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    Super Desperation Open event archived to youtube.

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    Dropping some misc. info. I don't have the video editing skills to provide and compile footage of my findings so this is the best I could do. It's unfortunate because visual aide is an invaluable means of learning when it comes to fighting games. It's also easier to distribute information cross-culturally as fg videos tend to be self-explanatory. Hope this info can still be useful despite the shortcomings.

    Throw Option Selects
    About half the cast (Dao, Rila, Pielle, Condor) possess strong throw OS's that allow them to throw (obviously) or perform a close normal attack when the opponent is in an unthrowable state - usually they will be airborne resulting in an anti-air attack in the latter situation. The remainder of the cast has relatively weaker throw OS's and can result in heavy retaliation if their throw attempts are baited or evaded. However, these characters with weaker throw OS's can compensate for this weakness with the use of certain button combinations, exploiting how the game's button priority works.

    E.g. Tia
    Heavy Kick has priority over Heavy Punch so when both are pressed at the same time the Heavy Kick will have precedence always. Tia's close HP (gut punch) is, without a doubt, ineffective as an anti-air. Close HK on the other hand angles up above her head, has a lot of active frames, and starts up relatively fast. Using HP+HK to throw, Tia will instead perform throw when close or if opponent isn't in throw range the option for a far more effective anti-air becomes available in this instance. The Bonus: Tia can juggle with super after an anti-air HK connects!

    Much like Tia's situation, Saizo too has a very weak close HP as an anti-air and can resort to this OS's to alleviate the issue when attempting throws. The bonus to juggle with a super (flames or bird/frog) after hitting an airborne opponent is available to him as well.

    This OS is rather interesting with Rila. She already has a strong OS throw due to how her close HP works (fast upward claw strike) but the close HK can be used in a similar manner AND gives her the bonus option of evading lows! Yes, her close HK (a backflip/somersault) leaves her airborne momentarily, allowing her to stuff extreme low strikes (e.g. Sho's crouch LK). On top of this, from close HK Rila can link into a crouch LP or crouch LK then combo into a wind/fire punch for a slick conversion. And if this wasn't good enough, the somersault hitbox extends behind and above her head, making it useful as an anti-air as well (although the startup is a bit slower than her close HP).

    Alsion III
    Again, Kicks have button priority over Punches and this command will result in Alsion performing his Axe Kick (LK+HK). Alsion players have a tendency to start mashing throws when things get hectic (can you blame them though?). This OS's can be useful for defensive throwing since the LK+HK has fast startup and strikes above his head far more effectively than his stand-alone HP or b+HP can.

    Tia #2
    d, db, b (hold briefly) +HP+HK OR d, db, b (hold briefly) +HP+LK
    This throw OS is pretty interesting: When outside of throw range, Tia will perform her Soul Spike/Crackshot (qcb+K) and inside throw range a back throw will be performed. What's especially good about this particular OS is that both the HK and LK versions of Soul Spike possess invulnerability frames (HK version has enough to easily pass through some dp-type specials and super moves) so Tia can effectively go for throw while also evading the opponent's reversal attempts. By performing qcb, f (hold briefly) +HP+HK/LK, Tia can retain her positioning without having to worry about throwing them to the opposite side (e.g. out of the corner).

    qcf, hcf, uf+LP+LK
    This command makes use of Maherl's devastating supers, genie (aka KADABURA) and his 360+K command throw, and again exploits the button priority mechanics. If the opponent is in throw range, the first qcf command will be ignored and the second half of the command (hcf, u) will be registered as a 360 command (LK has priority over LP here so genie will be omitted). Should the opponent be in an unthrowable state, the genie pops out and grants some wishful thinking of you escaping from this lameness. This technique can be easily applied in post-belly flop (LP+HP) setups.

    Note About Jump Command Null
    So Breakers Revenge has a weird feature with commands involving up which was probably implemented to limit input errors (making commands like 360s simpler). Inputting [several directions] that [are not] up then inputting up immediately followed by another non-up direction will result in the up command being nullified thus canceling out the jump altogether. I believe this feature is also what makes commands like standing 720 with condor extremely easy to execute. Aside from that, myself and one of my stream viewers got the brainstorming when I was messing around with Maherl a while ago and combined other features/exploits to execute his 360+k command with little risk involved.

    Negative Edge + Jump Command Null
    Press and hold K then b, ub, u, uf, f, df, d, db + Release K
    Press and hold K then 47896321 + Release K

    Press & hold K then hcf, uf, db + Release K
    Press & hold K 4123691 + release K

    By performing this command QUICKLY, maherl can execute a safe 360 against potential reversal attempts AND not have to worry about accidentally jumping due to how the command interpreter handles the above command. Maherl's 360 super also has NO WHIFF/STARTUP ANIMATION and makes use of the negative edged K allowing him to defend and attack at the same time whenever he's command throw range! (This is apparently reminiscent of WW Gief 360 shenanigans).

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    "Regardless of what they knew and could do, the 360 d-pad undid them." - Book of Rioting Soul
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    Even More Throw OS's
    Here are a few more throw OS's to generate some ideas for those who may be experimenting with them. Wouldn't be surprised if there are stronger OS's out there waiting to be discovered.

    Maherl + Balloono
    This requires a quick strum (~) to LP+LK after attempting a throw. When opponent isn't in throwable state, balloono will execute. This can be usefull when performing defensive throws as it lets you escape some pressure sequences in the event you guess incorrectly for the throw attempt.

    Opponents weary of the strength of Pielle's normal throw OS (b/f+HP) tend to back off just out of throw range to bait it out and punish with a low or simply back off in anticipation of a reversal. LK+HK will execute if out of throw range and will probably catch the opponent off guard. Additionally, it can be used in pressure to hop over low mashing while attempting throws.

    A strum and technique similar to how Maherl's Balloono throw OS works. HP+LP (electric palm) has insane invuln and can be scary to attempt to mash/reversal against when going against this throw OS.

    Yet another button strum throw OS. Condor walks in for throw or Tomahawk if opponent isn't in throwable state. Tomahawk has some upper-body invuln and can potentially blow through other invuln reversal making this throw OS semi-decent (IMO I'm still experimenting with the effectiveness of this one)
    "Regardless of what they knew and could do, the 360 d-pad undid them." - Book of Rioting Soul
    **Team Grain of Salt** 7/11
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    Freeeplay matches, with two very high level players ( read video description for more details)

    Use chrome/ie in order to view the video in 720p/60fps mode

    Come play breakers on fightcade !
    Breakers facebook community :
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    a lot of those footsie decisions are questionable, on both ends...imo
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    OH GOD! Why we havent played this before?

    First casuals learning the game and having MAD FUN! (We didnt knew about the breaking stuff so please be gentle and any help is appreciated!)

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    yeah it's a very easy to get into game that you can just pick up and play with basic fundamentals. I like how execution isn't really a big deal, if I wanna do something I'm able to do it when I want to.
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    One of the underdogs of Neo Geo,Saizo and Sho are God Tiers personally I said,they had the best super cancels and easy BnB chains...but Allison 3 is the funny low tier to play.

    Pielle is French Zorro Terry in disguise :P.
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    If anyone wanna play on fightcade, there is now a discord server for finding opponents/discussing the game

    Also someone made a twitter account to share knowledge and techs to new players, with gifs illustrations :
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    One of the underdogs of Neo Geo,Saizo and Sho are God Tiers personally I said,they had the best super cancels and easy BnB chains...but Allison 3 is the funny low tier to play.

    Pielle is French Zorro Terry in disguise :P.

    Saizo is no where near god tier, Unliek Sho who has every thing and sum, Saizo just have stuff that are hard to punish but he's sucker for cross up, OTG, and pressure. He has decent rush game with no mix up to fear besides risky throw or slow over head. His zoning have weak spot and most cast the cast can challenge it so saizo no that great.
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