3rd Maniax. 2nd Saturday of every month. Game-Newton 3v3 Tournament



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    Missed it completely today. Just watched the archives.

    Vol 11 Top 8:
    1. Tominaga(MA)/Julian(MA)/Mimora(MA)
    2. Atsushi(IB)/Heboryu(RY)/Hiyama(CH)
    3. Mikami(OR)/Dynamite(MA)/Magnum(EL)
    3. Yakkun(YU)/Kubotan(HU)/Seikun(RE)
    5. Yama(TW)/Shinobu(YU)/Shimura Ken(KE)
    5. Koro(OR)/Kowappa(YU)/Yamada(Q)
    5. Tana(AL)/Magi(CH)/Sugiyama(NE)
    5. Raoh(CH)/Magu(RY)/Talbain(EL)
    fuck i'm good.
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    volume 11 @ nico

    [12 teams]


    ≈ ≈ ≈

    maniax 2012 heavy hitters


    pierrot,shimura ken

    ~ look at all those people walking by , not realizing how close they are to greatness ~
    ~ poor yun , jungle urien ~
    ~ they have zero points in riki's mind ~
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    Small notice: 3rd MANIAX volume 12 will take place tomorrow. This month happening late due to date conflict with 11th Coop Cup.
    Same stream url.
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    Season 2 Vol.1 top 8:
    1. Nuki(CH)/Arashi(GO)/Magi(CH)
    2. Mayon(CH)/Talbain(EL)/Matsuken(KE)
    3. Mester(YU)/Kochiya(MA)/Mimora(MA)
    3. Fugu(OR)/Mikami(OR)/Heikichi(MA)
    5. Genki(DU)/Sei-kun(UR)/Pierrot(RE)
    5. Atsushi(IB)/Kuni(RY)/Hiyama(CH)
    5. 666(?)/Doriru(RE)/Dankah(MA)
    5. Sugiyama(NE)/AFM(CH)/Dance(RY)
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    started already?!
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    Did Dankah land the wfukiage on Mayon Chun? The chat message flew into the sky before I could get a good glimpse, I tried to search for it but couldn't find it. D:

    Also, Pierrot was doing so good vs Rikimaru.
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    cong said:
    Did Dankah land the wfukiage on Mayon Chun?
    I skimmed through the archives looking, but I didn't see it... Maybe it happened during the event, but that machine wasn't being streamed when it occured? I only saw 1 Dankah vs. Chun and they talked about it mid-match, but he never got a Karakusa off in position.
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    Season 2 Vol.2 result:
    1. Tominaga(MA)/Atsushi(IB)/Mimora(MA)
    2. Yakkun(YU)/Yomoda(DU)/Tamu(NE)
    3. Mester(YU)/Fugu(OR)/Heboryu(RY)
    3. Pierrot(RE)/Seikun(RE)/Taihei(UR)
    5. Moto(YU)/Chako(UR)/Nakamura(DU)
    5. AFM(CH)/TK(GO)/Konitan(NE)
    5. Rikimaru(CH)/Nitto(GO)/Arashi(GO)
    5. Sugiyama(NE)/Jirou(GO)/Nikukyuu(YA)
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    aku wrote: »
    ... and Kuroda rarely ever joins events that has Nuki in it. lol
    Can you or someone explain the background on this? I'm curious, lol. Especially since there's a video of them doing commentary together.
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    Season 2 Vol.3 result:
    1. Rikimaru(CH)/Ebara(HU)/Mester(YU)
    2. Yoshihara Motoki(NE)/Sugiyama(NE)/Matsuken(KE)
    3. Rukupuru(CH)/PinoAB7(NE)/Thanatos(OR)
    3. Jirou(GO)/SHO(YU)/Nuki(CH)
    5. Chako(UR)/Nakamura(DU)/Tominaga(MA)
    5. TK(GO)/AFM(CH)/Heboryu(RY)
    5. Genki(AL)/Kaeru(DU)/Kuni(RY)
    5. DAICHI(KE)/Raoh(CH)/Vanao(RY)
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    Tons of crazy action on season 2 volume 4!

    1. Pierrot(RE)/Yakkun(YU)/???(RE)
    2. Tominaga(MA)/Dankah(MA)/Mimora(MA)
    3. Shie(KE)/Matsuken(KE)/Tecchi(CH)
    3. Rikimaru(CH)/Kowappa(YU)/Uraken(GO)
    5. Dekoi(GO)/Nishikawa(YA)/Hoshi(YU)
    5. Taihei(UR)/Kubotan(HU)/Heboryu(KE)
    5. Y2J(RY)/SHO(YU)/Jirou(GO)
    5. Magu(RY)/Junin(GO)/BLUE(IB)
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    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike 2013 3rd Maniax Vol.4

    Thanks hismit for posting up the results.

    Links for People that didn't know:
    Everything before Top 8: http://ja.twitch.tv/newton_ooyama/b/390692884 *sorry, no names for this one
    Top 8: http://ja.twitch.tv/newton_ooyama/b/390733310

    Matches for Top 8

    Tominaga(MA)/Dankah(MA)/Mimora(MA) v. Dekoi(GO)/Nishikawa(YA)/Hoshi(YU) at 7:38
    Shie(KE)/Matsuken(KE)/Tecchi(CH) v. Taihei(UR)/Kubotan(HU)/Heboryu(KE) at 17:15
    Y2J(RY)/SHO(YU)/Jirou(GO) v. Rikimaru(CH)/Kowappa(YU)/Uraken(GO) at 24:18
    Magu(RY)/Junin(GO)/BLUE(IB) v. Pierrot(RE)/Yakkun(YU)/Toba(RE) at 31:10
    Tominaga(MA)/Dankah(MA)/Mimora(MA) v. Shie(KE)/Matsuken(KE)/Tecchi(CH) at 39:19
    Pierrot(RE)/Yakkun(YU)/Toba(RE) v. Rikimaru(CH)/Kowappa(YU)/Uraken(GO) at 51:12
    Tominaga(MA)/Dankah(MA)/Mimora(MA) v. Pierrot(RE)/Yakkun(YU)/Toba(RE) at 1:03:43

    also, hismit, the remy player 鳥羽(RE) is Toba. I'm not quite sure who the person is, but they have been at the Touzaisen every week recently starting early in the line up for a team.
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    According to Dankah, Toba is a newcomer and female Remy player :D
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    Edited with her pic :D
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    Toba-chan is very pretty! Also, I heard she's an amazing artist!
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    pierrot looks like he's from one of those ancient japanese paintings in that pic
    This message will self-destruct.
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    it's interesting to see more girl players recently. apparently one of the new girl players is a member of akb48. Word?!

    I think she plays ken, since she mentioned on twitter learning ken vs oro match up from kitagawa but losing vs oro at the beginners tourney recently.
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    ryan. wrote: »
    Toba-chan is very pretty! Also, I heard she's an amazing artist!

    Could it be that the artist is in fact the brown Urien player instead? I think she's the one making all those silly-but-kinda-cute twitter avatars like... uh, her own: http://i.imgur.com/SJ1coks.png

    Btw, thumbs up for Toba, very cute indeed. I saw her at a Versus freeplay and she was kind enough to let me play when it was her turn. I took the chance without thinking twice, obviously.
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    Vol 5 result:
    1. Nuki(CH)/Kaeru(DU)/Fugu(OR)
    2. Zabi(GO)/Sakurada(AL)/Model(CH)
    3. Gensan(MA)/Mimora(MA)/Mester(YU)
    3. Magu(RY)/Koro(OR)/Key(Q)
    5. Pierrot(RE)/Seikun(RE)/Toba(RE)
    5. Taihei(UR)/Jirou(GO)/Matsuken(KE)
    5. Kuni(RY)/Heboryu(RY)/???(RY)
    5. Marcio(Q)/Sugiyama(NE)/SHO(YU)
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    Vol 6 result:
    1. Tominaga(MA)/Yakkun(YU)/Match(GO)
    2. Kuni(RY)/Model(CH)/SHO(YU)
    3. Seikun(RE/UR)/Heboryu(KE)/Kubotan(HU)
    3. Matsuken(KE)/Yanma(YA)/Furo(YA)
    5. Fugu(OR)/Atsugari(EL)/Heaven(UR)
    5. Tamu(NE)/Yomoda(DU)/Key(Q)
    5. Mayon(CH)/Gensan(MA)/F(DU)
    5. Furuya(MA)/Sakurada(AL)/DAIKAN(KE)
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    Is there a video hismit?
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    I think it's this one. Deemo posted it on his channel.
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    Vol.7 result:
    1. Tominaga(MA)/Mimora(MA)/Macky(KE)
    2. Iyan(YA)/Zabi(GO)/Sakurada(AL)
    3. Kuni(RY)/Genki(AL)/Seikun(RE)
    3. Pierrot(RE)/Atsushi(IB)/Konitan(NE)
    5. Mester(YU)/Raoh(CH)/Arashi(AL)
    5. Furuya(MA)/Tamu(NE)/Yomoda(DU)
    5. Heboryu(RY)/Atsugari(EL)/?(Q)
    5. Matsuken(KE)/Furo(YA)/Suichuu(TW)
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    Vol.8 result:
    1. Matsuken(KE)/Tominaga(MA)/Jirou(GO)
    2. Kokui(RY)/Mester(YU)/Shinobu(UR)
    3. Genki(DU/AL)/Pierrot(RE)/Seikun(RE)
    3. Dekoi(GO)/Nishikawa(YU)/SHO(YU)
    5. Yamatora(MA)/Bison(UR)/Yakkun(YU)
    5. Furo(YA)/Roshihikari(YA)/Heaven(UR)
    5. Kazuya(AL)/Ike(DU)/rKf(DU)
    5. ???
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    Vol.9 result:
    1. Matsuken(KE)/SHO(YU)/DDG(DU)
    2. Vanao(RY)/Kaeru(DU)/Jirou(GO)
    3. Fugu(OR)/Taso(MA)/Okajima(KE)
    3. Roshihikari(YA)/Darky(KE)/Fushiki(CH)
    5. Nuki(CH)/Taihei(UR)/Shibu(MA)
    5. Hoshi(YA)/Mester(YU)/Yama(TW)
    5. Sakurada(UR)/Mine(KE)/Koushun(CH)
    5. Talbain(EL)/Asuraman(KE)/Tominaga(MA)
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    also awesome avatar hismit.
    Play more.
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    Vol.10 result:
    1. Tominaga(MA)/Mimora(MA)/Furo(YA)
    2. Kuni(RY)/SHO(YU)/Dekoi(GO)
    3. Manma(UR)/KO(UR)/Seikun(UR)
    3. Hoshi(YA)/Matsuken(KE)/Vanao(RY)
    5. Hiroyuki(CH)/Y2J(RY)/Ponta(MA)
    5. Heboryu(KE)/Fugu(OR)/Ringo(IB)
    5. ???(IB)/DAICHI(KE)/Jirou(GO)
    5. Pinchou(DU)/Match(GO)/???(CH)

    KO's Urien, match between Vanao and that Chun player... many great things on this volume!
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    So would you say that Kuroda plays a lot less often than most of the other big hitters?
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    haven't watched a single match yet (from maniax season 2)
    forgive me father nuki,for i have sinned

    anyway,volume 11 just started and there's a pretty sick team in it
    yakkun , ko , pierre
    guess i'll keep on watching

    update :




    D: K.O・やっくん・ピエール
    F: ホシ・マツケン・丸山

    edit 2 -

    k.o.w 2013 ? ∈(・ω・)∋

    and fuck the idiots who always show up just to spam / troll the chat
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    ~ look at all those people walking by , not realizing how close they are to greatness ~
    ~ poor yun , jungle urien ~
    ~ they have zero points in riki's mind ~
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    leave the crest on
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    Vol.11 result:
    1. KO(YA)/Yakkun(YU)/Pierre(UR)
    2. Hoshi(YA)/Matsuken(KE)/Maruyama(KE)
    3. Kuni(RY)/Nekomanma(RY)/SHO(YU)
    3. Zabi(GO)/Model(CH)/Iyan(YA)
    5. Tominaga(MA)/Kitagawa(KE)/Mikami(OR)
    5. Marko(CH)/Gunfight(DU)/Shaboten(RY)
    5. Tecchi(CH)/Heboryu(RY)/Higa(IB)
    5. Kaeru(DU)/Ebara(HU)/Mochi(CH)

    It's good to see Pierre Urien after a long time :)
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    go frenchies
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    Nice one Hismit!
    Is this the first time a foreign team has won a Japanese tournament?
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    good job on the names and yt upload!
    Pretty historical in 3s terms to see a completely foreign team winning a big tournament in Japan. Congrats to the whole team, awesome job!
    "Finland?!?!? Is that even a real place?!?"
    -John D. Rockufera
    I see 3rd strike as moving form of meditation. When you're sparring or drilling techniques, you can't think of anything else.
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    Not only can I watch all the 3rd MANIAX on my phone but my smart TV too now! Thanks Hismit.
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    Nekomanma deserved the win. He had a bit of luck running for him in some of the matches but his performance was truly incredible.
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    Poor KO!
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