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    On Thursday November 8 MVP will having a UMVC 3 tournament. it will start at 5:30 and will be standard rules. plz bring your own controller. the prize is $100 first $50 second, and $25 third. It will most likely be at b207 at Humber north campus. parking is free near the b building at 5:00pm. join the Facebook group for more info ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/141516152674/10150646069832675/?notif_t=group_activity )
    it is free to enter
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    free to enter? wow! has this event been okay'd by the campus? last time we had a tourney held at a campus (York U), we got kicked out by campus security.

    considering it's free entry, i imagine a lot of people would go for a shot at 100 bucks.
  • saintricksaintrick Joined: Posts: 26
    it is free to enter
    i forgot to say it is eb gift card
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    hi so i was supposed to retire but I'll be joining the team tourney so whenever theres AE casuals lemme know
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    hey teddy, i was clicking the check, but it regestered [X] on my phone, haha.

    edit: Saturday casuals, 5pm, join fb group for more details!
  • Dry SoapDry Soap Xbox Live: Dry Soap PSN: Drysoap Joined: Posts: 85
    hi so i was supposed to retire but I'll be joining the team tourney so whenever theres AE casuals lemme know
    When is that team tourney? I have been out of the loop because of school =(
  • Dry SoapDry Soap Xbox Live: Dry Soap PSN: Drysoap Joined: Posts: 85
    Anyone wants to be in a team for AE this coming Saturday. We need one more person.
  • kstoutekstoute raptor hunting season!!!!! Joined: Posts: 347
    Anyone wants to be in a team for AE this coming Saturday. We need one more person.
    im interested
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    I'm fighting game enthusias and I'm looking for people to play and practice with ssf4.
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    With the advent of the SkullGirls patch, I want to celebrate its release with a tournament at A&C World.
    It will be hosted on a saturday in december (Date pending for confirmation)

    Anyone interested/available?
  • DaFlipMastaXVDaFlipMastaXV Joined: Posts: 3,676 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    what is skullgirls
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    what is skullgirls
    Skullgirls is a fighting game created by Mike Z. It has 8-10 characters, all female. It's like a cross between MvC1 [6 attack button layout] and MvC2 [minus the triple, and plus the DHCs], and has an infinite protection system. It also has custom assist options as well. From what I saw, it looks promising and interesting.
    -outwhatever your victim.
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    Casuals at my place today. Feel free to drop by and grab a bite of frozen pizza, I'm clearing out my fridge for the new year. Details in the FB group below or a few pages back. Only got around 3 confirmed going so far.
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    Do you guys still game, are there people around meadowvale that are still active? Ps3 or Xbawx? Which games?
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    Ontario, Canada
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    I'm in meadowvale. I play marvel.
  • GothamSGothamS Joined: Posts: 11
    any1 in sauga still have recent get togethers for some casuals? expecially marvel
  • AlloriAllori It's not just a game anymore. Joined: Posts: 105
    Hey guys,

    I host sessions in my basement and I have a variety of setups: USF4, UMVC3, Smash, XRD, 3S, MELEE, and etc. Join the group here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/546758985454195/). We host on Friday/Saturdays at 4/5-11pm and my place is right off Williams and James Potter. We stream and do tournaments so join the group and get in on the action!
    PSN: JabFADC_Allori
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    Anyone in sauga that plays V?
  • Canadian_sk8terCanadian_sk8ter Ian Joined: Posts: 381
    Im from oaks. I go to super1up but id be down to go somewhere closer to sauga also
  • AelorianAelorian Joined: Posts: 3
    I am in Mississauga and am down to meet up as well. We should get something started!
  • j0nj0n Joined: Posts: 95
    Whereabouts in sauga are you guys? I'm close to Erin mill centre.
  • damiondamion Joined: Posts: 46
    hey i wouldnt mind meeting up. i live at glen erin and derry
  • AelorianAelorian Joined: Posts: 3
    I am near square1 but don't mind driving. Where would we meet up anybody know of a space where we can use?
  • DaFlipMastaXVDaFlipMastaXV Joined: Posts: 3,676 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Wow soooo many ppl near Erin Mills. Who's down to host? Glen Erin and Erin Mills here.
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    Oakville dood here. Also down to join in on the fun n games.
  • j0nj0n Joined: Posts: 95
    Bit new to sauga. Don't really know where hosting would be possible. We have a party room but I think it's 100 dollars per use.
  • AelorianAelorian Joined: Posts: 3
    I know this place let's you host events for free, It might be far for some of you guys, its Tomken/Eglintion.


    But we would have to bring our own systems and moniters/TVs.

    Let me know how many of you are interested and I can look into reserving it.

  • j0nj0n Joined: Posts: 95
    Not too far. Guess just need to look at equipment.
  • ChaosxPaladinChaosxPaladin Joined: Posts: 24
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    I'm also down to join in. I live by Brittania and Tenth Line, a little ways off from Erin Mills.
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    Sauga still have a street fighter scene?
    Forgot my old log in info. Use to be angelofrage
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    Wow SRK is quiet now. I guess everything is done on this newfangled social media.

    Which I refuse to touch because...y'know...get off my lawn.

    Guess whos back? Back again! Jed is back! Tell a friend!

    Seriously though I've been back since May getting my shit sorted. I don't have my stick yet but I live south of Square One now.

    Where my boys at? Psychochronic my man what's the good word?

    Will puke for ST.
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