MisterEgoTrip has passed away.

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I can't believe it guys, this is a serious thread, i'm in shock, our friend, ego, the leader of NHC has passed away, i can't find any words now and i feel sad.

You can find out more about his death here: >
R.I.P ego, i'll never forget your personality, your spirit, our great conversations and thank you for everything!
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    Holy shit, Ego was one of the coolest guys on xbl. Hard to believe. RIP ego. We always had GGs.
    Ah shit..    
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    Damn. RIP broseph.
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    What? Oh damn...RIP man.
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    Very sad. RIP.
    Shhh... ST in da house!

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    Fuck you. If this is a joke or a prank, I will personally hunt you down and break your legs.

    It can`t be true.

    Ego, you were one of the coolest players I ever played. I'm gonna miss you bro.

    I was wondering why I hadn't seen Ego in the last few months. RIP bro. You helped me when I was down on my luck, you didn't know it at the time, but your constant queries of ``where is blitzfu`` in the PSN thread really kept my spirits up during a difficult part of my life.

    I only wish I could return the favor.

    Somebody please say this is a joke.

    This is for you Ego...


    Sumo Splash Trap!!!

    Raise a lighter for MisterEgoTrip (one of the best Honda players ever, and he would sometimes alternate between Dhalsim and Ryu). Peace to you bro.
  • afro legendsafro legends Pugilist Specialist Joined: Posts: 256
    That's so sad. RIP brother. How did he pass if you don't mind me asking.
  • djfrijolesdjfrijoles First ST player to ever moon a live stream baby ! Joined: Posts: 2,054
    R.I.P. to you brother. I promise to play my next match as Honda in rememberance of you. My condolences to the people that loved you. He lived and left a sf2 player. Thats more than enough to have my respect.
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    Wow, I'm shocked. It's always heartbreaking when someone passes away prematurely and much more so when it's someone you've known. Back when I played HDR, MisterEgoTrip would always invite me to game rooms. Even on one completely random day in 2011 when I suddenly decided to play HDR on the 360, he shot over an invite the instant I went to the online section. MisterEgoTrip was similarly accommodating with a lot of players and became a linchpin of online HDR.

    I remember when MisterEgoTrip first started playing on PSN and how he eventually developed into a great online Honda player on both PSN and XBL. Of course, that didn't happen overnight. As with all strong players, MisterEgoTrip constantly played HDR against the best to learn SF2's flow. I was sure that he could perform well at an offline tournament but perhaps there were other factors involved that prevented him from attending.

    That said, MisterEgoTrip wasn't just a great HDR player. In stark contrast to his handle and his mean Honda, MisterEgoTrip was also a gentleman. He's one of the few folks who always kept a positive attitude regardless of whether he was winning or losing. He particularly enjoyed bonding with people who shared his HDR interest by befriending decent players, creating chat rooms on PSN, forming the No Honor Crew, and chatting on XBL. Not once did I ever detect a hint of annoyance from his voice. I'm sure even at the end, he kept an optimistic outlook on life.

    Looking to the future, I understand the need for privacy but if someone can provide further details regarding the nature of MisterEgoTrip's situation, then please let me know. If a disease was involved, I'll be happy to donate the winnings from my next tournament to an organization fighting that disease.

    RIP MisterEgoTrip. I had a blast playing the great game of Street Fighter II with you and hope you're enjoying eternal sunshine wherever you are.
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    I only barely remember the name but, condolences certainly.

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    RIP. Always classy when I played him.
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    A sad and heartfelt farewell to the man most of us knew as MisterEgoTrip. An outstanding human being, a challenging competitor, a beacon of goodwill, and an ardent pillar of the tight knit gaming community we share online.
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    This truely is some really horrible news. I remember the first psn tourney, it was a team tourney at that and me and ego were in the finals killing each other. Rip my good friend you will be missed and remembered not only as one of the best but also as a true gentleman.
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    Got ya covered, Mars. ;)
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  • MarsflashMarsflash BGG BITCHES!! Joined: Posts: 401
    Got ya covered, Mars. ;)

    Your the man Fudd, Thanks buddy. For Ego, Godbless you buddy.
  • rcaidorcaido Dynamic Bayside Duo Joined: Posts: 8,469
    Uhh, i really was hoping this was a joke thread...Man im still all sad about this, i didn't know him personally but he was a regular that i played often. I remember when we were trying to see who can get the most rage quits in a room, i think that was like a 5 hour session...Amazing honda player...Man this really sucks & quite shocking, im guessing he was around the age mid 20s to mid 30s...So young, my prayers for his family, RIP bro.
  • JigglyNorrisJigglyNorris The Low Tier Hero Joined: Posts: 1,279
    I heard about this not to long ago. I can't believe it either. I had some of the raunchiest conversations with EgoTrip while we played till like 3 in the morning, and that happened quite a few times. I wish I could've played him once more before something this unexpected happened...

    EgoTrip, I know I always gave you crap for being a Honda, but at the end of the day bro, you truly were one of us. Thank you so much for the many games we had, and the laughs we had. The No Honor Crew is a shameless bunch, but for the first time in NHC history, we finally have something to honor, and that's you boss man.
    I could have sworn it was just 2 or 3 weeks ago that I signed into xbl after being gone for over 3 months that I saw egotrip online. I joined the party and tried to say hi but there was static on the mic. Had I known that was going to be the last time I could have talk to him I would have tried to reconnect. I've been thinking about this incident for the past few days and it's been tripping me out. It made me want to reach out to old friends I haven't talk to for a while, just because you never known when someones time is up. Shit is deep.
    Ah shit..    
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    Its horrible to lose anyone in our community, but if you head over to youtube and check out some of his matches it'll tear your heart out to think such a great talent is gone. :(

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    I heard about this via party chat, from PhoenicianMinds and RenoMD. I knew MisterEgoTrip on Xbox live and he's still on my friends list. We talked for many hours in my party, and it was obvious that he was one of the most charismatic, funny and cool guys I've ever come across, in addition to being a top Honda player. I still cannot believe this is true. The world has lost an amazing person. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. :(
  • UnessentialUnessential Joined: Posts: 1,171
    I waited to post hoping this was a prank as well. MisterEgoTrip is truly a great player, and the name of his No Honour Crew and the people in it always makes me smile. It's one of the many thing's that've kept me interested in ST since the new-school fighting games has come out. There's no shame in having "No Honour" It's why we love these games.
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  • True_Old_SchoolTrue_Old_School Jack of All Trades Joined: Posts: 97
    This is very sad news and he was really a good guy. He would always message me just to say what's up and try to get me to come back online and play again. This is really terrible to hear and if you are reading this man, you were really a cool cat.

    RIP brotha

    - True Old School
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    Ego, RIP brotha.
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  • blitzfublitzfu Cosmic Power Joined: Posts: 3,072
    For anybody who doesn't have a facebook account:
    Kinco Kincaid

    Hey, everybody I tried to sign up under my real name account, but this is something that can't wait. MisterEgoTrip, the one that wrote that charter to the right on the sidebar passed away last week. MisterEgoTrip, known to me as my best friend Ron Leslie. As many of you know, Ron was a great Honda player on HDR and played on XBL and PSN. Ron was battling some health problems for the last few months and appeared to be getting better, but he took a turn for the worse. When last we spoke he was wanting to go to the next CEO event this year and play 3rd Strike. If any of you remember Ron and enjoyed his competitive spirit, then read the NHC credo to the right and keep his spirit alive when you fire up XBL, PSN or go to any tourneys. If anyone has any great memories of Ron aka MisterEgoTrip, please comment. RIP, brother...I'll miss for the rest of my life. I'll always remember all of our gaming sessions. We all love you and we'll see you soon.

    January 31 at 3:08pm
  • TheGreatMoleTheGreatMole No Honor Crew Joined: Posts: 173
    I just heard about this from dbostick and still can't believe this :(. I remember the PSN days when we would play HDR for hours on end and Ego would always entertain. The convos and always trying to beat his honda with gief will always be good times. I know you are in a better place now Ego, RIP bro.
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    maybe some sumo tournament in honor to him? honda mirrors arent the best but it should be fun
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  • philcitophilcito The Berserker Shoto Joined: Posts: 1,178
    actually, That' a good idea, i thought to host a tournament in his memory, the problem is that i don't have ps3 anymore, most of egotrip friends used to play on ps3 and some others on 360.
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  • deadfrogdeadfrog Joined: Joined: Posts: 6,787
    Met him online. Awesome guy. Really friendly and welcoming, really really strong player.
  • BlueMary69BlueMary69 If I Drown let me Sink Joined: Posts: 749
    I Cant believe im just finding this out... :( R.I.P. EgoTrip thanks for the great HDR Memories and battles!
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