[Mar 31st, 2012] SUPER Arcade Cup II: EVO Edition ***QUALIFIER***



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    I also have some funny behind-the-scenes footage of ultracombo I'll upload later.

    lo0l please hurry
    <garyangel> ceks,cani,robbiers,yito all mexico players dont know where kyouya
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    <djfrijoles> kyouya is with his gf gary
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    lo0l please hurry
    It's on the way, give it about an hour. I know you, especially, will like it.

    EDIT: Definitely big thanks & respect to Watson for hosting the qual and Mando for working the stream. The player/commentary cam is cool and the stream quality is great, keep it up! And thanks to Muffinman for working the bracket and kuroppi for keeping us all updated.

    The DGV stands are amazing. I'm sure it'll turn a lot of heads at EVO.
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    Grats to AfroLegends and DGV!

    It was my first trip to Super Arcade, and I loved it: set-up, player/fan community, support from management (and players/fans), events, lotta close places to grub, and overall vibe.

    Huge props to all involved in making this event happen. From planning, to venue, to hosting, to set-ups, to hyping, to running, to streaming, to commentary, to playing, to showing up or tuning in, to posting. And everything else in between. Rock solid job.

    It was great to catchup and hang with long-time friends and also to meet many new faces. (or put faces to online names) Far too many names for me to mention without missing someone. :P

    Additional thanks to Voltech, Rufus, and DGV for infos on controls, arcade setup, and emulation.
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    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo... been a long week for me but i wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU to all the people that came together to make this event possible. from the organizers to the players and the stream monsters you guys are awesome! i hope you guys had a fun time watching the stream.

    congrats to Afro Legends and DGV for taking top spots.

    special thanks to Muffin Man for all the help you gave me with the brackets & Watson for hosting the event there

    i had a great time at the event and the matches were great, not to mention the stream chat drama lol

    ill have individual matches uploaded to youtube within a week.

    once again thanks to all who came together to support the ST scene. hope to see you guys at evo!!!!!!!
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    I would've liked to have made it, but work has been beasting me lately. Congrats to Afro and DGV!
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    all the videos from ToL qualifiers are now up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/iebattlegrounds they are in 2 playlist.
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