Street Fighter x Tekken [Discussion, Matchmaking, & Good Games]

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I will re-open this topic when the game is released.
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    This topic is officially open. Feel free to discuss, talk about matchmaking and other stuff related to Street Fighter x Tekken
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    LOVING this game already and 30 minutes into this game and I came across my first Rage-Quitter I_am_EA!! Anyways anybody that wants some games in add me or send me message if my friends list is full.
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    fuck this game

    NickGuy032008 get at me for scrapes*
    wont be on to actually play this til tomorrow night
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  • CytexCytex Waning Moon Joined: Posts: 6
    Been having a blast with the game. Feel free to add me PSN: CytexX.
  • AJ56AJ56 Joined: Posts: 14
    Total noob here looking to be anyone's sparring partner...I'm mostly online in a endless lobby... Like to do marathon sessions...look for me...

    PSN: AJ56
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    Add Imashbuddenz for some SF x TK.

    However, if the game does lag even if it's 1 match. We won't fight till CAPCOM fixes the lag (audio situation). That is what causes lag spike
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  • marblehousemarblehouse Joined: Posts: 19
    Pretty fun game so far, online lag seems to happen a lot. Could use some practice partners! Add me on PSN: maru-castle
  • GooseMooseGooseMoose Joined: Posts: 99
    Total scrub looking for sparring partner or 2v2 partner preferably in CA, and even better if you live in the San Jose area. Add me on PSN: ahchamna.
    PSN: ahchamna
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  • badmantash13badmantash13 Joined: Posts: 1
    Hi loving this game play it every day now want to try up my game a lot more .plz add me badmantash13 I need all the help I can get .from uk be on 10 pm till 1am gmt
  • G0F0RBR0KEG0F0RBR0KE Shun Goku Satsu Joined: Posts: 2,710 mod
    Friday-Sunday. I'll be doing an event from 8PM till 2AM EST.
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  • manwithnoarmsmanwithnoarms Joined: Posts: 17
    I'm down for games whenever. Very much hoping to play some talented players to up my game. PSN: Manwithnoarms2
  • bullrebullre Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN: bullrre

  • Pile_Driver_DonPile_Driver_Don Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN: theteflondon187
    USA CA.

    Someone get at me. There are way too many noobs playing this game. I enter a endless battle room body everyone and they leave. WTF
  • TurboTurbo Joined: Posts: 241
    PSN: TurboSjaak
    location: EU, Holland
    newB looking for some sparring, feel free to add
  • aureaure red cyclone Joined: Posts: 45
    psn: AURE
  • G0F0RBR0KEG0F0RBR0KE Shun Goku Satsu Joined: Posts: 2,710 mod
    If you're from US. Tournament is tonight. Register starts at 8PM EST and ends at 10:30. Tournament starts once we hit the requirement.


    Must be a registered user within the stream to participate and must be from US.
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  • eltwopeeeltwopee Learn 2 Play Joined: Posts: 1,578
    good games to everyone on PSN. 5k BP in nights played.
  • ShinkuGadokenShinkuGadoken 40%Flashkick Joined: Posts: 660
    Hey Everyone, just posting this as a way for players to better communicate with each other. It's a PSN SF x T club, and I figure it'll be easier to find opponents if you can network with players.

    Also, PSN is Sm00thCr1mals
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  • Arz2003!Arz2003! PSN: Arz2k3 Joined: Posts: 196
    psn: Arz2k3
    im on sfxt,mvc2,umvc3, and tekken 6 also
  • JayBiggsJayBiggs That was bananas Joined: Posts: 8
    PSN: Jaybiggs08
    i play umvc3, sfxt, and some other fighting games d-(^_^)-b
  • awkward_comboawkward_combo Joined: Posts: 56
    I'm a total noob who is looking to get better and learn as much as possible. Friend me, I'm brawler_14 for PSN. I will be looking forward to playing with anyone :)
    PSN: brawler_14
  • FatMonkeyFatMonkey Joined: Posts: 18
    morning guys.if anyone is up for some matches in sfxt today,we can chill and play over at the karastormlive stream.
  • DJPlaceDJPlace Stoner Of Shoryuken Joined: Posts: 43
    morning guys.if anyone is up for some matches in sfxt today,we can chill and play over at the karastormlive stream.

    i thought that was a stream...
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  • Lee-sanLee-san Joined: Posts: 5
    PSN: Atilan93
    I'm not so good, I'm only C rank but I enjoy this game.
  • Cannonspike1994Cannonspike1994 Joined: Posts: 350
    My PSN is cpuguy18

    I suck at this game but i enjoy it.
    I used to play tekken but now im a street fighter player.
  • Jon SlaytonJon Slayton Consistently Inconsistent Joined: Posts: 4,306
    Looking for someone on a higher skill level to get games with, preferably east coast for good connection. 

    I play Hwo, Raven, Law, Alisa, Jin, and Hei. 

    Add me up! PSN: Saint_Villainous

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  • Crusader884Crusader884 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey guys I'm looking to have a online session with recordings of matches,highlights and recaps along with other fighting games on 4/6 starting at 6pm from my PS Home space if anyone is interested hit me up PSN-Crusader884, I'm intermediate level just looking for rivals and awesome fights, my youtube account is chaser884 I did a little promo for it,thanks
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  • ChoppaholicChoppaholic Sometimes Down Never Out Joined: Posts: 182
    hey im looking to do some training really looking to take my gameplay to the next level..i have a mic and i use a Hitbox stickless fightstick...PSN name Choppaholic .hit me up anytime for some training or some awesome matches
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