Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']



  • D JonesD Jones Joined: Posts: 22
    Location: US, CO
    PSN: none
    XBLA: d jones 2009

    Also own UMvC3, SSF4, MK9, and P4A (for now)
    PSN: givehertheDjones

    XBL: d jones 2009 call me when patch
  • view619view619 ざわ ざわ ざわ Joined: Posts: 1,796
    Location: Jamaica (just call it South Florida)
    XBL: View the Phenom
    Only playing SG atm. Come on, let's put some life back into netplay. It needs to resurrect ASAP.
    "You can lead a scrub to techniques, but you can't make him think."
  • Kyo_SuzakuKyo_Suzaku Joined: Posts: 15
    Location: EU, SP
    PSN: (none)
    XBL: Th4nAto5
    Also play SCV, AE and UMVC3
    XBL: Th4nAto5
  • J. Don BonneJ. Don Bonne Hero of Ice from another Timeline Joined: Posts: 10
    If anyone's still here...

    Location: USA, SoCal
    PSN: FrossToad
    XBLA: none
    You cannot waver my love for my favorite franchises. Don't even try. Why? Because IT'S NO USE!!! *raise hammer* Take this!!!
  • gcatesgcates Joined: Posts: 8
    Location: Thailand currently
    Steam: gcates
  • Dontae92Dontae92 Joined: Posts: 68
    XBL: Dontae92
    FGs: SkullGirls, SF4AE
  • Dark KalamityDark Kalamity Joined: Posts: 12
    Location : USA, East Coast, NC
    XBL : Igotcha23
    PS3 : None
    FGs : UMvC3, SGs, SSF4AE, on occasion Injustice
    (Just bought this game cause I like it but it seems that there isnt many people online who play)
  • C_RuneC_Rune Joined: Posts: 2
    Location: USA, West Coast
    PC (steam) : C.Rune
    XBLA : nada
  • Odd_HaroldOdd_Harold To The Wall Joined: Posts: 39
    XBL: Shellhead85

    USA Indiana new to SG. Hit me up I will play!!!!!
    PSN: Odd_Harold

    Always looking for good players to spar with. Add me anytime!
  • Teh MorphTeh Morph Seeking friendly games of UMvC3 and SF IV: AE Joined: Posts: 12
    US, Nor Cal
    XBL: Teh Morph

    I want to learn this game.
  • TiredOceanTiredOcean Low-tier theory fighter Joined: Posts: 134
    edited September 2014
    @Teh Morph‌ You should go on The Skullheart forums if you want to learn Skullgirls. Much more active community than here on SRK (in fact, the community here migrated there about 2 years ago).
  • SevenAteYouSevenAteYou Joined: Posts: 20
    GT: Seven are you
    USA, TN

    I'm trying to get to tournament level in this game and other fighting games but right now I'm focusing on this game.

    Other fighting games I play are BBCS casually and SCV on tournament level but I mainly play online for casual play.
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