So, I did something I thought you guys might get a kick out of!

ComatonicComatonic Oily BastardJoined: Posts: 41
I finally made my stick art and finished customizing it for NEC (I'm going, but I won't be doing too well! XD)

I thought I would share it with my oily brethren to enjoy!



  • yesyes Joined: Posts: 224
    I don't like it, but... well, to each his own i guess.
  • FoolinfectionFoolinfection Big fish in a little pond 4 LIFE Joined: Posts: 2,426
    I GET IT!
    Welcome to the internet. God help you if you have an opinion.

    I should start keeping written letters in sealed envelopes when I go to tournaments. If i get bodied, I give them one, and when they open it up it says "fuk u"

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