Why did Mortal Kombat fail?

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Mortal Kombat use to be household back in the 90s, the over-the-top violence and the brutality that existed in the games themselves was something that not a lot of fighters had back then. I heard it had something to do with MK4 and how it was a departure from the MK series and the Anniliation movie left a bad taste in fans mouths. I also heard it had something to do with the spinoff as well, I never played but after seeing a few walkthroughs I don't think I will. It gained some momentum (at least to fighting game fans) with Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon but other than that it lost lot its luster over the years. MK9 pretty much changed that but my question is, why did it fail in the first place?

Also, I am not sure if this is the right forum put this in.


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