Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']



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    Location: USA, Ohio (midwest/east coast/or east canada)
    PSN: MyBodyIsInfested
    Other games: Marvel
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    PSN: Darksoul173

    Other Games: DrawSomething...
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    Location: Toronto, Canada
    XBL: fpsRabbit360
    Other games: AE, MvC3, SFxT, BBCSEX

    If you get good connections to Toronto area go ahead and add me.
    Nobody on my friends list plays this game.
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    Location: SoCal, Amerrika
    XBL: NotSanchez
    Other games: Arcade 3S at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. Come say "hi"!
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    PSN: none
    XBLA: CaptCommy
    Other Games: BlazBlue, SSFIV, MK9
  • ViewtifulJewViewtifulJew Joined: Posts: 11
    Location: MD, USA
    Other Games:Rarely play ST(GGPO), 3s/OE, and VS(also GGPO). SSF4AE PC, gamertag is TameablyFilly65
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    XBL: Mugen the slaya
    Other Games:.........What other games?
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  • Mr PeckerstonMr Peckerston Joined: Posts: 44
    Location: Europe, UK
    PSN: Mr Memberston (I'll buy the game for PS3 when it's released here)
    XBLA: Mr Peckerston 2
    Other Games: none
    PSN: MrMemberston, XBL: Mr Peckerston 2
  • M0-T3MP35TM0-T3MP35T Joined: Posts: 104
    Location: SoCal
    XBLA: M0 T3MP35T
    Other Games: Mahvel, SFxT, SCV, SSF4, random other games :)

    edit -

    Changed my name
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    PSN: tv_allergy
    XBL: drgoober
    Other Games: KOF13, AE
    PSN: tv_allergy
    XBL: drgoober
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    PSN: SamuelioX
    XBL: none
    Other Games: MVC2, UMVC3, Melty Blood
    Tetris DS: 7956 3220 6653
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    XBL: KoloradoKush420
    Other Games: MK9 / SF:3S / SSBM / SSBB
  • SnakeofNinjutsuSnakeofNinjutsu Kallen Kouzuki FTW Joined: Posts: 325
    Want to play some of you guys. Message me on the PSN.

    Location: Tampa, Florida
    PSN: SnakeofNinjutsu
    XBL: None
    Other games: SFxT, UMvC3 and Gundam Extreme vs
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    IGAU - Catwoman
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  • KhaosMuffinsKhaosMuffins Bushido Brown Joined: Posts: 61
    Location: US, TN
    PSN: None
    XBL: KhaosMuffins
    Other games: UMvC3, plan on picking up P4U once it releases
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    Skullgirls: Ms. Fortune - P4U: Akihiko - Guilty Gear: Jam
    XBL: KhaosMuffins, Twitter: @KhaosMuffins
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    Location: US, FL
    PSN: N/A
    XBL: Hello Momomo
    Other games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Feel free to ask me to play either game whenever.
    Dante Combo Thread | Youtube Channel | Dante Tech Thread | @HelloKarinachuu
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    XBL Gamertag: Hello Momomo
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    XBLA: Jazzyluvsquake
    Other Games: SSF4:AE, UMVC3
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    PSN: none
    XBLA: Cosmic2K12
    Other Games: SF4AE2012, SFxT, UMVC3
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    XBL: Cosmic2K12
    SF4PC: StellarSTLR
  • Number 13Number 13 The Courage to Skullgirl Joined: Posts: 1,545
    Location: California,U.S.A
    XBL:deathkiller93 (currently running Solo Filia for time being)
    Other games: SSIV AE 2012 (Main is Cammy) SF3OE (Main is Alex) UMvC3 (I play casually on that so no official team) Dead or Alive 4 (Casual no official Main) Tekken 6 (Main is Lilli or Lars) SSF2HDR (Main is Cammy)
    -I play online usually on weekends with exceptions if i get free time
    Currently Played Fighters [other alias: HooliganComboFTW]
    Persona 4 Arena: Yu Narukami Skullgirls: Solo Filia SSFIV AE: Cammy Dead or Alive 5: Hitomi/Rig
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  • bloodabeastbloodabeast Da Best Protoss Joined: Posts: 2,916
    Country: U.S., NC
    UMvC3, Skullgirls, Modern Warfare 3, Tekken 6, and soon to be 3rd Strike.
    I have so much game knowledge but nothing counters morrigan... Wtf do we all do?
    UMVC3: Magneto into touch of death.
  • PurpleRainPurpleRain 4 life Joined: Posts: 145
    Location: EU, UK
    PSN: JokerDAndrew
    XBLA: None
    Other Games: Skullgirls, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat 9, KOF13, UMVC
    Pad Player
    UMVC3: Magneto/Doom/Skrull
  • Sutter PainSutter Pain Joined: Posts: 58
    Location USA, MI
    XBL: Sutter Pain
    games: SG, SFXT, T6

    New to SG haven't really figured it out yet so looking to play some newer players.
  • ScytheWhisperScytheWhisper Joined: Posts: 1
    Location: USA, SoCal
    XBL: infernomist
    Other Games: Skullgirls, SSF4 AE, UMvC3, Tekken 6, SFxT
  • chachadesmondchachadesmond this micropenis is destroying my life Joined: Posts: 237
    Location: us, ma
    XBLA: chachadesmond
    other games: vf5:fs

    i stream based broads every day
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    Location: Estonia (EE)
    PSN: Vlad7779311
    Other Games: SF: 3SOE, SSF4 AE, BB: CSEX, KOF 13, MK9, UMVC3, also getting SFxT and Tekken 6 soon.
    Playing as:
    UNIEL: Yuzuriha, Gordeau
    BBCPEX: Bullet
    GG Xrd Revelator: I-No
    Koihime Enbu: Kan'u
    Killer Instinct:/ Fulgore
    Nitroplus Blasterz: Ignis
  • brumbledorebrumbledore for your health Joined: Posts: 2
    Location: US, IL
    XBLA: itstherealryanb
  • worldjem7worldjem7 Seven World Jems Joined: Posts: 544
    If you don't post in the format on the first post, you're highly likely to NOT be added to the list.

    If you post the wrong format by mistake, then re-edit your post to the correct format, I've probably already gone over it and ignored it, so you're more likely to get added if you just repost in the proper format.
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    Location: South America
    XBL: SuntannedClown9
  • D-manD-man Joined: Posts: 3
    Location: OC, Australia, NSW
    XBLA: Daznf
    PSN: (none)
    Currently relearning and happily playing Skullgirls. Also have UMVC3, SSF4AE & Tekken 6
  • AngelDarksongAngelDarksong Joined: Posts: 1
    Location: Europe, UK
    PSN: Angeldarksong

    Been meaning to post in here since the games release but never got round to it.
  • MollyFighterMollyFighter Barkley Fightan Dev Joined: Posts: 630
    Location: Columbia, SC
    XBL: MightyBoi Chris; RoshieTheMecha (this currently doesn't have Gold)

    Looking to pratice playing with someone.
  • SolderSolder Aspires for Mid-Tier Joined: Posts: 1,339
    Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. USA.
    XBL: Girls N Corpses
    Also playing: MvC2, UMvC3, SF2: HDR (either version) + Skullgirls (duh)
    XBL: Girls N Corpses

    Canada Cup 2011- 8/95 Never Forget
  • zumserozumsero Joined: Posts: 10
    Location: NA, US, IA
    PSN: none
    XBXL: zumsero
    Games: SG is the only fighting game I play
  • MeisterMeister Joined: Posts: 7
    Location: USA, GA
    XBL: DrunkenCrowz
    Others: UMVC3 (Rarely play)
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    "You can't..."
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    "We just fly over."
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  • xN1Sx Assassin BureauxN1Sx Assassin Bureau Joined: Posts: 4
    Location: North America, U.S.A., MD
    PSN: None
    XBLA: xN1Sx Assassin

    I'm definitely down for fighting anyone in SkullGirls, and feel free to contact me whenever you see me online!
    Oh yeah, and I'm currently running "Solo w/ Valentine"!
  • evilweevleevilweevle Xbox GT : MrFossy Joined: Posts: 4,275
    location : vernon canada (west coast)
    XBL : whitejam167

    is it me or is xbox dead? havent been able to find many games lately.
    3DS friend code : 0232 8273 2994
  • ataconaziataconazi Joined: Posts: 599
    It's 100 times easier to find a game in hdr than skullgirls... Please folks add the metatag, theres like noone on it. And I still haven't found anyone online capable of beating me first to 5 / 10. WHERE ARE YOU HARDCORE SKULLGIRLS PLAYERS
    gt: Jailhouse
  • replicantTAPPAreplicantTAPPA Joined: Posts: 2
    Location: Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    XBL: replicantTAP

    solo Ms. Fortune currently
  • zumserozumsero Joined: Posts: 10
    IPlease folks add the metatag, theres like noone on it.
    Still says friend request pending for me, want to play more people have lots to learn and ranked matches are not the place for it
  • HeyItsMattSmithHeyItsMattSmith Joined: Posts: 3
    Location: Europe, England
    XBL: HeyItsMattSmith

    Wanna play some Europeans, ranked is a little dead atm
  • $hogun A$$a$$in$hogun A$$a$$in City Lights Spark Ny Joined: Posts: 89
    Gamtertag- Dirty Bodega
    Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant"

    6c Loop All Day Son!!!
  • MeisterMeister Joined: Posts: 7
    location : vernon canada (west coast)
    XBL : whitejam167

    is it me or is xbox dead? havent been able to find many games lately.

    I've been able to find games fine. Sadly 40% of the time its just that lame Peacock and Double runaway and spam team. But anyways, send me a request I'll accept it when i get home friday, im not sure how good our connection will be since yer in canada and what not.
    "I've defeated you, now tell me how to open the door."
    "You can't..."
    "Don't you go through it every now and then?"
    "We just fly over."
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  • $hogun A$$a$$in$hogun A$$a$$in City Lights Spark Ny Joined: Posts: 89
    I'm pretty much on from 11pm-2-3am every for those who can't find matches at night ....just send an invite through

    Sn: Dirty Bodega
    Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant"

    6c Loop All Day Son!!!
  • XthAtGAm3RGuYXXthAtGAm3RGuYX SRK's ResidentSleeper Joined: Posts: 11,744
    Sadly 40% of the time its just that lame Peacock and Double runaway and spam team.
    Pretty much that. People get tired of that bullshit so they just play with the legions of friends they have that play the game. (most people got at least 5 with it from what I've seen). I'm on the Metatag if anybody wants, same name and everything. Impossible to give a time im online. Can't remember if I've posted to this thread already :/
    Unchallenged owner of worst user name on SRK

    AE: Juri(Main), Ken(work in progress)::::UMvC3: Felicia/Dante/Doom::::SkullGirls: Squigly/Fortune
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  • ggypptggyppt I main SFxT Joined: Posts: 69
    Location: US, WA
    System PS3
    PSN: Puzzlepirateking
    games: Skullgirls, SSFIV:AE2012
    SFxT: Asuka, Bryan, Law, Alisa, Hwoarang.
    SSFIVAE: Oni
    UMvC3: Ghost Rider/Trish/Doctor Strange or X-23/ Doctor Strange/ C. Viper or Haggar/ Hawkeye/Iron Man
  • kakashi3000kakashi3000 Joined: Posts: 11
    location: USA, PA
    XBL: kakashi3000
    games: skullgirls, SFxT
  • FaceMeAndBeBrokenFaceMeAndBeBroken FUCK JAPANESE STICKS Joined: Posts: 3,518
    Loc: OHIO , USA
    GT: DiegoElFuego
    Times: random (work nights and weekends)
    XBL/PSN DiegoElFuego

    Will play
    (PS4): KOF14, Skullgirls, Blasterz, DBXV2
    (360): MVC2, MVC:O
    (XB1): Everything else non FG's
  • WildWonWildWon Smot poker. Joined: Posts: 612
    Location: USA, PA
    PSN: none
    XBLA: Gamweasel
    Other Games: MvC2

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  • BlaQBlaQ I will grab your foot. Joined: Posts: 206
    Location: North America, USA, New York
    PSN: BlaQSRK
    Games: Skullgirls, 3S:Online Edition

    My Valentine is always anxious for a good battle. Hit me up guys!
    "KEN SAIII and YANG SAIII vs Hugo?! Those weak ass super arts wouldn't put a dent in hugo's armour :( And I knew Hugo was going to SAI when Yang initiated his v-ism" - DanielSmith604
  • MaxwellticusRexMaxwellticusRex Joined: Posts: 6
    Location: North America, USA, Tennessee
    XBL: MaxwellticusRex
    Games: SG, SSIVAE, P4U
    XBL: MaxwellticusRex
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    Location: North America, USA, Nebraska
    XBL: Buffalabr0
    Games: SG, MK9, UMvC3
    If you come at me on some disrespectful shit and you're within arm's reach, anyone can get slapped.

    SG - Filia/Parasoul | TTT2 - Jun/Ling | MK9 - Sonya, Jade, Kitana
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