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are you tired of going to ranked only to get scrubs and free players?

wanna level up in player matches but the opponents leaves before you can get a set in?

you play UMVC3? (why?)

then come on down to the UMV3 lobbies hosted weekly right here on SRK!

every me and onlywingedangel will host UMVC3 lobbies for SRK. don't be afraid to join in, we don't care if your free or combofiend. we all want to level up and we all want to have fun!

i will post when lobbies are open in this thread. please leave your GT/PSN tag here in this tread in order to get and invite....OR you can send your GT/PSN to the following names and get an invite:

Jamal313: swiperdafox313 (360)
OnlyWingedAngel: ONLYWINGEDANGEL (psn)

1. this thread also serves as a matchmaking thread as well. tho the difference is i usually will invite people who ask to play when i am available to play. that being said, please feel free to start you're own lobby here for people to play. it would not only make it easier for me and OWA but for others as well who want to play on certain times

2. since this thread has become quite popular. i've decided that if me (or OWA) Invite you on more then one occasion and you don't accept it on multiple times. then we're gonna assume you don't want to play us in the lobbies and won't bother you anymore. however if you feel you want to play. please post here.

3. if you do start a lobby ALWAYS keep it at space for 8 since alot of people want to play. also i advise you don't do a public lobby to avoid scrubs people who can't play the game right. however this is totally up to you!

4.Remember we all are here to have fun and level up so don't be afraid to ask questions to other people you might learn something New!!
We're looking at 7-9 EST for friday/saturday for the sessions as an estimate. Do note this is an ESTIMATE not guranteed.
We're looking to record and upload every weekly session, hopefully you can get someone on XBL with recording equipment.

recorded PSN matches

360 LOBBY STREAM (dates varry so be sure to follow!)

Remember....there are only 8 spots in the lobby! so if you don't get a response then it probaly means the lobby is currently full ATM but we will try to invite whoever post there name. remember is 1st come 1st serve.

hope to have fun with all you marvel heads! :D

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any salt or lag that will get documented. ragequits will be made fun of in the best way possible. #STAY FREE
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