King of Fighters 13 Online Players List



  • blufangblufang Devour! Joined: Posts: 4,487
    Steam: fangore
    Console: PC Steam
    Country/Region: US/Midwest (Chicago)

    -Duo Lon, Elisabeth, Shen

  • B_RaBBiiTTB_RaBBiiTT Xrd: Zato SF5: Laura Twitter @Official_JRD PSN aBoB_Ryn Joined: Posts: 325
    srk handle: B_RaBBiiTT
    Gamertag: o 2 RawWw o
    Country: New York
    Main team: I don't really know who to put second but i normally run king iori & kyo

  • KomatikKomatik Card demon Joined: Posts: 2,669
    Region: Europe/Finland
    Xrd: ? | ST: Claw, Ryu, O.Sagat | 3S: Chun-Li, Akuma
  • KonomaruKonomaru Joined: Posts: 51
    SRK Handle: Konomaru
    Gamertag: Konomaru
    Console(s): PS3/PC
    Country/Region: UK
    Main team: Andy, EX Kyo, Ex Iori
  • HaradeasHaradeas Joined: Posts: 13
    edited August 2014
    SRK Handle: Haradeas
    Gamertag: Haradeas
    Console(s): PS3
    Country/Region: Europe: The Netherlands

    Playing alot now a days but I started playing only after evo 2013 :p so I am a bit late :( and still rather nooby but I love kof ( played 94' in the arcade halls in the good old days )
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  • Shawn_MichaelsShawn_Michaels Joined: Posts: 9
    edited February 2015
    Steam: Shawn_Michaels
    Console: PC Steam
    Country/Region: Bulgaria/Europe
    Main Team: Terry,Athena,Kensou
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  • TheGoodLoserTheGoodLoser Joined: Posts: 150
    edited February 2015
    Steam: owarlock360o (shows as The Good Loser)
    Console: PC Steam
    Country/Region: Germany/Europe
    Playing Kim / Kyo / and can't decide for a third maybe Shen

    I just got back into the game since the first time i saw KoF / Fatal Fury as a kid so I'm not that well versed. Would be glad to have a sparring partner :) (Got Voice too, speak fluent English as well).
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