington State
    Main Team: Hwa, Kensou, Clark

    Generally a novice to competitive fighting games, let alone King of Fighters XIII, but at least I have about a year of experience under my belt so far.
  • Great_Dark_HeroGreat_Dark_Hero Sexy Fighting Game Renaissance Joined: Posts: 3,475
    Minor Update.

    Steam: GDHKOF
    Main team and subs are in the sig.
    Country: Germany
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GDHTP | Twitch Channel: great_dark_hero
    PSN: Dark_Ice_Saiko
    Kyo / Luong / Geese [Mai, Shun, Leona, Terry, Mian, Mui Mui]


    Tekken 7
    Eliza [Geese, Xiaoyu, Jin, Lars, Heihachi, Lee, Steve, M.Raven]

    Cammy [Menat, Sagat(?), Ryu]
    Come to dreamcancel.com for KOFXIV FAQS, wiki-updates, and mini-guides!

  • keyboardcat001keyboardcat001 To be a man you must have honor and a penis! Joined: Posts: 27
    edited March 2014
    Steam: khaaaN
    Console: PC
    Country/Region: US California

    -Kyo, Shen, Takuma

    need people to play :( it is so dead
    3DS FC#
    khaaaN. 1676 - 3695 - 1897
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