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umvc3 training

The_No_More_HeroThe_No_More_Hero Frank West has covered wars you know...Joined: Posts: 35
Could anyone play a few matches with me on xboxlive to analyze my play and tell me how could improve My gamertag:Raikage Shinobi
STV:Alex, Mika


  • WhatsThisItchWhatsThisItch Beware of Doom! Joined: Posts: 1
    I'm not a pro but I'll train with you. XBL: Whatsthisitch
    XBL: WhatsThisItch
    UMVC3: Wolverine/Wesker/Doom!
    Black Ops ATW.
  • Chipp Zanuff v5Chipp Zanuff v5 Tell me where it hurts.... Joined: Posts: 917
    you can add me if you want, im ok i guess
    XBL: Bus Orez

    Guilty gear xrd: ky
    USF4: Zangief
  • Smooth ZodSmooth Zod Joined: Posts: 11
    Ya add me all so, Iam new to the game all so.

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