What do players message you after you beat them - SFxT EDITION!

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As I just received my first hate mail on day 2 of playing SFxT I thought nothing would be better than to start the SFxT edition of this thread since I always find the ones in mvc3 and ssf4 forums amusing.

I joined a room that had 2 people playing as 1 team, and I totally beat the shit out of them. I nearly perfected them round 2. They clearly had no clue how to play this game yet and were just doing scrub tactics, kept jumping in on me over and over and I kept AA'ing them.

In the middle of my next match (the room only had room for 4 people, so it was the only other person in there that wasnt on his team), I received this message...


I then replied with the classic "umad?" to which he sent me this message...


to which I replied "says the salty loser sending hate mail after he loses" and I heard nothing back.

Here is the video of the match that we played that he sent hate mail over. He is the Kazuya player.




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