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    The player registration list has been updated. I've had problems with the sidebar the past couple of days but I got it working on the KING OF WINTER page.

    The last chance to qualify is tomorrow night so sign up now before it's too late! YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH THE WEBSITE.

    Please remember to show up 15 MINUTES before the tournament starts to confirm your spot. WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING ANYONE TO ENTER WHO SHOWS UP LATE.
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    Congratulations to Roybisel for winning Round 3 of KING OF WINTER and qualifying for the King of Winter FINALS on February 24th.

    Finals are set for next week with an incredible showdown between AfroLegends, Marsgatti and Roybisel!

    Videos coming soon!

    1st - Roybisel (O. Sagat / Boxer / Dhalsim)
    2nd - Technical Monkey (Chun-Li)
    3rd - Hyphenated (Fei Long)
    4th - DGV (Ryu)
    5th - Digital Infamy (Ryu)
    5th - djfrijoles (T.Hawk / Ken)
    7th - SteveTren (Ryu)
    7th - PezMan (Boxer)

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    must watch finals. i like all these guys :)
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    Playlist for Round 3:

    (Sorry for the static again. I had that fixed last week but now it's back)
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    Just for the record, when Cigarbob said i was nervous, and Art went on about why be nervous online / be nervous in real life etc.. etc...

    it wasn't that I was facing someone good, I've beaten digital before (although not in tourney) It was the fact that it was on stream. I don't even get nervous in offline tourneys) Luckily I havn't had to play on the main stage ever...

    Last time I was on stream I was vs arturo, but it was JUST when he got his streaming setup. I didn't do so bad because I didn't know I was being streamed till after the fact.

    Looking over the footage, I can't believe I did so much stupid shit, that I would never have done normally. and How many missed opportunities I had.
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    Playlist for Round 3:

    (Sorry for the static again. I had that fixed last week but now it's back)
    PopCorn machine Soundtrack
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    KING OF WINTER Finals are tonight at 10PM PST 1AM EST and will be streamed on Sabin's TwitchTV channel.

    Good luck to AfroLegends, Marsgatti and RoyBisel! (Note: Roy may not be able to attend so we may have to go to an alternate.)
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    King of winter is happening right now.

    Hop on ggpo and watch the stream
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    Congratulations to AfroLegends for becoming KING OF GGPO WINTER! Thanks to RoyBisel and Marsgatti as well.

    AfroLegends - 10
    Roybisel - 3
    Marsgatti - 2

    Videos coming soon.
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    Congrats Afro!!! Never doubted you :)
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    GGs and congrats to afro legends winning the tourney and to roybisel for getting 2nd. Thank you for having me participate in this event. Take care.
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    GGs. Mars and Roy are two of the greatest players and it was an honor to play them. Roy, thanks for playing even though we know it was tough for you bro..stay strong. Anyways, thanks for having me and I plan on coming back for Spring.
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