Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']



  • milesokeefemilesokeefe Spammy Joined: Posts: 387
    Location: USA, AZ
    PSN: keefemoon
  • palipali PSN:Heavyjugz Joined: Posts: 976
    Other games: Mvc2.

    Hit me up for skullgirls bruh
  • ninjaoffateninjaoffate Joined: Posts: 5
    GT: xXninjaoffateXx
    Us NY
    other games any fighting game but for now; kof13 (gotta be near me to play or it will lag hard) ssfae bbcsex sfxt sc5 etc. just tryin get some fun matches in
  • Aaron_V7Aaron_V7 IF GREEN ...BURN IT Joined: Posts: 9
    psn (aaron_v7) expert teir 7
  • EvilNonsenseEvilNonsense Joined: Posts: 6
    Location: US, FL
    PSN: None
    XBL: EvilNonsense
    Other Games: SFxT, MK9
  • GimmypuffsGimmypuffs Joined: Posts: 20
    Location : CAN, TORONTO
    PSN - MechaPham
    Other Games- Kof13, AE2012, MVC3, SFXT
  • ShadowShadow ¿ Joined: Posts: 2,125
    I don't have the game yet but I will be getting it very soon.
    Location: USA, CA
    XBL: NightmareBA
    Other Games: Third Strike, UMvC3, SCV, AE2012, SFxT, trying to learn MvC2.
  • GranberiaGranberia Heavenly Knight Joined: Posts: 4
    Location: US, TX
    XBL: Granberia
    Other Games: SCV
  • HorrawrHorrawr Joined: Posts: 5
    Location: United States, NY
    PSN: Apprivoised
    XBLA: None
    Other Games: UMvC3, BlazeBlue CS Extend
  • FishyFishy Tisk Tisk, Loox Like We'll Have To Operate~ Joined: Posts: 175
    Canada, QC, REAL City - Montréal
    SKULLGALS, Mahvel 2, Vanilla Mahvel 3 (threw to cousins on SG discovery), KoF2K2UM (too laggy, not worth it), BBCSX.
    Get Real, Get Skullgirls~
  • sokloeumsokloeum PSN: sok13- Joined: Posts: 184
    Location: US, WA
    PSN: sok13-
    Other Games: Skullgirls, UMvC3, KoFXIII, BBCSEX, MvC2, SF3:OE, AH3, Persona 4: Arena (when released)

    Hit me up for some games.

    ~ Sokloeum
    Skullgirls: Valentine/Cerebella/Parasoul || BBCS:EX: Platinum, Lamdba-11, Makoto || UMvC3: Hsien-ko/Morrigan/Ammy || KoFXIII: Kula/Yuri/Athena || MvC2: Sakura/B.B. Hood/Cap Com || AH3: Weiss || SF3S:OE: Makoto
    (GG:AC+: Dizzy || P4A: Chie)
  • worldjem7worldjem7 Seven World Jems Joined: Posts: 544
    Location: United States, NY
    PSN: Apprivoised
    XBLA: None
    Other Games: UMvC3, BlazeBlue CS Extend

    Special thanks to the ONLY person who followed the format as I asked out of the last 50~ posts.

    Also, Anton you can go ahead and remove this line:

    "If you don't use one of your consoles, don't bother posting it because this list is sorted by PSN then by Xbox, so you'll just get grouped with the PSN guys if you list your PSN."

    Since I sort it by consoles.
  • not so saintnot so saint The reports of my death are GREATLY exaggerated. Joined: Posts: 1,948
    Gotcha! =3
    It will be done as it was foretold for we are servants of the Skully Ones and we will consume tuna with bacon and we will party for days and nights without rest and we no need other fate despite this one! For we are what we are and we will kneel before no one >=[
    "Russian science rise again!"
  • ROBIN R RAMIREZROBIN R RAMIREZ i'm not regret Joined: Posts: 81
    Location: Europe, The Netherlands
    PSN: None
    Other Games: SSF4AE2012

    Looking for some good competition
  • Ketchy KechKetchy Kech RAZALASH Joined: Posts: 862
    add my (new) PSN when you get a chance please , "Ketchy-Kech"
    || MvC3: Ironman, Tron, Super Skrull || SSF4 v.2012: Guy || || BB CSII: Tsubaki Yayoi ||
    || UMvC3: R. Raccoon, Dr. Strange, Ryu || 3SOE: Elena || SkullGirls: Painwheel / Double (?) || *

    ---Avatar by Savaii64
  • VinceXVinceX Two-dimensional speech pattern Joined: Posts: 61
    Location : Canada / QC
    PSN ID: DarkVinceX
    XBLA: None

    Other Games : BBCS:EX, AH3
    Newbie looking for punishement.
    PSN ID : DarkVinceX
    Future SG Teams : Black Dahlia/ Cerebella / Ms.Fortune
  • Uncivilized ElkUncivilized Elk Joined: Posts: 713
    Can I remove the "other games" if I don't play other PSN fighters too?

    Location: United States, HI
    PSN: Uncivilized Elk

    Too bad nobody on the list is in Hawaii though anyway... I'm desperately looking for other Hawaii players.
    PSN: Uncivilized_Elk
  • CFXCFX Joined: Posts: 32
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    PSN: pookejuice
    Other games: -

    I'm still new to learning how to play 2D fighters properly so any pointers are much appreciated. Voice chat available.
  • GeneralkillsGeneralkills Joined: Posts: 80
    Location: NY, USA
    XBL: brook01
    hit me up for some games FOOL
  • TM45TM45 Joined: Posts: 7
    Country: Ireland
    XBLA: TheMightyTM
    Other Games: SSF4AE and SFxT
  • TetsuroTetsuro Joined: Posts: 706
    Country: U.S., SoCal
    XBL: Tetsuro
    Other Games: UMvC3, 3S, SCV, SSF4: AE

    Looking for more people to play fighters with, preferably on the west coast, but not required. Anyone feel free to add me anytime.
  • TheMajestikOneTheMajestikOne Joined: Posts: 34
    Country: US, NJ
    XBL: TheMajestikOne
    Games: Skullgirls, SFxT
  • aer0blueaer0blue JP Joined: Posts: 144
    Country: US, PR
    PSN: aer0blue (my PS3 is dead though)
    XBL: aer0blue
    Games: SF4, UMvC3, SFxT, KoFXIII, SF3:OE

    I usually get good ping with fellow East Cost players, so add me up! :)
    ... No, seriously.
  • VaxtinVaxtin ( Analog Stick ) Pad-Warrior Joined: Posts: 309
    Location: United States - Richmond, VA
    PSN: None
    XBLA: VaxtinTheWolf
    Other Games: Halo Reach(been a while), UMvC3(Don't play lobbies often at all since that game makes me rage)

    Other notes; I see myself only average at best. My execution and timing is certainly not consistent. I'm also not mentally trained for 'top-tier' gameplay, so if you do see me, don't expect something too amazing.
  • guitalex2007guitalex2007 Joined: Posts: 3,025
    Checked out the list; the first letter of my XBL tag should be a 'g', not a 'q'.
    Ms. Fortune is great. Everybody likes a little head action every now and then.
    Stream here! Follow @guitalex on Twitter for stream updates!
    Canada, QC, REAL City - Montréal
    SKULLGALS, Mahvel 2, Vanilla Mahvel 3 (threw to cousins on SG discovery), KoF2K2UM (too laggy, not worth it), BBCSX.


    Location: Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia, USA
    360: Xavier Rythos
    PSN: XavierRythos
    Other Games: SSBMelee, Tekken 6 (Casual), Virtua Fighter (Casual), Arcana Heart 3 (Super Casual)
    Other Notes: Solo Valentine all dai erry dai. Red/Black Color. <3
  • mr. tibbsmr. tibbs λ=11 Joined: Posts: 573
    Location: North America, West Coast
    PSN: mr_nezbit
    Other games: AE, SFxT, and BrayBrew
    CFN: mr_tibbs ||
  • FittyYenFittyYen Escapism Enthusiast Joined: Posts: 10
    my gaming situation is kinda awkward right now so i need to repost my (new) info.
    Location: USA, Guam (temporary, will be back in ND around October)
    PSN: FittyYen (not used didn't bring my PS3)
    XBLA: F1ttyYen
    Other Games: UMvC3, Halo: Reach, P4A, Under night in Birth (if it ever gets released state side)
    What color do you think in? I think in yellow.
  • JowinJowin Joined: Posts: 7
    Location: USA, GA
    PSN: Joftwin
    Other Games: Melty Blood, SSF4AE
  • MiyagiShin XMiyagiShin X Going Hard at UMVC3 Joined: Posts: 1,002
    I need far more people to play

    Location: USA, MD
    PSN: MiyagiShin
    Othergames: 3rd strike, Marvel 3, sometimes ssf4.
    Challenge me on PSN MiyagiShin:nunchuck:
  • otterotter CFN: otter- Joined: Posts: 4,664
    Location: USA, Ohio (midwest/east coast/or east canada)
    PSN: MyBodyIsInfested
    Other games: Marvel
  • darksoul173darksoul173 HORI AT THEE Joined: Posts: 1,095
    Location: Europe
    PSN: Darksoul173

    Other Games: DrawSomething...
    "Playing card games is just like making love, you usually do it on a table and you always feel deep shame when it's finished
    also the older you gets the less fun it is"
  • Rabbit360Rabbit360 Nani? Joined: Posts: 295
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    XBL: fpsRabbit360
    Other games: AE, MvC3, SFxT, BBCSEX

    If you get good connections to Toronto area go ahead and add me.
    Nobody on my friends list plays this game.
  • SanchezSanchez Needs More Powerbomb Joined: Posts: 3,156
    Location: SoCal, Amerrika
    XBL: NotSanchez
    Other games: Arcade 3S at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. Come say "hi"!
    Passion and Gradualness.
  • CaptCommyCaptCommy Joined: Posts: 10
    Location: US, CA
    PSN: none
    XBLA: CaptCommy
    Other Games: BlazBlue, SSFIV, MK9
  • ViewtifulJewViewtifulJew Joined: Posts: 11
    Location: MD, USA
    Other Games:Rarely play ST(GGPO), 3s/OE, and VS(also GGPO). SSF4AE PC, gamertag is TameablyFilly65
  • LordxMugenLordxMugen FIGHTAN GAHMS!!! Joined: Posts: 585
    Location: South East coast
    XBL: Mugen the slaya
    Other Games:.........What other games?
    *silently waits for Darkstalkers 4*
  • Mr PeckerstonMr Peckerston Joined: Posts: 44
    Location: Europe, UK
    PSN: Mr Memberston (I'll buy the game for PS3 when it's released here)
    XBLA: Mr Peckerston 2
    Other Games: none
    PSN: MrMemberston, XBL: Mr Peckerston 2
  • M0-T3MP35TM0-T3MP35T Joined: Posts: 104
    Location: SoCal
    XBLA: M0 T3MP35T
    Other Games: Mahvel, SFxT, SCV, SSF4, random other games :)

    edit -

    Changed my name
  • dehmarkodehmarko Joined: Posts: 64
    Location: west coast (socal)
    PSN: tv_allergy
    XBL: drgoober
    Other Games: KOF13, AE
    PSN: tv_allergy
    XBL: drgoober
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