Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition - PS2/Xbox

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I'm in training with Ryu/Ken/Guile

But why is the the CPU acting like it's Level 8??

I'm playing against Gief, I can't put down a combo without him SPD me....He get harder if you play for 10 mins..

Why did Capcom make the AI so damn hard in Training


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    The AI is notoriously hard for that game. It's retarded. I guess it helps you identify holes in your fundamentals, but eventually it gets to the point where they can just do the impossible. They literally read your inputs and provides the perfect counter for it.

    Your best bet is to play online on GGPO with real live human beings. Far more gratifying than losing to a cheating AI ;)
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    The worst thing is when you find a way to counter the AI, but it gives you a bad habit that won't work in a real match.
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    Don't bother with the computer AI. It cheats so you won't get match up knowledge. All the charge characters throw out special moves without charging.

    The biggest thing that makes training with the computer useless is the computer doesn't block if he is moving backwards if you throw out attacks. This really messes up your footsie training.
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    Best training mode is SSFIIT for Dreamcast, but as everybody else said, don't bother wasting your time playing vs cpu.
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    Playing HSF2 is like playing SSF2 for the SNES
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