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Can't get on XBL?

MTSL_MantraMTSL_Mantra God damn this cursed Iron FirstJoined: Posts: 219
Was just playing a few ranked games and had a game drop after I won. I presumed the guy rage quit or something, cause yknow... it happens. But when I got out of ranked it said "you ended that match prematurely, players who end games improperly will be punished" and boots me to the main menu.

Was I just banned or is this some kinda weird glitch, and if I was what can I do to remedy it?

The game dropped at the victory screen, as well. So like I had already won and killed the last char and it was going through the victory animation before the results screen when it dropped.
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  • NefariousJoeNefariousJoe Joined: Posts: 274
    This happened to me a few hours after it happened to you. If you haven't already, check back; it should be fine. I guess it's the new anti-ragequit system.
  • FOBioFOBio Whaddup!? Joined: Posts: 4,362 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Happens to me every once in awhile, but when I'm playing casual and not ranked. I thought the message was weird at first, but didn't mind it. Until I realize that I was the one who got punished and can't play online for awhile. Hopefully they fix this problem and reprimand the real rage quitters and not the one who got rage quit on.
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