Which Character Do You Hate The Most

CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
come on now, don't be shy. Who is it? elf?... blaaaanka? hmmmmm?

ooohhoohh you know a good OP goes first, and i god damn hate seth! don't like it? i don't care.

inb4 elitest bragging about not hating any characters.
dont be mad at me


  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    come on now folks, you know you wanna, theres nothing to fear.
    dont be mad at me
  • xEGAxBeastkingxxEGAxBeastkingx Sorry about yo damn luck Joined: Posts: 2,375

    That is all.
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  • AceKillahAceKillah behind the scenes Joined: Posts: 15,811
    Chun li and Blanka
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  • 武俠派武俠派 燈火闌珊處 Joined: Posts: 608
    I play:
    Chun Li, Gen, and sometimes Vega

    I hate:
    Ryu, Ken, Elf, Blanka, E.Honda, Guy, Ibuki

    Goes to show:
    I am nub
  • HNIC MikeHNIC Mike Joined: Posts: 10,211
    Fuerte by far
  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    gief is so easy mode
    dont be mad at me
  • The Final LionThe Final Lion Jean-Decaux Joined: Posts: 394
    I kinda dislike Seth, probably less when I lvl up my Cody

    I play Bison otherwise
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  • Sanada-kunSanada-kun Joined: Posts: 714
    Blanka and Bison

    Blanka is just retarded and Bison just seems 2 create a whole new meaning for the word lame
  • cerberusfxcerberusfx Timekeeper Joined: Posts: 2,351
    Seth and Honda
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  • ChazzSteelChazzSteel Why is T.Hawk a T.Suck?! Joined: Posts: 300
    Being a T.Suck player, I hate Blanka like crazy.

    I hate Blanka because Hawk is ridiculously disadvantaged in this matchup. The Hawk vs Blanka matchup is universally regarded as one of the most difficult matchups in SSF4. All Blanka has to do to win this matchup is hold down + back and that gives him literally (Not exaggerating one bit) all the tools he needs to win. If Hawk jumps Blanka can upball him, if Hawk tries to walk forward and close the distance Blanka can do horizontal balls that are 100% unpunishable on hit and block. Every blocked Condor Dive is punishable as well. Blanka can basically turtle on Hawk til the cows come home because he's such a sluggish character who does not have solid tools to control horizontal space.
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  • Pokey86Pokey86 Persistent Git Joined: Posts: 551
    Blanka VS Hawk is lol.

    I guess i don't hate any, i used to hate Adon.
  • LiangHuBBBLiangHuBBB Joined: Posts: 2,103
    Seth and El are just annoying to play vs.
  • rehreh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (=‿‿= ✿) Joined: Posts: 1,292
    I expected more Ibuki hate.
    Bipson, Blanka, Balrog.
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  • Terry BogardeTerry Bogarde Joined: Posts: 259
    juri ..seth ..vega ..elf ..t-hawk ..guy

    probably because i hardly ever face them so when i do im prone to fall for every scrubby gimmick they have... actually i play a lot of seth's. i guess he's ok

    i honestly do not actually hate these characters, i just hate playing the odd game against characters i have zero match up knowledge about. hopefully that changes soon
  • CobraKaiCobraKai Joined: Posts: 584
    I use to hate Blanka when I first played but now I dont mind that match up. Same goes for Seth, plus hes got such low health that if the guy beats me then he guessed right so I give props to the player since you need a good defence to play him.

    For online play at the moment Im currently hating on:

    Ibuki - It seems to go like Knockdown Kunai mixup, dash mixup... stun. Round Over.

    Guy, seems like Im in block stun the whole round. Press a button during frame-trap and you lose a lot of life.
    also Cody & Dudley. .. for the same reasons as above.
  • DanoninoDanonino Winning for once. Joined: Posts: 701
    Bison... easily the most boring character to play against in the game. He will stand HK untill you get close, once close he will do 1 of 2 things: Mash cr.lk (x3) and try apply scissorkick pressure (repeat), or ex psycho away as soon as he can so he can stand HK/MK again.

    honestly I cannot see the difference between a top level Bison and a mid level Bison because they all play the same ****ing way. I usually will play as a character I dont like playing against (to get a feel for their weaknesses etc) I tried playing as Bison..... He is just as boring to control as to fight against.
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  • JD inc.JD inc. Joined: Posts: 90
    Blanka is the most annoying thing in any video game including Dark Souls.
  • Lord BritishLord British XBL/PSN: MattSaintCool Joined: Posts: 318
    My friends tell me I can't complain about anyone because I play Blanka.
  • RedVegaRedVega Joined: Posts: 844
    Abel...horrific match-up for Vega.
  • Tiger SlapTiger Slap Joined: Posts: 330
    Only El Furte because I feel that he doesn't belong in the game, and even though I relatively do well against him I just do not enjoy playing against him.

    I also dislike playing against HerpDerp Akuma's, the skilled ones however is always a fun challenge.
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  • NephinelNephinel Jill - Mistress of Wyverns Joined: Posts: 705

    mainly because the scrubbs
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  • SeigfreidSeigfreid Touch my member Joined: Posts: 81
    (In order) Elf, Blanka, Sagat, Bison, T. Hawk, Hakan, Juri.
  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    fuck juri and her easy mode nonsense pussy shit, she can wake up from all directions and its pretty safe..

    scrub juri's use that on me all the time.
    dont be mad at me
  • ezspengezspeng HARD MAN DUDLEY Joined: Posts: 78
    Juri because of her annoying voice.
  • IyokuuIyokuu Izanagi The Creator Joined: Posts: 261
    I hate all grapple characters.. Or the 360 one's as I call them.
  • The BreakerThe Breaker reading, lol Joined: Posts: 1,918
    The only character annoying for me offline is Fuerte, if only because I have to try playing stupid so he doesn't get in my head.

    Online, any character that has a remotely decent throw game. In particular, I usually just turn my brain off when I see Bipson, Cammy, or Adon on the VS screen. You tech, you get thrown. You delay tech, you get counter hit. You mash tech, you get counter hit. Playing a good Cammy in particular is amazingly annoying online. It's like she gets free throws because I will die if I get counter hit. :(
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  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    fuck bison, safe ass bitch, its pretty hard or impossible to punish his wakeup, especially if hes good with it.

    easy mode mindless m bison.
    dont be mad at me
  • SpiderCrawlSpiderCrawl Shadaloo Deserter Joined: Posts: 452
    fuck bison, safe ass bitch, its pretty hard or impossible to punish his wakeup, especially if hes good with it.

    easy mode mindless m bison.

    Hold Dat
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  • OSDOSD Joined: Posts: 441
    Bison, he's lame and and just annoying to deal with
    Seth: Fuck Seth and all his random bullshit mixups.
  • owlsfistingowlsfisting Joined: Posts: 55
    Why is no one mentioning that curry flavoured asshole dhalsim? Surely the most irritating character in the game
  • Sanada-kunSanada-kun Joined: Posts: 714
    Why is no one mentioning that curry flavoured asshole dhalsim? Surely the most irritating character in the game

    It's hard 2 hate sim since I hardly see any on PSN and for a sim 2 be annoying the player really has 2 kno wat they 2 doing
  • geesecougar2geesecougar2 Joined: Posts: 26
    T Hawk
    Chun Li
    Ryu because he's so boring to watch.
  • PowersofTenPowersofTen Joined: Posts: 62
    El Fuerte. I honestly think the game would be better without the character.
  • ghostiesghosties spooked ya Joined: Posts: 356
    no one has even mentioned c viper
    have you all played this game
    is seth, a character with no actual safe mixup and can be 50-75%'d off one wrong guess, really a bigger issue than c viper, a character who can rush you down and literally cant be punished for anything because she can cancel all of her normals/specials/flame kick is the stupidest shit in the world
  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    Hold Dat

    if anyones gonna "Hold Dat" it should be the salty Bison player.

    You came into a thread about hate and didn't like what you saw. So Hold DAT!

    next: T-Hawk, FUCK that lag abusing, condor dive, condor dive, condor dive tard spamming bitch.
    dont be mad at me
  • ENFP ChampionENFP Champion The Catalyst Joined: Posts: 204
    kens fuckin x-factor recovery time havin ass
    rufus fast ass fat ass
    sakuras safe ass connecting long ass combos stunnin bitches
    seths having all useful ass moves to keep vega out
    balrogs ignorant black ass
    ...i use vega...i hate most of the cast.
  • .Singe.Singe Joined: Posts: 73
    no one has even mentioned c viper
    have you all played this game
    is seth, a character with no actual safe mixup and can be 50-75%'d off one wrong guess, really a bigger issue than c viper, a character who can rush you down and literally cant be punished for anything because she can cancel all of her normals/specials/flame kick is the stupidest shit in the world

    Seth and Viper for sure. Fuck them both in an uncomfortable place, like the back of a Volkswagen.
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  • AmigoOneAmigoOne Joined: Posts: 1,194

    Looking at this thread, it seems like these are the top 3 most hated. The mainers can talk shit all they want... they know whats up though.
  • Ryuken9Ryuken9 Joined: Posts: 504
    Change Fuerte with Vega, these are the chars I hate the most. I can understand the hate for Seth, even though I play him he's incredibly annoying to fight against.
    SSF4 AE : Seth/Ken/Sagat/Evil Ryu

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  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    i don't know how i could forget about viper.. god damn i hate that cheap bitch.

    my friend mains her and seth.. he won't admit there cheap... i fucking hate him.
    dont be mad at me
  • owlsfistingowlsfisting Joined: Posts: 55
    have to agree about seth
    I sort of agree with Filipino Champ in this video
  • Gintoki HBGintoki HB Joined: Posts: 6
    Bison, Cammy, Guile, Sagat, and Guy with Cody sitting on the throne. Such annoying characters to fight against online.
  • mc trizzlemc trizzle Joined: Posts: 183
    As a boxer player

    1. BLANKA
    Words cannot express how fucking bad i hate blanka. Stupid ass character

    2. Fuerte
    Too much of a random match. I know the match up fairly well, but still.

    Used to hate bipson cause of the scissor pressure and how difficult it was to escape but i dealt with it. (i use bipson as well sooo :p)
    SSF4 main - boxer
    secondary - claw, dictator, seth
  • ViddVidd Joined: Posts: 524
    Seth and Sagat.
    They feel like uphill struggles and I'm fed up seeing them as counter-picks.
  • john4pjohn4p Joined: Posts: 817
    Seth and Fuerte
  • M.D.M.D. digs older chicks Joined: Posts: 4,188
    I hate characters other people like because they like them. Seriously.

    Used to be a Guy fan from back in the FF/SFA days, until lots of people, many discovering him for the first time, started obsessing over the fact that he a ninja in Nikes. Now I hate seeing him pop up. Same with Cody, Yang, shotos, and the majority of the female roster (not Viper though; most people who play females won't touch her.)

    Only characters I don't hate are the ones nobody likes, like Blanka, El Fuerte, Hawk, Hakan, and top tiers.
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  • ShineboxShinebox Joined: Posts: 2,689
    Blanka if the connection is bad he becomes S tier
  • PowersofTenPowersofTen Joined: Posts: 62
    Zangief mainer here, Seth, a hundred times Seth. What's that? you're jumping through my projectyle? well I have a normal move that beats most things you have and won't counter unless you predict it and leaves you at a juggle state and a shoryuken, ah, you prefer to use Lariat? well I have Dhalsim's limbs and Tandem Engine which let's you on a crumble state!

    Everything you normally do gets stuffed by this, it's painful.

    That kind of stuff is why the thought of playing Gief makes me shudder. Love the character but my stick would probably end up broken at some point.
  • ImmaculateImmaculate UltraBeard Joined: Posts: 650
    Fuerte, Seth, Viper
  • CoolestPersonCoolestPerson Joined: Posts: 78
    imma recap on my hate..

    seth... seth and seth.. reading peoples hate on him, and watching the video with filip just reminded me of how much i hate him.

    he is the easiest mindless have every option character in the game... and i have 2 friends who main him and will not admit hes nonsense..

    honestly, i DROPPED blanka the moment i realized that i was beating people i shouldn't of been able to, i dropped seth for the same reason..

    if i stuck with any of these characters i would at least admit there nonsense and laugh at people when i was bodying them.

    i actually don't hate blanka to much at all, but seth.. i once heard an announcer say: i feel like you have to guess on seths wakeup.. thats bull shit..

    all seths will say, if he makes 2 mistakes its game, its more like 5 for some characters, even for gouken its more like 3 with 3 ex bars, maybe 4.. and to get seth with a good punish is pretty god damn impossible... your best bet is to have him dp and not fadc, but since he builds meter like truck, thats not likely to happen.

    seths need to stop backing up there completely obvious easy mode OP bull shit character and send us some reparations.
    dont be mad at me
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