Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']



  • TrippfanTrippfan That Bob Ross Guy... Joined: Posts: 990
    Location: USA, TN
    System: Xbox360, PS3
    XBL: Trippfan
    PSN: Trippfan
    Games: KOF XIII, SFIV, Skullgirls, SFXT.
    ST: Claw, Dictator, SSFIV AE: Cammy/Vega, KOF XIII: Clark, Mai, Iori, TTT2: Anna/Kunimitsu
    "I laid my offering down at the alter of low forward and my prayers were answered by the god of HP Rekkas x3 blessed be da dizzy." -Corrosion
  • Uncivilized ElkUncivilized Elk Joined: Posts: 713
    PSN: Uncivilized Elk

    I'm in Hawaii. If there is anybody else out there who is in Hawaii, please let me know!
    PSN: Uncivilized_Elk
  • Captain PyronCaptain Pyron That Guy Who Sucks at Everything Joined: Posts: 68
    Location: USA, ID
    XBL: Captain Pyron
    Main(s): Been sticking with Filia for the most part but am interested in Cerebella and Valentine.
    Other Fighting Games: SSFIV:AE, SFxT, MvC2, 3S
    Other Games: Halo Reach, Aliens vs Predator, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Gotham City Impostors
    Notes: Still relatively new to fighting games so don't expect much. I don't take MvC2 or 3S seriously. Don't even know combos for those two.
    SFxT: Juri x Asuka (Mains) Bryan, Kuma, Akuma, Sakura (Sides) Injustice: The Joker and maybe Raven
    AE: Juri (Main) Hakan, Akuma, Sakura (Sides) UMvC3: Ghost Rider, Shuma Gorath, ???
    3S: Remy/Akuma(still learning both)
    BBCSEX: Rachel/Noel(still learning both)
  • eromonstaeromonsta About an arms length. Joined: Posts: 16
    Location: USA, NV
    XBL: Eromonsta
    PSN: Eromonsta
    Games: SG, KOFXIII, 3s, Melty Blood
    Shout outs to amazon women.
  • KidPandaKidPanda PandaParade Joined: Posts: 305
    Country: US, CA
    Other Games:
    PSN: Skullgirls, KoF13, Soul Calibur 5
    XBLA: Skullgirls, Tekkek 6, SF4:A3, SF: Thrid Strike
    PSN & XBL: KidPanda14 - SkullGirls (Fortune/ Valentine)
  • Dracula_XDracula_X unblockable Joined: Posts: 933
    Country: USA
    PSN: Dracula-X-
    Skullgirls, 3SO, KoF13, SSF4:AE, Tekken 6, sfxt, i play everything but marvel and BB cause i don't have those 2. I never take these games to seriously so don't expect a whole lot.
    Time lost can never be retrieved.
  • Dr.SmexDr.Smex Joined: Posts: 14
    Location: Kuwait
    PSN: None
    XBLA: Dr Smex.
    Other Games: SSF4.
    SF4:Rufus + 3S:Makoto = SSF4:Rufus, Makoto
  • DRxN StriderDRxN Strider Joined: Posts: 23
    Continent: EU
    Location: UK
    PSN: djoftehfunk
    Games: SFxT, AE2012, 3SO.
  • JohnnyRHJohnnyRH Joined: Posts: 30
    Location: EU, NL
    PSN: Johnny_RH
    XBLA: None
    Other games: SFxT, SSF4AE, uMvC3, SCV, T6
  • Gr4v3B0uNDGr4v3B0uND Joined: Posts: 15
    Country: US, State: GA
    PSN: None
    XBLA: Gr4v3b0uND
    Other Games: SSFIV:AE, SFxT, KoFXIII, UMvC3
  • Sampsell243Sampsell243 Joined: Posts: 13
    Location: US , PA
    Gamertag: sampsell243
    Games: I play marvel and a little SF4but this game is so amazing I might not bother with Marvel anymore, I haven't decided yet.
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,796
    Country:East Coast, USA
    System:Xbox 360
    Games:MvC2, UMvC3, SCV

    looking for dedicated sets in SkullGirls only!
  • Arcade-FeverArcade-Fever Suffering Awaits Joined: Posts: 101
    Continent : South America
    Country: Chile
    PSN: Arcade-Fever
    "What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!"
  • TheBaldOneMplsTheBaldOneMpls Joined: Posts: 25
    Location: North America, USA, Minnesota
    PSN: TheBaldOneMpls
    Tier 2 player with the goal of not being absolute ass at this game. Partial ass would be acceptable.
  • IparryUIparryU LoL Addict... Joined: Posts: 766
    Fix my ID pls... I was able to use my origninal one.


    Not IparryU2

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  • ataconaziataconazi Joined: Posts: 599
    New York

    XBL jailhousefrog89

    i think im pretty good so far, looking for players who are solid for nice long sets :)

    looking to play right now actually if anyone wants to
    gt: Jailhouse
  • Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Super Coffee Fighter V Joined: Posts: 5,174 mod
    Looks like I'm the only real Asian looking forward to this game.

    SEA, Phils.
    PSN: pinakaguwaping, unityd3v, d3v_sg
    Other Games: AE, UMvC3 (haven't touched it much), SC5, 3rd Strike Online, MvC2, HDR
    I'm out in the far East side as well, I'll add you.
    The artist formerly known as Starcade RIP
  • VoiceWpgVoiceWpg Joined: Posts: 19
    Location: CAN, MB
    PSN: FishermansBuster
    Other Games: UMvC3, Tekken 6, SF3OE, SC5, KoFXIII if the netcode ever works, SFxT when the rest of the game drops, VF5:FS literally the second it hits PSN.

    I'm experimenting with Cerebella/Parasoul! It's going really, really badly.
  • Young NavigatorYoung Navigator Joined: Posts: 14
    Location: U.S., NY
    PSN: YoungNavigator < - Skullgirls and SFxT are played here
    XBLA: Young Navigator <- Super IV AE, KOF 98, Garou & VF5 played here
    Other Games: WWE 12 (360), Red Dead (PS3)
    Main Characters:
    Street Fighter x Tekken: Hugo/Abel (Guile/Abel)
    Super Street Fighter IV AE2012: Guile/Abel
    Virtua Fighter 5: Wolf Hawfield
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  • Legendary HoamaruLegendary Hoamaru Draxx them sclounst Joined: Posts: 2,959
    Location: U.S, CO
    XBLA: Legend Hoamaru
    Other Games: Virtual On OT, KOFXIII, KOF2002UM, Garou, SfxT

    Great at VOOT (although its been a while since I've been on), decent at SNK, garbage at everything else.
    P.O.P Hold it down ~ Donna Goudeau

    XBL: Legend Hoamaru
    NNID: LegendHoamaru
  • schischschisch Joined: Posts: 50
    PSN ID: SRKschisch
    Country: Germany
    Systems: PS3
    Other games: Fifa 12

    if some eu guys got the game, add me, but beware im a scrub lol
  • KilleyKilley Game Over Yeeeaaaahhhhh Joined: Posts: 5,560
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    XBL: SRKilley
    PSN: Killeykun
    Other Games: KoFXIII (XBL only)
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  • Night PhyreNight Phyre Joined: Posts: 2
    Location: St Louis, MO
    XBL: Night Phyre
    Other Games: SCV
  • puconovpuconov Joined: Posts: 20
    Country: Italy
    PSN: puconov
    other games: ssf4ae, sf3: oe, 2 turbo hd remix and bb: ex
  • DepsDeps ayep Joined: Posts: 173
    Location: Ohio
    XBLA: Depstar
    Other Games: UMVC3, SF4, Tekken, SFxT
  • poochythedogpoochythedog Joined: Posts: 187
    Country: Canada
    System: PS3
    PSN: Poochythedog
    Games: SFIV, SFxT, UMVC3, Skullgirls, MK3, KoF 13
  • LonelyMortalLonelyMortal Joined: Posts: 3
    USA, GA
    Games: Skullgirls, SF4
  • KuugoKuugo Nya-nya! Joined: Posts: 17
    Location: US (West Coast)
    XBL: exosymbiotic
    PSN: None (sorry!)

    Games: SG, UMvC3.... i'll occasionally hop on other fighters.

    All you XBL people hit me up, i need practice with Parasoul/Filia!
    XBL : exosymbiotic

    This world needs more Skullgirls. HYPE
  • Age_of_FoolsAge_of_Fools Joined: Posts: 706
    Location: Australia(VIC)
    PSN: (none)
    XBLA: Age of Fools
    Other Games: UMvC3
    Beginner's Guide to Cerebella
    Cerebella mixup video
    XBL: Age of Fools [Cerebella/Double/Parasoul/Painwheel]
    "i mean look the length of your post…" -Dime X
  • FreakyclubFreakyclub Joined: Posts: 2
    Location: United States, California
    XBLA: Freakyclub
    Other games: Black Ops, SF3, BB:CSE
  • VaramathrasVaramathras May be Giants Joined: Posts: 90
    Location: Canada, Alberta
    XBL: Varamathras
    PSN: Varamathras (rarely played)
    Other Games: I dunno
    Fighting tooth and nail
  • The Ryan916The Ryan916 Joined: Posts: 6
    Location: USA, OKC
    XBL: The Ryan916
    Other games: AE, MK9, MvC3, Tekken 6, MvC2, BB:CS (I hate that game though) but I mostly play Skullgirls at the moment.
    XBL: The Ryan916
  • .Guy..Guy. STUPID SEXY ROCKET RACCOON! Joined: Posts: 2,020
    US, MD
    XBL GT : GuyYouMightKnow
    Lieutenant Colonel of the M.O.D.O.K. AVENGERS
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    (Not responsible for the loss of YOUR SOUL)
    UMvC3: Joe/RR/Assmaster, Joe/FrankBest/RR
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  • Tanis-samaTanis-sama Impossible to gauge! Joined: Posts: 4
    Location: Louisiana
    PSN: Tanis-sama
    Other games: AE, UMvC3, BB:CS2, MvC2, SFxT, AH3, 3S:OE
    SFxT- Ibuki/Vega/Poison | UMvC3 - Phoenix Wright, Felicia, Taskmaster | BBCS2 - Platinum | AH3 - Angelia, Zenia, Scharlachrot, Konoha | SF3: OE - Ibuki, Oro, Elena | SG- Peacock/Valentine
  • deice-deice- kimchi yokatta darou Joined: Posts: 596
    Location: EU / Finland
    PSN: deice-
    SSF4: Juri BBCSEX: Λ-11 AH3: Nazuna MBAACC: F-Hime SG: Valentine/Squigly/Parasoul
    本番はこれからだったのに, もう限界? - honban wa korekara datta no ni, mou genkai?
  • AvesNinjaAvesNinja Full Hp or 1 Hp, I never give up Joined: Posts: 12
    Location: USA, OH
    PSN: none
    XBLA: AvesNinja
    Other Games: Umvc3, SC5, SFxT , SSF4: AE (on the computer, same name as xbox)
    I will never die until I achieve something great. Even though the ideal is high I will never give in therefore, I will never die with regrets.
  • ComplicateComplicate ♫Helevetica Standard♫ Joined: Posts: 7
    Location:USA, NJ
    Other Games:UMvC3, AH3, Tekken6, BB:CS (really only playing SkullGirls at the moment)
  • lookatthisjackasslookatthisjackass Call me "nap" Joined: Posts: 119
    XBL: Banananap
    Location: US, East Coast
  • KefKef Joined: Posts: 3,170
    PSN: KefPringlez
    Location: Miami, USA
    If you wanna play some MVC2/Xrd/SFV: PSN: I-kef-I SFV ID: I-kef-I
    From Miami, if you are in the area, don't be afraid to PM me for some locals.

    "Don't be nice, it's Marvel son, the origin of hatred. The game ain't about being nice. If you want to be nice play Tea Party Adventures. They go that shit on DS I heard." - Romneto
  • ZidianeZidiane KPB team member, SRK writer Joined: Posts: 1,225
    Location: USA, Raleigh NC
    XBL: Zidiane
    Other Games: SSF4:AE, SFxTK, Soul Calibur V (I can play moderately well, but I need to buy a new copy)
    xbl/psn: Zidiane/zidiane5
    Skullgirls: Cerebella, SSB Melee: Kirby, Samus
    Ever wonder how to play Cerebella, of Skullgirls fame? Here's a guide I made!
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